Anyone Want To Watch A Leaked Final Fantasy Versus XIII Trailer From TGS?

By Spencer . September 17, 2010 . 3:30am

A short video of Final Fantasy Versus XIII leaked out of Square Enix’s closed theater. It’s real-time footage of Noctis running around and fighting a behemoth leaked out. Watch it while its hot and before it disappears!



Youtube user SQEXgal also kindly recorded a clip of the Final Fantasy Agito XIII movie for the world to see.


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  • nyoron

    VS XIII one already removed, lol.Saw it earlier though, looks great!

    Edit: Aaaaand they’re both gone.

  • omg we need the youtube vid

  • Aoshi00

    oh noes, gone :(… dang S-E’s hyping w/ closed theater…

  • Noooooooooooo I missed seeing Noctis and FF Versus XIII!!!!!!!!!!!

  • nyoron

    Here you go

    Versus –

    Agito –

    (Links shamelessly stolen from NeoGAF)

    • Kamion

      Thank you for posting these.

    • Thanks.

    • shinserph

      Thanks for the links

    • thanks a lot :D

    • You, sir. Are a gentleman and a scholar.

    • WonderSteve


    • All hail Nyoron!!!

    • Zeonsilt

      Man,you’re our savior.

    • goronyan

      square-enix why so serious?versushxxp://

      • thebanditking

        Thanks! Yeah I don’t get what their problem is, its just a trailer.

    • thebanditking

      Awesome, I wish NeoGaf would activate my account though. Its been 7 months.

      • nyoron

        Hahaha it took them nearly a year to activate mine. By the time they did I didn’t really care anymore, still haven’t made a post there.

  • joesz

    Versus’s lame
    Agito’s much,much better.

    • thebanditking

      Surely your joking? Versus looks fantastic, and the music already sounds iconic.

  • karasuKumo

    YES! It Looks amazing :D

  • It’s…it’s real? Hell yeah! edit: Squenix blocked the video

  • Raccoon

    Kotaku still has it as a stream:

    I like the Versus scene where Noctis jumps off to the street – in FFXIII there would have been an invisible wall. And Agito looks great, too! Love the bit where a character rides a Chocobo through the region. And never get enough of battles against giant killer robots ^^

    • Aoshi00

      Thanks for the link. yea, both look really good, the running motion looks smooth and world seems expansive in Versus, Agito looks pretty epic too. But will try not to get my hopes up, maybe I’d be pleasantly surprised.

    • Joanna

      thanks for posting that link~

  • Darn you SE!!! Lol… You trying to get everyone’s hope up again for final fantasy series.. But seriously, the cutting looks so sleek man…And the music is gona be some nostalgic songs that will make me tremble whn i listen to it after finishing that game… I am drooling over it!!

    Btw, I heard that Square Enix revealed that a Fabula Nova Crystallis Press Conference will be held in Japan on January 11, 2011, which will have new details on both Final Fantasy Versus XIII and Final Fantasy Agito XIII. Lets have our fingers crossed!

  • The versus file is totally down. Wanna see it to:(

  • Cool But Wow They Blocked it Now T_T , hmm maybe i’ll download those Links Later Thanks Guys .

  • Joanna

    SE being stingy and removing the videos. Really now, I don’t get why only a select few people are “good” enough to see these but not the rest of us. >__>

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