Galgun Is A Rail Shooter Where You, A Guardian Angel, Zap Girls To Find True Love

By Spencer . September 14, 2010 . 12:13am


When angel-in-training Patako hits Tenzou with a love arrow girls rush him with affection attacks. You’d think this would be the best day of Tenzou’s life, but once the arrow wears off in a day he’ll be unable to find true love. Determined to correct her mistake, Patako protects Tenzou from flocks of females by firing pheromones to keep them at bay until Tenzou can find his true love.


That’s the premise for Galgun, a rail shooter made by visual novel developer Alchemist.


Galgun has girls run towards the screen and pop out of corners. You zap them as if you were playing a light gun game, without the light gun. Galgun has a story and cutscenes change depending on how well you shield Tenzou from love confessions. Galgun also has event scenes where you free a caged girl hanging from a helicopter and bosses like this green thing.




There are over sixty different girls to blast in Galgun. Under certain conditions you’ll enter Doki Doki mode (note: doki doki is onomatopoeia for a racing heartbeat) where you can rotate the girls in 3D space to target their weak points.


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The four heroines for Tenzou to fall in love with are:

Kaname Nonomiya (blue hair) a childhood friend of Tenzou from Shizuoka. She plays the flute and basketball.

Akira Hibuki (red hair) who’s big on justice and from Kagoshima. Her hobbies are writing songs, illustrating, and games.

Kaoruko Sakurazaki (blonde hair) a self-confident, somewhat selfish girl from Tokyo. She’s into eating out and hand towel collecting.

Aoi Uno (orange hair w/ guitar) dreams of being a rock star. She’s from Aomori and likes cooking and karaoke.

Pantako is the angel in the top right.




Galgun is the new project Alchemist has been teasing. It’s in development for Xbox 360 with downloadable content in the pipeline too.

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  • malek86

    For 360? A gun shooter? Doesn’t sound too fun. Better put them on the Wii, where at least you have a IR pointer.

    • Aoshi00

      Or you could go “pew pew” w/ Kinect :) look at the tentacle one lol I think I might just stick w/ Dream Club Zero for the cute girls..the art kinda reminds me of Majo Saiban on the DS a bit

      • Given the type of game, wouldn’t it be more like “grope grope” with Kinect?
        Seems like that’s the intent to me, hahaha.

        • Aoshi00

          True true, they need to come out w/ a LE console w/ this game bundled w/ Kinect, this is the true Child of Eden :)To think that I just pre-ordered Dai-Fukkatsu from AmiAmi (horrible exchange rate now..) and now this comes along… I know I’m shameless lol..

  • What is it with oujou-sama type characters and drill hair?

  • superdry

    Oh, Japan, how I love you. I get to buy games based totally off of kitsch factor. I think I will buy this when it comes out since I do have a Japanese 360.

  • Here’s a gameplay clip

    and obligatory dancing and singing promo video (I love the 0:15 part)

    I wonder if some people might feel conflicted zapping girls away while they try to give them love letters…?

    • superdry

      OMG! Thank you for linking to a gameplay clip. Totally worth purchasing now.

      I’m glad that some developers that probably don’t have the money to really do crazy 3D stuff stick with cell-shaded graphics. Its works extremely well for the anime style.

    • nyoron

      This looks so hilariously stupid and awesome, I am definitely getting it!Sucks that there’s no actual light gun support though.

    • Thanks for sharing these videos!

  • though it sounds kind of interesting i wouldn’t want people to see me playing this

  • HPN

    I want …. but it will never get a US release. =(

  • Guest

    Why is this a 360 game? “Hi we don’t like money so we will put it on a niche platform in Japan that doesn’t sell as well as the others here”

    • “Why is this a 360 game”

      The system got pretty much every Otaku targeted release aside from Hatsune Miku games. Sony and Nintendo really dropped the ball there.
      An American console gets the most “Japanese” games.

      Bad for us importers :(

  • JustaGenericUser

    You can’t have a Japanese game loaded with cute girls without tentacle monsters!

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