A Chain Of Kingdom Hearts Re:coded Scenes

By Spencer . September 21, 2010 . 2:18am

The Tokyo Game Show trailer for Kingdom Hearts Re:coded runs through events, worlds, and boss fights. Each world different gameplay styles like a RPG-like system for the Olympus Coliseum and an on-rails shooter for Wonderland.


Those are elements we’ve seen before. The avatar menu is new. Players can create a Kingdom Hearts Mobile style avatar out of four parts (head, clothes, body, and hat), which can be shared via tag mode.




Did you notice the parts to make a Lightning avatar? Lightning, at least parts of her, keep popping up in Square Enix games.


The avatars appear to be tied to the System Area dungeons. These are hidden dungeons within the data world Sora can explore and clear bugs from to earn extra stat boosts. Each of these floors can be stacked together to create a giant dungeon to wander through.


image image

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  • Man, sure looks nice. Wish I had a DS

    • P4ine

      Don’t get fooled, it was the same with Days: Their trailer nearly only had cutscenes, and the eventual game had like 15 or so. So you’re shown the game’s highlights only…

      • Um, Days looked good, too. Not as good as BBS, but still good

        • Bruce

          the difference between the graphics is great too , BBS looks way better overall

  • Raidou

    Hearing Simple & Clean over and over is getting tedious…

    • Kamion

      Yeah, I have no idea why they always use Hikari (or its PlanitB Remix).

      I know Hikaru Utada has a “creative pause” right now (Hence Evangelion re-using Beautiful World as well) but DAMN JUST CHANGE THE ARTIST.

      Or at least re-use Passion… I’m not as tired of Passion as I am of Hikari D:

      • Raidou

        Are they trying to give it Harry Potter theme tune status?
        I mean that gets me excited for HP films etc but now Hikari literally makes me struggle to get through the trailer.

        • Ren

          Actually, it seems Utada Hikaru doesn’t plan on making new musics for Kingdom Hearts since Disney doesn’t pay well(at least it was what she answered when they asked about her relation with the KH series and any plans on making new songs for the new games), and Nomura has stated that the fans associate KH with Utada, and he doesn’t wan’t to use another singer because of that reason. Clue to Disney being cheap and they reusing the same music again and again. I hope they either resolve something with her or find another singer for KH3D, or at least for KH3(though that will take a long time to come).And this music is actually Hikari. Simple and Clean is the english version(they are different, even if most people don’t think so).

    • Yeah lol, i can imagine they want to make that the theme song, but they could make the woman make some new songs for opening and such, and put simple and clean in middle of the game when something important is happening

  • joesz

    LoL I liked the video,But yes they have to stop using simple and clean and get on a new thing or something like that..

  • vadde939

    Looking forward to this but they REALLY need a new theme. This is the 5th? time (counting COM and Re:COM seperately) they have used hikari/simple and clean. Enough is enough Nomura.

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