Valkyria Chronicles 3 Will Have Cameo Characters From Other Valkyria Games

By Spencer . September 20, 2010 . 11:56am

imageValkyria Chronicles 3 takes place during the same timeline as the original Valkyria Chronicles. This time you’ll see the war from the eyes of The Nameless, a squad of soldiers with dark backgrounds.


You’ll also see characters from other Valkyria Chronicles games. Kurt and Imuka will team up with Squad 7, Welkin and Alicia’s unit from Valkyria Chronicles. Homer’s big sister is part of the Nameless, so I suppose there’s a chance for him and Edy make an appearance in Valkyria Chronicles 3.


Students enrolled in Royal Lanseal Academy will appear in Valkyria Chronicles 3 too, but they’ll be younger since the events in Valkryia Chronicles II take place two years in the future.


Valkyria Chronicles 3 comes out on January 27, 2011 in Japan.

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  • In before whining about the PSP

  • SerasVictoria

    The changes made to the game from VC1 to VC2 due to the hardware requirements of the PSP actually made the game a better game in my opinion. Far more tactical due to having to manage multiple camps.

    • A lot of the changes were for the better (Although general concensus is the storyline itself wasn’t anything to write home about) – Although I’m still trying to hunt down people to run adhoc party games, so I’m not sure how that fares.

      It’d be interesting to watch, and record, if nothing else.

    • 5parrowhawk

      I’m sorry, but – even though I’m enjoying VC2 a lot – I have to beg to differ. Some parts of VC2 were definite improvements – the variety of terrain types and obstacles is really nice, as is the “dimensionality” (see the other article). However, I felt like the smaller unit count in any given area, and the relatively low variety of maps, were detrimental rather than beneficial. They did try to address the latter issue by changing up the obstacles and environmental conditions, but it still feels like the same place. VC1 had repeat maps, but I don’t recall them doing as many repeats.

      Also, I may be wrong on this, but in VC1 the larger unit count meant that the player had to balance defense and offense more carefully – there was more of an incentive to go defensive because you had a bit more leeway to set up interlocking fields of fire – and yet players still played very offensively with scout rushes etc. In VC2 that kind of rush tactic hasn’t died out – if anything, it’s being further encouraged with things like elite scouts and APCs. The only new elements that promote defensive over offensive tactics are the V2 intercept fire and the removal of smoke rounds, and even those are debatable – V2s, in a way, actually encourage offensive play to keep their power in check (I won’t explain why as that would be a spoiler).
      Come to think of it, if they expanded the intercept angle of the Heavy Gunners and Elite Troopers, that might help a bit…

      As for the multiple-camps thing, I’d say that’s more strategic than tactical, really, and boils down to “how much ground do you want to hold, and how tightly”. It’s interesting from the decision-making point of view, but the “feel” isn’t quite the same – more gamey and less immersive IMO.

      Still, I’m looking forward to VC3. I really like some of the metagame-level elements in 2 – the larger variety of classes and the supporting-cast missions are very nice, as is the deeper weapon tech tree – so here’s hoping they build on what they’ve achieved.

      • SerasVictoria

        VC1 never had a defensive aspect. To get the best stuff you have to get A ranks, and the only way to get A ranks is scoutrush everything, with an occasional lancer to drop tanks. VC2 has improved the scoutrush problem by 1) increasing turncount needed to A Rank (most missions in VC1 were 2 turns or less for A, VC2, some missions allow 5+, most are 3-4.) and 2) Punishing you for not defending camps (about halfway through the game the opponents will start spamming commando reinforcements on every camp you dont hold. And most defenders cant stand against the flamethrower doom)… and as for the V2s… dont really need to rush them. Once their shield is knocked out, a fencer 1 shots them. And they cant hurt fencers.

  • evilmoogle

    A prequel?!
    Geez man, VC3 already look far more advanced with the weapons.

    • We never said it was a prequel.

      Valkyria Chronicles 1 and Valkyria Chronicles 3 take place in the same timeline.

      Valkyria Chronicles 2 takes place two years after VC1 and VC3.

      • evilmoogle

        Oops, What i meant was, a prequel to VC 2.

  • shion16

    fan service??unexpected from SEGA

  • cmurph666

    I like it when games bring back characters~! It makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside~!

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