Demon’s Souls Joins PS3 Greatest Hits Lineup

By Spencer . September 15, 2010 . 10:56am


Like a wandering soul leaving the Nexus and returning to the world, Demon’s Souls is coming back to stores with a big red stripe. A bloodstain left over by another player, perhaps? No, that’s just the PlayStation 3 Greatest Hits banner.


The Greatest Hits re-release of Demon’s Souls costs $29.99 and is shipping to stores soon. Untainted copies of Demon’s Souls box art are still in the wild.


Atlus rarely re-releases games as Greatest Hits. Even hits like Disgaea: Hour of Darkness and Odin Sphere were re-released late in the PlayStation 2’s life. Actually, I can’t think of any other Atlus game that reached Greatest Hits status this quickly.

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  • ECM

    Those 10 or 12 of you that haven’t bought this yet have run out of reasons to not purchase the PS3’s killer app. DO IT!

    • I heard it was brutally difficult and lacked VA. Does it have an easy mode at least?

      • Aren’t you the guy who wishes the Pokemon series was punishingly hard? I’m not sure what your threshold is supposed to be here.

        • The internet made it seem like it was beyond hard, kind of just totally unfair where only the most elite could clear the games story mode. There is hard and then there is just brutal unfair hard.

          • ECM

            That’s because they tried to play it like every other 3rd person action game on the market. Play it as it was intended to be played and you’ll come to appreciate the “brutal” difficulty.

          • EvilAkito

            Demon’s Souls certainly doesn’t qualify as “brutal unfair hard.” It throws many difficult situations in front of you, but as long as you take the time to understand the game’s mechanics, you’ll find that the game is never unfair. I’m not really a super-hardcore gamer that has the patients for an immense challenge (at least not anymore), but I had no trouble finishing Demon’s Souls. Sure, I died often, but it was almost always due to carelessness and not from being overwhelmed by the challenge in front of me. There are some ridiculously hard enemies scattered throughout, but most of the time you can either snipe them with a bow or sneak past them (or just run past them–that’s what I usually did).

          • I don’t find demon’s souls to be THAT hard. Starting out as noble gives you that spirit arrow thing or whatever, and that makes the game incredibly easy. I don’t even use it anymore just to make it more challenging. As long as you don’t have a WoW mentality this game won’t qualify as “brutal unfair hard”. It is challenging, in a very fun way if you ask me.

      • ECM

        It is *not* brutally difficult *if* you take the game on its own terms. If you attempt to play it like Devil May Cry or any other, typical, hack ‘n’ slash, you will die…a lot–slow and steady (at least until you learn the ropes) is the rule in DS, not chainsaw ninja on a week-long meth-bender.

        And, no, there are no difficulty levels, per se. (The only adjustment comes with each full clear.)

      • Kamion

        It’s not as difficult as THE INTERNETS want you to think. If you don’t charge into enemies and think before you do something it’s actually quite doable. Boss fights might be difficult the first time around but once you know how to handle them they’re alright.

        No VA is not a reason to miss out on one of the best games the PS3 has to offer.

      • kupomogli

        Like everyone else said, the game is not “brutally difficult.” Infact, it’s fairly easy as long as you take your time and don’t rush. I’ve probably started as a Knight every time I’ve started a new game and only once have I built that character into a semi magic user. I love the melee combat in the game which is why I tend to try and not focus on anything else.

        There is “technically” an easy mode. It’s called “new game.” Once you beat the game the difficulty gets harder. Beat it a second time it’s even harder. After beating it the third time the difficulty repeats(or atleast it seemed that way.)

        Last. What difference does it make if it lacks voice acting or not? Have you played a video game before the PS360? Most games lacked voice acting. To answer your question though, I don’t know where you got your information from but whoever it came from doesn’t know what they’re talking about. Most text in the game is voiced. Not that it really matters as there’s hardly any text in game regardless.

  • Wow Im surprised the game doesnt have a sequel

    • I have a feeling From Software may be cooking up a new one.

  • MrRobbyM

    Way to go Demon’s Souls. You deserve that title.

  • kupomogli

    Amazing game. They should release it without “Hits” at the end. Just “Greatest” will do.

  • pacanug

    If I recall, recently Atlus said the servers would be running to at least March 2011. With this Greatest Hits release, that must mean they’ll keep the servers up well beyond that.

    • kupomogli

      If they do close it I think they should find someone else to redirect it to that would like to keep the server going. The game is from beginning to end one of the most enjoyable gaming experiences one could have in this generation, but words cannot begin to describe how enjoyable the player vs player battles were.

  • Exand

    Great game that deserves to be in the Greatest Hits collection.

    I just wish people would stop dropping the “it’s too hard!” bomb on this game. It’s challenging, sometimes even frustrating for sure, but it’s only “too” hard if you try to play it like a hack-and-slash.

    Waiting patiently for part 2!

  • Hraesvelgr

    I think Demon’s Souls is one of the PS3’s most overrated titles (behind Uncharted and MGS4) and didn’t find it as great as most make it out to be, but this is good for Atlus, so I’m happy with it. I just wish more of the games they release would sell well enough for this.

    • FireCouch

      Definitely not overrated. Something overrated is the Tales series of RPGs.

      • Hraesvelgr

        Tales isn’t popular enough to be overrated, though.

    • If you think that uncharted and demon’s souls are overrated then which are same of your favorite titles?

      • Hraesvelgr

        Um… 3D Dot Game Heroes, I guess? I gave the game some crap before because I’m not a fan of From Software, but it actually turned out to be a pretty good game.

        I’m not really into any exclusive titles, honestly, and I don’t play many multiplatform titles on the PS3.

    • kupomogli

      Sorry, but if there was any game on the PS3 that is most overrated it’d have to be Little Big Planet. That game is garbage in my opinion. I’m a huge platformer fan and I say that with no regrets.Demon’s Souls on the other hand is anything but overrated. The gameplay is so good that after two minutes of storyline, gameplay takes over and you don’t hear anything about storyline until the end of the game. I bet FromSoftware came out and said, “who needs storyline when the game has unparalleled and addicting gameplay to guide you throughout the game?” I’m glad Demon’s Souls received the attention it did. FromSoftware has made so many great games that rarely ever get the recognition they deserve. Demon’s Souls is really the first game by FromSoftware that’s received that recognition(atleast in the US. Japan has A.C.E.)Also. I’m one who picked Uncharted 2 up just this year. Alongside other games I’ve been playing, I’ve beaten the game on Normal and Hard, I’m on Crushing difficulty at the very end, and I’ve played quite a bit of online. Easily one of my favorite games this generation.

      • Hraesvelgr

        I can’t disagree about LBP.

    • metalpatty666

      Demons souls is UNDERRATED if anything. The only people who don’t like this game are the people who suck at games.
      Im on NG+ Soul Level 87. Im hooked. I want a sequel.

  • Chow

    Come to think of it, whatever happened to those horrible opaque red PS3 Greatest Hits Boxes? I like this stripes better, even though that usually means I’d have to research and decide if I want whatever game just became GH at that point and hunt down a vanilla copy.

    But it’s a good thing I bought Demon’s Souls right away (along with the collector’s box & that strategy guide with the ink problem).

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