Disgaea 4 Has High Resolution Sprites, Even Crazier Tower Attacks

By Spencer . September 17, 2010 . 4:38am

Nippon Ichi formally announced Disgaea 4 and, yes, the graphics have evolved.



Humongous weapons, dual sword wielding, and tower attack… jump rope? Disgaea 4 even zanier character stacking ideas. More importantly, the game has a network mode. The trailer shows a ship sailing in with two Valbatozes and Fuka (the girl dressed as a Prinny) when another user docking for a fight.


Disgaea 4 comes out in Japan on February 24, 2011. First print copies include a PR card and product code to download Flonne. I suppose that confirms downloadable characters too. The 9,975 yen ($116) limited edition includes an artbook, soundtrack CD, and a Petit Nendoroid Fuuka of Fuuka.

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  • NISA better comment on this fast so we know when we get it! This would be my game of the year for 2011!!! lol.

    Though Flonne as DLC, I thought she was standard already in Disgaea 3…oh well, DLC characters are exciting.

  • Kamion

    I JUST(!) finished watching the trailer when you guys posted this (NIS’ servers are really slow right now).

    This looks really awesome, I can’t wait. I like the look of the new characters.

    That jump rope thing was hilarious… Let’s see what NISA has to say about this. The JP Limited Edition looks really tempting, but Disgaea is a hard game to import…

    • Methylene

      I’m pretty sure NISA is all over it.

      • Kamion

        Yeah, they said they wanted to “focus on the PS3”. after all.

        • Methylene

          Even if they somehow said that they hate the PS3, I think they would never skip out on their bread and butter XD

    • I hope it releases the same date as with Japan!

      • Kamion

        Well, NISA said they still have announcements incoming (one of which is undoubtedly Prinny 2).

        Let’s just hope one of those is Disgaea 4. Simultaneous release would be awesome but I don’t think so. I’d already be satisfied with June/July :(

  • The male protagonists looks awesome. Sweet.

  • nyoron

    Bah at character DLC right off the bat. I was hoping they’d back off on that but I guess that was foolish of me.

    The cast looks pretty interesting, I can’t wait to hear more about them


    Apparently they heard we liked lolis and tentacle monsters so they put a loli in our tentacle monster so we can dot dot dot

    • Methylene

      We have angels again! /o

      • oh god axel is one of the main character now….

        • Hopefully he still gets his song, er White Tiger, if I remember from the soundtrack.

    • …Axel is a main character? O___o

      • Hopefully Axel stays with the party at least through the middle to end of the story, from all the gameplay shown in the video, he wasnt in any of them :(

      • nyoron


        Right where he belongs.

        • But…but…Asagi D:

          • nyoron

            No way, Asagi is a great joke character and that would ruin it. She can only be the main character of Makai Wars. Which can never come out.

          • Poor Asagi…doomed to a fate worse than that of the prinnies (also INSANITY)

    • thebanditking

      Its a shame to see everyone nickel and dime their fans but if thats what it takes to keep them in business then so be it.

  • Interesting. But why yet another Prinny wearing character?

    It must be hard to develop new characters all the time but I´m getting just the tiniest little tired of seeing yet another character that has resemblance to the Prinnies.

    But still, it´s Disgaea so I have to buy it when I am able to.

    • Have something againts prinny hats!? is not like the girl who had the hat in disgaea 3 brought the only prinny hat in the netherworld, that is so unrealistic >:o

      • malek86

        Aren’t Prinnies basically considered the lowest possible life-forms in the netherworld?

        Why would a character want to wear a Prinny hat?

        • cj_iwakura

          Why WOULDN’T they?

        • DlanorKnox

          So that they could be a bad-ass~

      • In the first game there were Prinnies, also in the second game there were Prinnies.

        In the third game we had a Prinny helm and male under armour. Now we have a female with a softer prinny hat.

        I want my Prinnies to be left alone and be as special as they were in the first two games.

        That is the sole reason. But still, it will be loads of fun to play with Fuuka.

    • nyoron
  • The sprites look great! Too bad I’m not a fan of the series…I just can’t get into the gameplay.

    • Yeah, I know. On the one hand I want to buy this and support them because holy crow, SUCH AN IMPROVEMENT. And the HD twins are desperately in need of more pretty cartoon 2D to counter all the ugly realistic polygons.*

      On the other hand…it’s still Disgaea. :(

      *this is just an opinion

  • raymk

    I like some of the new characters but not all of them.

  • Fuuka looks way too awesome <3

    Oh and what is Axel doing there?

  • Schwer_Muta

    Truth be told, I don’t care too much about graphics (read: at all). Still, another Disgaea game means I have to buy it. Even though I only played through 3’s main story once and never played it again.

    • No post game stuffs?! ive only made it through the main story once and am still grinding on to do all post games

  • nyobzoo

    the game looks great

  • Flonne as DLC? Strange, they usually always throw her into the post game… If she’s out, I wonder what kind of characters we’ll find after the game is through.

  • WOW I finally saw it, it nearly left me speechless, it looks glorious and we can still pirate, and act as pirates pirating pirates (and pirates pirating pirating pirates). The weapons were/are huge and that archers attacks were litrally out of this world, I need to watch it more times!

  • krokounleashed

    Looks great, maybe i should get a PS3 now.

    • godmars

      You didn’t get one for D3?


      • krokounleashed

        i was hoping for D3 Portable. But yeah now i need one it seems.



  • Day 1 DLC? That’s just awful. I’m actually probably not going to buy it now just because of that.

  • DLC characters suck, but I don’t mind expansion packs with unlockable characters.

  • sdragon21

    Not to sound bitter or anything, but COME ON NIS!!!!

    • cj_iwakura

      It’s a simple fact: JRPGs sell better on the PS3. Better jump ship!

    • Ereek

      I hate to be pessimistic, but NIS’s president has already stated that they have a “relationship” of sorts with Sony. They’re “close.” Until they stop being “close,” this likely won’t happen.

  • Since I’m sure you guys want to see this in HD, here ya go!

  • MrRobbyM

    DLC sucks :/ I really miss doing side missions and unlocking new characters.

    • What? The previous Disgaea 3 and even Dark Hero Days had both characters to unlock in the game post story mode, and then additional characters as DLC, so were still most likely getting both options.

    • Yeah, I’m with Usumaki. Just because there’s DLC doesn’t mean they’re takign out side missions and new characters

    • Who says there won’t be that?

  • Arcm

    I can’t wait! The only way this news could get better is if NISA is already localizing the game for a simultaneous release.

  • SOLD!!!!!!!!!

  • Nice to see the Eringa again!

    Eri eri!

  • graphics still look the same to me…

    • Exkaiser

      Sprites are much larger and smoother, despite being based on the same art as the Disgaea 2/3 sprites.

    • Chow

      That’s because the video player itself is sub-HD. ;)

      I wonder if the character sprites are “HD Remixed” a la Street Fighter II, or if they use the original source (ie sketches or vector drawings) and scan them with a HD resolution, though.

  • Catloaf

    I’m disappointed by the lack of Etna. I suppose it was foolish, but I was starting to get my hopes up for her to be in the main cast again due to her fair amount of cameos in other games.

  • SOOO no Asagi well there is still Disgaea 5
    Well I like if Laharl will be again the next main charater(he still wins on the fave character polls in NIS site)

  • runesong


    This redeemed the entirety of TGS for me. It even made me forget about the painful reveal of Devil May High. (tee hee)

    Fuuka is absolutely adorable.

    I can’t wait!!!!!

  • Draparde

    Day 1 buy for sure!

  • BadenBadenPrinny

    Day 1 buy already. Though the fact Asagi isn’t a main is saddening :(

  • Kibbitz

    Very, very nice. Though I suppose I’m to expect heavy grinding and whatnot as usual? I don’t think I’m cut out for that anymore. Would like to have a single for that theme they’re playing though.

  • Jaxx-Leviathan

    This trailer is full of “Oh Snap”. Was that a Prinny Ranger?! Did those monsters just fuse?! Is he dual-wielding swords?! Oh, and the character sprites look a lot smoother and the special-effects, like the archer attack, look awesome.

  • Axel…Gigantic Combination Eringas…Suit Wearing Prinny….alright NI
    I’m sold.

  • Out of all the DLC they could have chosen the fact that Nis went with Flonne is disappointing.

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