Tifa Lockhart Confirmed For Dissidia Duodecim: Final Fantasy

By Spencer . September 17, 2010 . 4:02am


Square Enix revealed one more Dissidia Duodecim: Final Fantasy character at Tokyo Game Show. A trailer from their closed mega theater shows 7th Heaven bar owner Tifa Lockhart at the end.




Tifa, Kain, and Lightning will join the existing Dissidia: Final Fantasy fighters for the PSP sequel, which is slated for spring 2011 in Japan.

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  • joesz

    yay! Tifa is the best hand to hand fighter!

    • Guest


      • joesz

        she still beat him!
        he’ll get distracted by her two gallants of milk.

    • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VIV0L0UEelM

      Tifa may be the hottest hand to hand fighter in FF, but only one man can run across the surface of the earth and return to deliver a fist overflowing with awesomeness

  • Ereek

    Y~es! Character-wise, Tifa is one of my favorite FF females. She is a nice balance of strong, reliable, sensitive, and independent yet doesn’t fall directly into any of the more annoying archetypes characters fall under. She’s not weak and clingy, but she’s loyal. She’s not stubborn, but she is strong and self-sufficient. She is the one who questions Cloud instead of blindly accepting what he says.tl;dr I love Tifa.Can I have Celes now, too? And Maria? And Reina/Lenna?

    • malek86

      Oh, Cloud! Your hair looks like a chocobo!

      • One of the most memorable quotes from the game. :D

    • Kibbitz

      I believe I saw mention by someone reporting from the scene about Celes being in the trailer video. No mention of the rest though.

    • doomspeller10

      Agreed, now I’m definitely getting this game. A kickass team of Sephiroth and Tifa to kick Cloud and Squall out of their “emoness.”

  • raymk

    Yeah tifa they actually went and got the best female they could get. Well damn i’m sold now and she has a regular clothes by defalte and not that advant children get up like cloud. I mean i actually like the advent children costumes but no better than the regular especially for tifa

  • Not at all surprised. Popular character, Cloud’s ‘guiding light’ and the most plausible addition to the roster with an exclusive focus on fisticuffs. She’s one of my personal favorite female characters in the series alongside Celes (I’m fond of Terra too, mind you) and Yuna.I’ll likely abandon Firion to main Tifa when it’s released. Totally stoked! I’m keeping my fingers crossed for Faris / Gilgamesh, though some might argue Lenna, but she’s kind of a boring character.

    • I’m ready for morphing time, with Tifa in my hopes for Zack have shattered but they should include Edgar we need someone like him.

      • Man, no kidding! Edgar would have an amazing set of attacks.

        • Yeah, I wonder how his tools will be incorporated I dying to use the drill.

          • He could hit on Terra in his introduction even.

            I keep thinking they’ll announce DLC characters.

    • Ereek

      Yay, another Firion main.

      I love FFII, but wasn’t expecting to main him. He’s really fun to play as.

      • Firion, while not necessarily “underrated,” is highly underestimated because “lol his air game is bad.”…and then they realize you have Shield Bash and it’s not so bloody funny anymore. I would also like to note that I ABHOR Final Fantasy II, but it’s the one I advocate most for a full remake, because it has a lot of really spectacular ideas and little polish and planning to back it up; we are, after all, talking about one of Akitoshi Kawazu’s very first projects. He can barely fine-tune game systems now, despite how much I looooove me some SaGa.I will say that Maria using a bow would be an excellent inclusion, albeit something of a selective retcon considering the mechanics’ flexibility. She has a lovely design. We all know if another FFII character makes it, it’ll be Leon, though. Oi.

        Blah blah long post. You know what’d be awesome? Minwu, if you had to use Zombie on your opponent first and then all your heals were converted to damage.

  • MisterNiwa

    Yosh, now give me Shadow, Snow, Xell and Auron!

    • Zell + Tifa = awesomeness

      But I’m quite concerned about Zell’s probability of being in Duodecim, since he uses fists too. Surprise me Square
      If he does make it, and still has Armageddon Fist, BOOYA!

  • karasuKumo

    Apparently everyone gets three costumes, I wonder what her third will be?

    I’m still trying to figure out the secret in “012” -_-

    • Probably her Nibelheim Guide costume.
      Other 2 will be her default and her Advent Children

      • karasuKumo

        I forgot about cowgirl Tifa! I hope it is ;)

      • Ereek

        Tifa also has the “formal” costume she wears to the Don’s place. But I agree, the cowgirl outfit is more likely.

    • 012 signifies that it is a prequel to Dissidia 1. Dissidia 1 had the 13th war.

    • ShinNoKami

      I’m guessing the Cowgirl outfit from the flashback/CC

  • Cloud_ST

    Awesome,can’t wait to see her in her AC outfit.

  • sdragon21

    Give me X-2 Rikku, Sabin, and Fran, and i can live happy.

  • I want Zell and Seifer from FFVIII

  • Grrr

  • Guest

    So it’s to assume that this game will have two heroes for every series? Hows this all gonna fit on that UMD? Unless it’s DD only

    • mach

      Nomura’s hinted that not every game will be getting a new character.

  • Can I has Sazh now?

  • gatotsu911

    Not directly related, but what time is Square Enix’s actual press conference? I’m eager to find out what (if anything) they have planned for 3DS.

  • I know it’s silly, but I’d really like to see Edgar (FFVI) in this. He could use his tools for special moves! Think of the potential! Of course, he’d have to have the chainsaw.

    Balthier or Ashe would be nice, too.

    • malek86

      Edgar and no Sabin? That won’t do!

      • I figured since Tifa’s included now, it sort of fills the hand-to-hand fighter requirement. Like since she’s there, we wouldn’t really *need* need a Snow/Sabin/Zell character. (Course, it’d still be awesome.)

        • malek86

          Sabin was a bit different though. Tifa was the hand-to-hand fighter, like Zell indeed, but still just a girl. Sabin instead was more the “absurdly strong” guy, remember when he actually lifted the house?They could probably get away with giving them two different fighting styles. Tifa would be the fast and agile fighter, while Sabin would be the strong and resilient fighter.

          On the other hand, this does indeed leave no space for Zell, who is pretty much just a male Tifa. Oh well, I don’t especially care about FF8 anyway.

  • mach

    Now they just need to give us Rinoa… mostly so I can hear her talk. Her fighting style could be pretty cool though. Magic plus long range blaster edge attacks, plus she could use Angelo for HP moves.

    Unfortunately, Nomura will probably use Seifer instead. He’s the obvious choice, but he’ll probably just be Squall clone with a couple different moves.

    • Seifer would be on the Chaos’ side. He probably will be there since he’s the only major villain in FF8 who isn’t a Sorceress. I think.

  • Natat

    I only want Ramza and Rydia now, and I can live happily

  • BadenBadenPrinny


  • thebanditking

    Awesome, and they use the FF7 outfit. Not for obvious perv reasons, but rather because its a classic.

  • Shadow_Raskolnik

    Same here, it would be interesting to see them add DLC characters, stages, and music.

  • Interesting And Cool X3 but now i Wish This game Had a Tag Team system :D .

  • ForeverFidelis

    Now I’m interested.

  • Cosmo’s Side

    I:White/Red Mage/Wizard
    II: Ricard or Leon, Minwhu or Leila could be nice
    III: Desch or princess Sara, but if they’re going for another OK-like character, let it be Refia or Ingus, no Arc love here
    IV: Kain’s already there so just give me Rydia
    V: Faris or Galuf
    VI: Celes or Setzer, Edgar, Relm and Shadow could work
    VII: I’d rather had Cid there, but Tifa is nice
    VIII: Rinoa or Irving
    IX: Steiner or Beatrix, Freya’s ok but not a personal fav
    X: Auron
    XI: n’er played XI
    XII: Balthier

  • they should make a Final Fantasy fighting game for the consoles, with a MASSIVE roster, and yes, I know, “cluster-f*#&” but who cares? you could get your buddies together and have epic tournaments, seriously, see who the better monk class is between characters like Yang, Tifa, and Zell… just my opinion

    • also include characters from Chrono Trigger and Kingdom Hearts

      • Don’t taint Chrono Trigger with Final Fantasy or Kingdom Hearts. That’s disrespectful.

        But a console FF fighting game would probably take triple the development time of FF13.

        • since it’s Square, it would be interesting, you can have Chrono or Frog tear everyone apart since you seem to be a CT fanboy or fangirl… And yes, I agree it would take a long time in development, IF they made it like Dissidia with a massive storyline, and no, I’m not saying make the story like MK or anything, I’m saying less cutscenes.

          • I’m not hardcore CT fan, but it’s really stood the test of time as a good game. It’s one of Square’s few amazing games. It doesn’t need to be tainted by other series.

            And Dissidia’s story was bland. Gameplay is great, just the story… bleh. If anything, a console “Dissidia” would have more cutscenes. It IS Square Enix after all.

          • but you see, if it weren’t for FF, CT would have probably NEVER existed.
            And yeah, I know they’d want MORE, but they’d need LESS to fit a console fighter onto 1 disc, it’s unheard of for a fighter to be on multiple discs…

  • Tifa forever, this game is so much better

  • Final Fantasy cud use a NIGGA HERO for once. SAZH & BARRET I’m prayin we can play as ya’ll LOL!
    ViVi u count too.

  • Nice to see another female in the roster. Personally, I would like to see Rydia and Celes more than Tifa, but if Celes is getting in as well, then that would be great!

  • Tifa LockHART. There is no E in Her name!!!!

  • locke ftw

  • It looks like they are keeping her magical rack from FF7.

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