Sony Japan Files Patent For New Generation Console To Previous Generation Console Adapter

By Spencer . September 14, 2010 . 5:37am

imageMost PlayStation 3s are not backwards compatible, but Sony may be investigating an external adapter to act as a bridge. Japanese message boards are buzzing about a patent filed by Sony Computer Entertainment Japan for a new generation to previous generation console adapter. We checked the Japanese Patent database to verify and a patent indeed exists.


A schematic of the proposed adapter (200) shows the device has its own processor, a DVD decoder/emulator, sound processor, and graphic processor.



This is a patent application so no guarantees, but if a PS2 to PS3 adapter came to market would you buy it?


Update: Here’s the patent, saved as a PDF.

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  • Considering I do not own a PS3, yet, sure! There are *plenty* of PS2 titles I’m still slashing through. Maybe even finally get to Shadow of the Colossus.

    • malek86

      Looks like SOTC might be actually coming out for PS3, so no problem there.

    • It’s been mentioned on that Wal-Mart has posted a price on a ICO/SOTC double pack for the PS3. Sooo, there “answers” your SOTC bit for now..

      • Exand

        Not that I doubt the validity of that particular pack, but Walmart is pretty notorious for announcing non-existent games. Like recently MAG 2.

  • malek86

    If it meant perfect compatibility… otherwise they can keep it, while I’ll keep my PS2.

    • the ps2 games run a little faster on the ps3 :D, also, is less likely for it to freeze

      • I read on some forums that save data are more likely to be corrupted with the virtual memory card? Is this true or just a baseless argument?
        *I don’t have a BC PS3*

        • Never happened to me o.0, i have like 7 memory cards on my ps3, 2 of ps1 and 5 of ps2, one is directly created from the ps3, and the other 4 copies from the saves i have in my ps2’s memory cards (using the memory ps2 to ps3 adapter). And is all okay :)

        • A friend of mine who had a BC PS3 had an issue with the memory card adapter that you can plug into the PS3. Since he had previous saved data available to play with the games he decided to play on the PS3, he loaded it and continued playing the game.. and then days later, would pick it up and it’s corrupted.

      • malek86

        On the first model PS3, maybe. On the next models, the ones with software emulation, half of the games don’t even work. And don’t get me started on how Wip3out freezes in the first seconds of a race.

        • Ohh, that sucks, well, maybe they plan to make that feature better with this thing

      • Aoshi00

        I haven’t played that many PS2 games on my old PS3 (it was the old 60Gb), but Yakuza 2 saves got corrupted once.. otherwise it was pretty smooth sailing w/ games looking better w/ the upscaling.

    • john411

      If it’s using PS2 hardware to decode and run the software like the device suggests, then PS2 games should run just as good as if they were, well, running on a PS2.

  • Akimitsu

    Right now, I do own a BC PS3, so I don’t have to worry about this. Down the line, though, if something were to happen to that PS3, I’d definitely be interested in buying this.

  • Could this be for the next generation handheld?

  • MrRobbyM

    I don’t really see the point. Maybe I’m missing the big picture here…

  • i still have my 40 gigs fat ps3, but seriously, im so freaking scared it may stop working any time, i didnt had this worries with the ps2, ps1, nintendo64, gamecube… even more, they still work.
    But well, one of the things i like of my ps3 is the backward compatibility, if a slim ps3 and this, doesnt cost more than a fat ps3, then i will be looking forward to this

    • Aoshi00

      I’m using my Slim right now, the old fat 60Gb didn’t have any problem but I just got tired of the noisy fan, and one time the system didn’t see the HDD during start-up. I alrdy gave my old PS2 to my sis, and only have a Jpn PS2 Slim. So I would be interested in this. If it’s too expensive though I guess I should just get a US PS2 slim.

  • a patent to make a console play older generation games? i’m sure this existed before…

  • john411

    If it has its own DVD processor, graphics processor, and sound processor then what is the point of it acting as only a bridge?

    I had figured Sony was trying to find a way to externalize all the components needed for backwards compatibility (the Emotion Engine, processor, etc.) and then use that device to hook up to the PS3 and allow it to play PS2 games, but to have such an extravagant device that will probably be extravagantly priced and *also* need to hook up to a PS2 as well? Who are they trying to please?

  • I would most definitely buy this.

  • I’d def. not buy this. A used slim PS2 can be had for like $30.

  • It has it’s own power supply and DVD drive, so it’s pretty much a PS2 without video outputs, instead it connects to the PS3. What’s the actual point, just buy a used PS2.

  • fuzzy_hobo

    I replaced my failing fat ps2 with a used slim ps2 recently, but even if I knew about this adapter, the slim ps2 would still be the cheaper option.

  • RAVENKam

    No definitely not. What’s the freaking point when I can nab a PS2 slim from just about anywhere? As I see it a decent emulator is the only way to go.

    • Even if the adapter is priced below the slim? Assuming that you already have a PS3, buying this would be more logical than buying a separate console. If it were to have the same price as the slim, the convenience factor (wasting less space, less cable clutter, using the same controller as your main console) alone could persuade people to buy this adapter instead of the full console. Unless you want to move around the slim, then the adapter is a very attractive choice for those who wants to play PS2 games.
      The problem with emulator is that even a very decent emulator can’t emulate something close to perfection unless it’s a couple of generations old.

      This is all assuming that the adapter in question is PS2 adapter for PS3 console.

    • speedstersonic

      Unlimited Memory Card Storage. That my main love for the BC ps3!

      • Aoshi00

        That’s very true. I have like 5 to 6 PS2 8Mb memory cards and they were all full, it was the BC PS3 that freed up all the space and I don’t need to buy new memory cards.

  • I would buy it IF it allowed region free ps2 playback

    • malek86

      I can definitely see it NOT happening.

  • Sure. I’d totally buy it. It’s not essential, and like so many people pointed out a Slim PS2 isn’t exactly expensive, but there’s some niceties of the PS3 that can’t be overlooked – wireless controllers, nicer-looking output even on older-generation titles, etc.

  • Letiumtide

    The fact that it uses it’s own DVD drive and processor, what’s the point? Why not just buy a PS2 slim for $20-30? It would pretty much have to be the size of a usb drive for it to be a marketable item, without that it really isn’t much of anything beyond a PS2 slim that attaches to the PS3 to use, what, it’s HDMI output for a slight visible difference on -some- games?

    I have a 60gb PS3, so I’m not worried. Even if it capped and I ended up buying a non BC PS3, I would not buy this.

    • pressstart

      720p upscaling? Possibly faster loading? I can dream about a HDD install option too!

      • mirumu

        The video benefit could be more than just upscaling too. Many PS2 games never supported progressive scan which made them very flickery on HDTVs. It’s one of the reasons games like Persona 4 look so much better on a PS3 with backwards compatibility than they ever did on a real PS2.

    • godmars

      I’m with you, but make it region free, able to play any PS1/PS2 title from any country, and I’d buy it in a heartbeat.

      • Letiumtide

        If I didn’t already have my magical PS2 to play my imports, I would probably consider this a massive selling feature, and a definite feature if that ever fails me.

    • No, it doesn’t have its own DVD drive… It got DVD decoder/emulator. Maybe when the main console read the DVD, it goes through the DVD decoder/emulator to simulate the DVD drive behavior of their previous gen console. Probably if Sony comes out with this adapter they would price it below the full console price they try to emulate.

      Edit: and they really should price this below the full console otherwise it would be odd. But you never know… sometimes item that can add convenience is priced higher even if it has less functionality.

    • PS2 is not that cheap. As of last Christmas season (I did some promotional work for Sony in a Best Buy) it was still selling new for $99. Used/refurb is $60-70.

      • Letiumtide

        I guess that depends on where you look. In many of the places I’ve been to in the last year, which include my hometown in Ontario, my school town, Chicago, Detroit and much of the area between therein. They range from $20-$30 used, not necessarily at big box stores, which in this case would include EBgames/Gamestop, but rather at pawnshops, small used shops, etc… which all had plenty in stock.

  • thebanditking

    Don’t really think this is the best answer but its a cool thought. Still I don’t think minimalists or those lacking space (why else would you unplug a system that has games you still want to play?) will find this to be the best option as its a seperate device which will just take up more space.

  • IDK, you never know, sony is pretty stupid with their marketing sometimes, but maybe theyll do something right.
    This would be a good chance to give players the oppurtunity to go back and play ps1 and ps2 games.
    Yay megaman Legends.

    But like youve all discussed buying the slim would probably be the better deal.
    Now if they allow you to play region free ps1, ps2, and psp games that would be a decent buy.
    Haha maybe score a deal with sega for dreamcast games.

    But yea they definitely need to make this something worth buying

    • Exand

      Every PS3 is already backwards compatible with PS1 games, depending on region lock of course.

  • Where is the source for this please? Link to the forum discussing the patent? Or how about a link to the patent itself?

    No source, no story.

    • hadjimurad

      um, red hyperlinks?

  • Some of you guys are very negative!! Absolutely negative!!! For me, i would buy it. I love some ps2 games such as castlevania and klonoa 2.

  • bugmeknot

    If it’s true then I see 2 things happening:
    – PS2 titles available for download from PS Store. These would be region free in the sense you can create PSN accounts in each of Sony’s regions.
    – Unofficial PC drivers to make it work without a PS3. If Sony plan to sell these at a profit then they might not put strong protection on the USB communication.

    I can’t see it playing region free direct from optical media. PS1 backwards compatibility is region locked. It would require permission from all the publishers and that’s just not practical.

  • ManaKnight

    I’m not really surprised by this. It’s already near impossible for Sony to make an emulator for PS2 games on PS3 (I’m talking full emulator) due to the GS having a really high fill rate or whatever. The only way to make an emulator work is with a very powerful PC. Making a new PS platform with an architecture to run PS2 games may still prove difficult, so I would not be surprised if Sony looked into some external device with PS2 hardware components. At least that way, if someone really wants to play PS2 games, they can buy a cheap adapter to make it happen. Also, the adapter could even support old memory cards so data saves can be transferred.

  • Exand

    I already have a CECHE01 so no need :D But it’d be nice for anyone who has an older non-compat PS3 or a slim.Also, wasn’t there chatter about the PS3 Jailbreak making it possible for ANY PS3 to play PS2 games? Was that just some region-unlocking feature, or just bogus news? If it was some how unlocked using that device, wouldn’t it mean the functionality exists in the PS3 already, and has just been turned off by Sony? This file for patent makes me think the PS3 Jailbreak thing was wrong because why else would they need a special device like this…

  • I just believe that if SONY made a PS3 that was region-free as well as backwards compatible many of us who already own a ps3 wud buy another. Personally I feel cheated that I have 2 use my ps2 2 play games on. THAT AIN’T SEXY.

  • How exactly is it going to connect to the PS3? The only external connectors are USB and the latency between that and the Cell would be ridiculous. They may as well just release a PS2 with HDMI out and a built in HDD and virtual memory cards. I would buy one purely for the fact that it’d be undoubtedly small and doesn’t require physical memory cards.

    Tbh, emulation on the PS3 was terrible. The only games I actually wanted to play were SNK/Capcom beat em ups and they never worked.

  • I would definitely buy this. I don’t trust my PS2 slim. Bought it off ebay and plays every game except Sakura Wars, for some reason.

  • Something that makes a PS3 Slim worthwhile? Cool.

  • They should have just left teh PS2 chip in the PS3 waste of money and time imo

  • Exand

    A thought for Sony…

    Instead of a PS2 game adaptor for PS3, why not make a PSP game adaptor for PS3. I’d love to play PSP games on a bigger screen with a good controller, even with the degradation in graphics.

  • Somehow, I’m thinking that the schematics are showing a dual USB setup going from the device to the PS3 to allow bandwidth transference in two directions, otherwise just a single hookup. From there, the adapter is doing some of the heavy lifting like decoding some of the game’s data as it’s being dumped into memory and then shooting it back to the PS3 where it’s upscaled and cleaned up. All of the old controllers and memory cards seem to plug into it as well or maybe even use Dual-Shock 3 controllers instead.

    So, it’s not entirely impossible for it to be a tiny box with a shrunken PS2 mainboard and a trusty, not to mention fast, USB controller.

  • Many PS2 games never supported progressive scan which made them very flickery on HDTVs.

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