Phantom Brave Heads To PCs As An Online Game Next Year

By Spencer . September 20, 2010 . 9:39am

imageAfter three Phantom Brave ports, Nippon Ichi is finally creating a brand new entry in the series. Taipei based Gamania is working with Nippon Ichi to make a Phantom Brave game for PCs.


Phantom Brave will be an online game and is slated to come out in late 2011. Specific details about game systems or screenshots were not released. Gamania has a portfolio of creating massively multiplayer online games and a few casual games geared for Facebook users.


Phantom Brave Portable, a port of the Wii version with five cameo characters, is slated for release on October 28.

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  • Kibbitz

    Online? Really? >_> It’s not a bad thing, but I wonder at the market for this.

  • I hope it gets the same level of visual polish that Disgaea 4 has

  • An online game!? this game!? I want a freaking secuel!

  • Pichi

    I wonder how this would work out.

  • Oh dammit, THREE games (Phantom Brave Portable, DJ Max Portable 3, Knights in the Nightmare PSP) I want releasing in the same time frame, when I have money. Will I never get my HDTV? D8<

  • SolidusSnake

    “Gamania has a portfolio of creating massively multiplayer online games and a few casual games geared for Facebook users.”

    Uh oh… Phantom Braveville? Doesn’t sound like a good idea to me.

  • ForeverFidelis

    Makai Kingdom Online would have worked out much better.

    All those different overlords..And the different netherwolds could have been like different servers

    • Code

      rar, but the fact is Makai Kingdom is always a better choice period >w<' Seriously it's still up there neck and neck with the original Disgaea for me, such a good game, yet sadly it feels so very under appreciated it T_T'

  • Draparde

    Wonder what this will turn out like. hmmm

  • Code

    Maybe it’s just me but Phantom Brave was like one of my least favorite Nippon Ichi games, I’m always a little weird-ed out to see it turn up again and again.

    • Really?

      Phantom Brave was my first Nippon Ichi game and the first game I ever bought used at Gamestop.

      Compared to other Nippon Ichi SRPGs, Phantom Brave has the best story.

      Phantom Brave will always have a special place in my heart. :U

      • Code

        But…butt it was such a downerrr T_T’ Marona is all like “Why won’t anyone love mee Ashh?” and Ash was all like “I don’t know I’m just a ghost~!” *floats away* then Marona is like T_T’ and then they go to a new island and Castile fell out of her wheelchair going up the stairs or something. This game was designed specifically to punch me in the heart at every opportunity T_T’ In Disgaea Laharl was all like “LET’S GO KICK SOME ASS!” *clobbers Mid-Boss* Mid-Boss “Oh goddd whyyy meee” and then Flonne falls out of Celestia on her head and is a ninja but fails and joins them and Laharl is like “I hate you” and Flonne is like “but I loveee you!” and Etna was like “you both suck” so they pick a fight with Earth, and Celestia at the same time, because the power of love is just that badass! And Makai Kingdom was equally badass because Zetta was all like “I’m the most badass overlord ever, I’MMA GOING TO OVERLORD YOUR FACE OFF” then he gets into a fight with some corn. I’m not going to say they have the best stories, but in my opinion they are totally the best stories.

      • Ladius

        Soul Nomad is far better plot-wise imho. Far more underrated too, since it hasn’t enjoyed the porting bonanza of Disgaea 1-2 and Phantom Brave.

  • Jayred_Potter

    Oh I loved Phantom Brave. I really hope I can get the chance to play this game

  • Phantom Brave Portable, I hope we get that one here, PSP I assume?

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