Capcom And Ninja Theory Team Up For DmC, A New Devil May Cry Game

By Spencer . September 15, 2010 . 6:45am

dmc_title_logo_copyNinja Theory, the studio behind Heavenly Sword and Enslaved, are working on the next Devil May Cry game with Capcom. Entitled DmC, the game stars series mainstay Dante, but in this game he’s younger. Even younger than Devil May Cry 3 Dante, he doesn’t even have white hair in DmC.


Here’s a look at the new Dante.




tgs_trailer_screengrabs_018 tgs_trailer_screengrabs_023 tgs_trailer_screengrabs_026 tgs_trailer_screengrabs_028 tgs_trailer_screengrabs_007 tgs_trailer_screengrabs_016


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  • andref

    Umm i don’t know about any of you but my senses are alerting me and telling me that this smells like a spin off

    • I’m frightened to say this, but seriously? People calling this “Twilight”-like are on meth or something themselves haha. I mean come on, that’s stupid. But what would I know, I thought the trailer actually captured the overall feel of DMC and of Dante’s style…(I especially liked the final shot where it sorta looks like he’s blowing a kiss but it’s takin a drag on a ciggie.) I agree with someone above that I hope it’s an alternate universe Dante, or a different character somehow altogether, or who knows what but rather that than just a younger Dante..but it must’ve been very difficult for them to come up with a fresh design that wouldn’t seem generic or totally lame, and…I don’t mind it. You can ask why they needed to change it at all, and it’s a decent question, but given that they’ve decided to, what they’ve come up with might be a lot better than these knee-jerk reactions are giving them credit for…Perhaps it’s unfair for me to say, since I’m probably not AS big a fan as many people here of the series (or, I love it, I love the style and character designs and the gameplay, but I haven’t played every game in its entirety etc) But it actually looks pretty cool to me!

      and if it IS a younger Dante…erm, how else exactly SHOULD he be depicted?

      • The problem is Devil May Cry 3 already showed off a younger Dante lol (hell that character model is in Marvel vs Capcom 3!). So I mean that’s where people are having a problem with this trailer showing off another younger looking Dante i’m sure. That’s why I think if this game is not a spinoff or something of that type it just doesn’t make sense at all to make the changes they have. Hence why I think this should of just been a whole new series altogether and not use the DMC name….we’ll see what happens I guess. By the way i’ve played DMC1 , 3 and 4 so that’s why i’m kinda disappointed at this trailer.

    • Atleast lets hope so because that’s quite honestly what it should of been announced as in the first place considering how drastically different its looking. Honestly this should of been a different series all together if you ask me. This just seems to scream to me cashing in on a brand name and not recognizing why this should of just been a new title altogether really…

  • Can someone say “series reboot”? Well this definitely appeals to me, he seems like he will be easier to relate too since he is younger looking and such. This game is definitely, as Britney S would say, “on my radar”, lol.

  • pridesin

    I am not sure about this…..I hope Dante maintain same attitude that was shown in DMC 3 and 4.

  • Aiddon

    y’know, I’m a defender of the bold and new. I am all for taking a series in new directions and improving on things that worked while excising things that didn’t. But THIS?????? Wow, I’m not going to engage in hyperbole and say that CAPCOM are officially awful developers or anything like that, but it looks like NT has no clue what the aesthetics or tone of DMC are.

  • godmars

    And there was much “WTF?!”

  • Zeonsilt

    Edward from the “Twilight” reborn.
    Where’s my M60………

  • Rest In Peace Dante….
    Now I am guessing this game
    will be smothered in QTE btw.
    *sigh* I bet Hideki is angry

    • CudaBiro

      If he wasn’t angry after DMC2, I doubt he’ll be angry now. And QTE does have its uses, especially when it comes to extremely cinematic sequences where traditional control set-ups would get in the way of some cool stuff.

  • Teenage Rebel Dante, wtf. XD This COULD be interesting, maybe.. or just awfully suck. I hope it’s the first.

    But Dante is more smexy with the white hair. ;_;

  • z_merquise

    Spin-off? Possibly.

    Though I do enjoy DMC 4’s gameplay, the series ended up being a generic fantasy-anime with an unexplained (or undeveloped) story. Making the story and atmosphere dark and gritty w/ some horror elements is what the series REALLY need. Not sure of their redesign for Dante but I’m one of the few people in the “Wait-and-see” category.

    Who knows, this game could turn to be one of the finest in the series like DMC 1 and 3 was, right? . . . . . . Right?

  • capristrider

    Looks interesting! I hope Capcom keep a close eye on development of DMC (which of course they will). IMHO A young Dante looks pretty cool and it looks like “Benicio del Toro look” is the “in thing” in Japan at the moment with DMC and DMD both having protagonists with looks on said actor. Let’s hope this is a good omen!

  • endaround

    This looks so stuttery compared to Bayonetta

  • evilmoogle

    i say spin-off.

    seriously, he look someone from rehab with a drug addict.

  • err hummmmm …. O_O …… looks at pics again O________________O , humm no thank you , i rather have my old dante back , at least in aspect. I cant bash a game i havent played or dont know hows it gonna be , but these images dont apeal to me ,on the contrary …-_- sighs

  • ECM

    For the love of God, Capcom, stop trying to be more “Western”! We love your games because they are *not* “Western”!

    • I’m totally with you! Just make good games, and stop trying to kiss people’s tail.

    • Whats the difference? It ain’t as though “Western” influence is gonna affect the story – because DMC games have such wafer-thin excuse plots that the only reason anyoned picks up the game is to do combos on demon mooks anyway. The worst that Ninja Theory could do is add in a buxom sidekick whos only role is to wave her assets while being kidnapped by villains – oh wait, the Japanese have already done that for the past, uh, 4 installments. Eh, s’long as they keep the combo mechanics intact, I’m happy.

      • ECM

        Huh? Plots? I’m not referring to the plot/storyline/characterizations–I’m referring to the game design itself.

        This may come as a surprise to you, but Japanese designers have a very different way about going about creating games than Western designers.

        For example, do you really think *any* Western designed would have come up (and executed) on something like, say, Bayonetta?? (And, again, from a gameplay perspective NOT the storyline and all the ancillary junk that adorns games these days.)

        (The most terrifying aspect for me is Ninja Theory’s head actually went on record a month or two ago saying that, in some cases, story can be more important than gameplay–if that doesn’t scare the sh*t out of you, there’s no hope.)

        • Oh I dunno, the whole “do it yourself amputation” of Dead Space was a pretty good show of Western, erm, creativity. And Heavenly Sword itself was entertaining, if unoriginal.

          And Ninja Theory have a point in story’s being a vital part of a game – for story heavy games. Like RPGs. But for DMC? Hell no. One of the reason’s I liked the game was because its cutscenes were a minute a piece, most of the time.

          Still, as long as the changes they do aren’t too drastic (and if they stick to the base combo-dishing formula, they’re already 3/4 there), I don’t see a problem with Ninja Theory working on the game.

          • CrisSpiegel

            It’s not only plot, but aesthetics and scenario. I can’t judge the game from this trailer, but I didn’t like the artistic concept. Too far away from the essence.

        • Hraesvelgr

          Well, when they’re making action games as opposed to something like RPGs, it is pretty bad to say story can be more important than gameplay. If we were talking about RPGs, though, I’d be pretty sad if they thought gameplay was more important.

        • You pretty much hit the nail on the head Bayonetta and the Original Devil May Cry where both gameplay/presentation first with story being a distant second. Look Capcom didn’t need to go and drastically change Devil May Cry it was done right with 1 & 3 and they should of just followed those titles along with Bayonetta and other recent action titles for inspiration on how to evolve the Devil May Cry series simple as that. As far as this new trailer/title goes um yea i’m not liking it one bit and especially if this is a reboot of the series.

        • ShinNoKami

          Ninja Theory’s head actually went on record a month or two ago saying that, in some cases, story can be more important than gameplay–if that doesn’t scare the sh*t out of you, there’s no hope.

          -Yknow, I thought this might get me riled up and mad thinking people didn’t care about story in a game nowadays but it DOES scare me shitless. That’s the difference between a movie, a book and a game. IMHO, there should be equal parts good gameplay and equal parts good story. Choosing one over the other is a TERRIBLE idea.

    • Scallion

      Games like DMC and Resident Evil have been aimed towards more western audiences from the beginning.
      Chill out.

      • thebanditking

        You must be kidding, this looks awful from a design standpoint. Ninja Theory just screwed up what was a Capcom classic.

    • joesz

      True, its like they are trying to manipulate western people by games.

    • Hraesvelgr

      Actually, I’m pretty sure 90% of Capcom’s games over the past ten years have been more “Western” than not. Now, if we were talking about Capcom from the 90s, you might have something…

    • mirumu

      It does show some of the tell-tale signs of trying to appeal to western audiences, but I’m not sure that’s really the big issue here. Even if this wasn’t Devil May Cry it still looks completely horrible.

      I liked Heavenly Sword so have nothing against Ninja Theory, but if this was new IP how many of us would even give it a second look?

    • Yea he Looks Like a Zombie Now 0_0 ….

  • As long as they say that is a parallel universe or something and this isn’t the Dante we’ve known and loved, I’ll be able to enjoy this game

  • Why do I get the feeling that this Dante won’t be as cocky and lovable..

    The first screen fooled me into thinking this was another Resident Evil

  • malek86

    Another developer trying to cater to Twilight fans?

  • SeventhEvening

    Wait..what? Well, maybe Bayonetta 2 will be a thing, and then I won’t have to worry about this.

    • Guest

      Bayonetta 2 will be a fat Jewish chick from Brooklyn NY

      • SeventhEvening

        I’d believe that if it were in the hands of Capcom.

  • runesong

    Let’s hope it’s a spin off. I mean, did anyone really want a reboot of DMC? After adding Nero into the mix, there’s clearly plenty of stories to tell.

    A reboot would be a really strange decision given that Dante & Trish are in MvC3.

    I have no interest in the new “Heroine Addict” look for Dante, but I’ll keep an eye on previews and whatnot as it never hurts to be wrong about this sort of thing.

  • This is horrible!

  • CrisSpiegel

    It’s the early 90’s. Meet Dante, a delinquent young half demon half man who spent most of his teenage from one foster home to another after his parents died. When he’s not making his living as a hustler, he spends his nights doing meth in raves and by the day, he’s too wasted to play guitar in his grunge band’s rehearsals. Forsaken in a society that fears him, hunted by the police and haunted by his own past, will our young hero, through means of true love, discover his true artistic talent that may save him while he saves the world? The parties, the excesses, the passion, the desIIiIiIiiire. The portrayal of an era, the sunset of a demon-boy and the dawn of a devil-man.


    Available soon


    Twilight + cliché horror photography and edition + misfit cynical teenagers tv series + hyperrealism – manga-esque stylization – larger-than-life hero = DmC

    It seems that to westernize Japanese stuff means to strip away the essence. Well, might be a fun game despite a strange DMC title.

    • Hraesvelgr

      What part of this trailer makes you think “hyperrealistic”? I don’t particularly want to defend it, but seriously…

      • CrisSpiegel

        The human figure (Dante’s, as he’s the only human in the trailer) is a more faithful reproduction of human anatomy than earlier titles that are more stylized towards manga-esque stuff like very angular chins, thiner noses, longer legs, etc.

        • Hraesvelgr

          Ehh… I’m not seeing any more “hyperrealism” in it compared to the rest of the series. I see more ugly, but that’s about it.

        • Loosely resembling human anatomy is not a faithful reproduction of human anatomy, especially when he looks like three different characters at once.

          • CrisSpiegel

            I said “more faithful” not “the most faithful” or “absolutely faithful”.

    • RupanIII

      lol good show, I sense that this will be this year’s dark hit on the festival circuit!

  • Souji Tendou

    Capcom, you’re doomed.

    • Hraesvelgr

      Doubtful. If it does poorly (and you better hope it does), they will just Dark Void it and try to pretend it never happened.

      • Souji Tendou

        I know I’m being pessimistic but I don’t like what I saw so far. And I highly doubt that the gameplay will be at least as awesome as DMC 3/4. -_-

  • DemonicX

    Such a shame…

    Dante..? They should have came up with another name, and not replace the original Dante.

  • Your name is Dante? “Is that so~” (Rumia spech)

  • Scallion

    Dantenardo diCaprio?

  • Arcm

    100 bucks says his hair turns white half way through it.

  • karasuKumo

    I have to find whoever is responsible for this blatant “teen vampire” inspired piece of crap and show them real pain.

    I adored the Devil May Cry series because it was Eastern and now they have ruined it, well done Ninja Theory Team, well fucking done! For the such a manly epic series as DMC to be stripped of it’s balls is truly a loss, I just hope to god that it’s action makes up for its “Buffy”, “Twighlight” etc inspired Dante character design. I hope at some point in the game his hair turns grey and he starts acting awesome. I hate raging but this bloody well deserved one. The perfect words for a few 2010-11 games are “If it aint broken don’t fix it”. It will be fun as hell to play but I don’t think I could put up with his emo looking attitude for a whole game.

    • teen vampire inspired? I didn’t infer that at all. Teenager, definitely. He’s just a rebellious teen. I don’t see how Twilight and Buffy have to do with it

      And just because it ain’t broken doesn’t mean things don’t need to be changed. You haven’t seen any gameplay yet so it could play the exact same way. There is only so much you can do with an existing franchise before it becomes boring. Change can make things new, fresh and exciting again.

      • karasuKumo

        It’s his coat with the haircut/colour make him look scarily like some of the characters in these vampire drama’s. It’s weird seeing him without his grey hair. Hopefully gameplay changes my mind but as it stands it looks pretty bad.

        I appreciate that but they should at least involve the people buying their games with polls. Like “Do you want a prequal or sequal?” or “Would you like the game to look more western?” etc.

        • Hraesvelgr

          The problem with polls, particularly online ones, is that numbers can easily be skewed by people using “special” means of voting multiple times and people just flat out not taking part in the polling process. Aside from that, while I don’t think the direction they took for this is looking very good, taking ideas from the fans is not always a good decision.

    • puchinri

      Please don’t lump Buffy in with Twilight. oAo

      But I agree to your basic point.

      I think even if that changed happened mid-game, it’d be too late for redeeming and saving. (I wouldn’t even play that far.)

  • [The Hunter] Doomrider

    Thank you for appealing to our western sensibilities Capcom, I am deeply moved.

  • gatotsu911

    Let’s look at the bright side, people: this “Hollywood reboot” treatment is just begging for parody. Let’s try and imagine what other “Westernized” versions of Japanese franchises might look like.

    • RupanIII

      *ominous Don LaFontaine esque voice over blackness*In the small town of Pallet, a young animal trainer named Ashe lived peacefully…All he wanted was to live a quiet life with his best friend…But they wouldn’t let him. *lighting bolt and thunder flash across the screen**cut to a huge evil looking industrial building with Team Rocket Enterprises written on it, lighting continues in background*“Your land is rich in resources! Team Rocket Enterprises will be taking control. You can leave peacefully or we will remove you by force. The decision is yours.”Now.. one man must rise up.. to protect the land he loves..*cut to totally steroid-ripped Ashe and Pikachu lockin’/loadin’ shotguns, bazookas and AK47s in an arsenal then fade to black*Ashe’s voice over black screen: “You’ll take this land ..over my dead body.”BOOM!Pokemon Reloaded: the FPS Coming Soon to an X-Box near you

      • gatotsu911

        But the Pokemon fights have to be ridiculously bloody and brutal, for a bit of that moral ambiguity that all the kids love.

  • BadenBadenPrinny

    Another prequel *facepalm* Am I one of the few who liked serious Dante?

    • I’m with you there. I don’t see why everyone thinks his cheesy lines in 3 (didn’t play 4) are cool. And Nero? Pffft.

  • I like the new look to Dante(If this is really him to begin with.) While it’s true that Dante is known for having white hair, that’s destined to change. I mean look at Infamous 2 with the change in character design for the lead.(New look back into old look) This Dante may change his hair color during the story, but then again it’s possible that he tried to live normally, but his white hair/red eyes got in the way of that, resulting in his new look.(Technically old look if this is to be considered in the same time-line as previous games) But honestly, the DMC series hasn’t failed before, except in DMC2, and it’s been years since it’s release. I mean the creators have obviously learned their lesson from that.(Look at how well DMC3 and 4 are)

  • Jayred_Potter

    GOD DAMN IT ALL!!! That is not the Devil May Cry I love. Capcom, what the hell are you doing??!!!

  • Christian Wright

    this cat is way too cool for me….

  • shinserph

    Putting anything else aside, i think this dante look somewhat lame. He lacks the coolness i’ve grown accustomed to.

  • Seems fine to me.

    People, don’t let your twisted, childlike sense of nostalgia get in the way of trying something new. It’s not healthy. =

    • Hraesvelgr

      But it’s “Western” and you must hate the evil “Western” design. Western hating hivemind!

      • thebanditking

        You can’t be defending this, I know our opinions differ but I had more respect for your taste then this. I mean come on he looks like a meth addicted twilight fanboy.

        • Hraesvelgr

          I’m not defending this, per se. I was never really into DMC, but I can see why people would dislike the change. There’s no point to it, especially since the series and character are well-established (and popular), and I don’t like Ninja Theory’s games.

          There are, however, a number of people that hate “Western” style games for no reason other than that. I don’t mind if people give games a chance and not like them, but people shouldn’t hate a game solely based on an aesthetic change.

      • mirumu

        I’m sure there are those who do genuinely hate everything western. That said it’s hard to deny that we already get bucket loads of western-style games from, well, western developers. I don’t really see how having less variety can ever be seen as a desirable thing. I’d say the same thing if everyone in the world was trying to make “eastern” style games.

        On a different note, I’m not sure many of the Japanese development houses really understand the western gamer in any meaningful sense so consistently miss the mark. It’s easy to dismiss those of us on sites like this who’ve been playing Japanese developed games for years as a small niche and unrepresentative of western gaming as a whole, but to date sales don’t seem to indicate these games are connecting to the more mainstream western gamers either.

        • Hraesvelgr

          I agree with you.

  • Hours

    The is one of the most drastic series suicides I’ve ever seen. I feel really bad for fans of the series to be subjected to this.I’m really not into this new “trend” of taking established franchises and then changing everything about them to try to appeal to a new audience. JUST MAKE A NEW GAME.

    • How else would you make the game appeal to new people? I think it would be a hard sale at calling it DmC 5…and retaining the look of olde.

      • vrakanox

        Well here’s the thing. It’s easier for developers to take an old formula and expand upon it. Thus making it better. It will also attract more customers. Also as others have mentioned Dante is a very iconic character. Not as Iconic as Mario or Link but iconic all the same. They shouldn’t completely alter his design. Remember what happened with Castlevania Judgment?

    • Guest

      I think the Yakuza zombie game is worse though

  • thebanditking

    This looks like s**t, sorry but it just does. Honestly this is worse then DMC2 and I haven’t even played it. Just why Capcom?Also why does Dante look like an anorexic emo crack head? Seriously his character design is just hideous, he looks like that looser lead singer from Orgy. This is just so not cool.

    • hyuver

      Be a good fanboy, don’t judge the game before you played it. Not liking the direction might be one thing, but saying this game is better/worst than the other game is another.

      When I heard west gonna make the game, i imagine the character would look less boyband and more masculine but now dante looks like transexual, this and yakuza of the end zombie revelation is like joke…

  • No want.


    It is a reboot people! Everyone should stop with all the hate. Who cares that the changed the look of the character? Just give it time and you will soon learn to like the new look. As for the games style and overall game play…it looks like its gonna be crazy as hell. Don`t be shooting this one down just yet give it time.

  • tubers

    Twilight the game! =)) LOL seriously I am giving this a chance. More info = better time to judge just not yet atm.

    A reboot but smells like some non canon prequel.

    Maybe this is just a person they are trying to brainwash to be Dante or doing some weird Voodoo to the kid making him think he’s Dante. But hey, they said reboot so that’s unlikely to happen.

    More info please and thanks xD

  • ForeverFidelis


  • ForeverFidelis

    You know, at least make his hair WHITE

    That’s like the MAIN thing I think about when I think of Dante. WHITE hair. Why the HELL would they change that?

    I’m being completely honest when I say I wouldn’t mind this at all if this redesign was only temporary and had white hair.

  • DDanny

    Um… DMC1-4 Dante looked a lot more western than this Twilight reject Dante.

    • Guest

      The motion captured actor was a white guy same guy that did Chris Redfield for RE5

  • I’m a little late to the party, but I actually think this looks AWESOME.
    Music was cool too. Just hope the flashy trailer somehow translates into gameplay.

    After so many cameos, David Bowie FINALLY gets his own game!

    • puchinri

      You gave me the lolz. But seriously, David Bowie looks better than that. (The Labyrinth, hello~. However, if they put Labyrinth David Bowie in this, my opinion may change entirely.)

  • Guest

    If they just gave him the same old haircut no one would be complaining

    Watch they pull a Sucker Punch and change him back to avoid fan backlash like they did with early Infamous 2 trailer

  • Oh boy, A Justin Bieber-Edward Cullen fusion. Clearly, they really are tapping into the Western market – the tweengirl market, to be precise.

  • Well, as far as the promo’s go, there could be some changes made to Dante much as there we for Cole in inFamous 2, so I’d rather wait before I demonize Ninja Theory on their mistreatment of the series.

    On another note, anyone notice that the character’s hair is starting to go white from the widow’s peak (rear center of his head)? It begs the question of when his devil related powers actually kicked in. *shrug* I just hope everything goes well.

  • mikanko

    If only there’s some chance fan reaction to new Twilight Dante will get them to change their minds like Sucker Punch did with the scrapped design for Cole in Infamous 2. Unfortunately, Sucker Punch makes both games so it’s easy to switch one with another, and not really the case here.

    Honestly, if they just did away with emo Dante I’d give this game a chance. Heavenly sword had some good combat ideas, and played pretty fun on hard sans QTEs. I found it an improvement over God of War at any rate.

    I’m sure Itagaki’s laughing his ass off atm.

  • I thought this was an interesting, relevant read

    “Why the Devil May Cry reboot could rock”

  • Asura

    The music reminded me of Jet Set Radio. Now I dunno what to think…

  • Schwer_Muta

    Devil May Cry had absolutely nowhere to go after DMC3 but down. They’re never going to top it, so they had to either make a drastic reboot or let the series die.

    I would’ve been for the latter, personally.


    I am a big DMC fan and have played all the game’s I have no prob with a reboot but why now I mean DMC 4 gave us a new character to explore this new dante look’s ok but I am a little weary of him I would like to see a more dark and gothic look to the game wear the others didn’t the new Dante looks like a drifter and at points half dead I do like the look of the demons and the fighting style that this dante was giving out will it be successful only time will tell and only if CAPCOM keep an eye on it’s development.

  • Asura

    Anyone know who is doing the music by the way?

  • The trailer looks good, it is just that I can’t seem to get to terms with the image change.

  • wtf we fans wants old dante see the 100000 comment on youtube saying that

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