Gaijinworks Working On “Many” PSN Releases

By Spencer . September 21, 2010 . 3:28pm

imageAlundra and Arc the Lad are just the beginning. Gaijinworks founder Vic Ireland confirmed both titles and said more are coming.


“This is kind of off-topic because this isn’t a Sunsoft thing, but yes, these titles are the first of many I have been working on for release on PSN at Gaijinworks. There should be an official press release about them with all the details soon, but look for these first two very shortly,” Ireland wrote, perhaps while gripping one of those promotional Elemental Gearbolt gold plated Guncons.


During the reign of the PsOne, Working Designs handled a number of Sony Computer Entertainment owned titles including Alundra, Elemental Gearbolt, and the Arc the Lad series. I’d say those are shoo-ins since Sony has the license to those. Games like Thunder Force V and Lunar 2 would be nice to see again, but those are owned by other companies.

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  • I’d like to see Vanguard Bandits pop up on PSN at some point. That was from Working Designs and it costs $50+ for a physical copy on ebay! I would say I’d love to see Dragon Force show up, but that was Sega Saturn, heh.

    So yeah..give us Vanguard Bandits and I’ll be happy :)

  • kupomogli

    The original Arc the Lad is a mediocre RPG, but the second is amazing. If you’re going to pick up the second then I’d say wait until it’s announced for US release and then pick the original up also. There are some items that are impossible to get on the second game without converting save data with those items from the first.

    • speedstersonic

      The overall plot encompassing 1 and 2 was awesome. Arc the Lad 1 and 2 is one of my favorite games ever. They should by all means just be counted as one game. >.>

    • Draparde

      To be honest the first one’s so short i feel like it’d be wrong to just get it by itself lol. Tottaly agree with the second game being amazing though, i didint get to beat it when i played because my friend took his game back, but the part i did play was amazing and addicting. its really one of the few SRPGs i’ll play like crazy this day and age.

  • Icon

    “perhaps while gripping one of those promotional Elemental Gearbolt gold plated Guncons.” I chuckled.

  • Draparde

    I love the First three arc the lad’s i’ll be sure to grab them ASAP when there on PSN

  • I never got to play Arc The Lad or Alundra but I always wanted to play both so I’m looking forward to them :)

    • Bruce

      arc the lad is nice , the third one sucks though (3d) ; alundra is kinda the same the first was a classic but the second one everyone hated it (3d)

  • I really hope they manage to get Dragon Force on PSN somehow, loved that game so much

    • symytry

      That would require some serious programmer and engineer effort. The Saturn’s architecture was a disaster, and porting games to other systems was a real beast of an effort.

  • Will get Alundra as I never got around buying it back in the day. A 12 year old could afford so many games :).

    I wish the brought elemental gearbolt, looks like a very good and fun game from the little I played it. Will buy it too!

    Question – are Gaijin Works and MonkeyPaw related?

  • Happy Gamer

    if the first game didn’t come out before FF7 and when PSX had extreme lack of RPGs in it’s early life, then i don’t think it would have done half as well. i got a chance to play arc the lad when it came out, not wait forever to be released here. man…u think alot of games don’t get released here now? when there were so many awesome RPGs especially in 16bit and 32bit era, so many did not make it here. working designs, altho usually late at least brought em here i was happy with that. there are so many smaller publishers doing so well these days…games like MURAMASA demon blade would have never made it here if it were PSX/SATURN days…

    i hope vic does something quite amazing with this whole PSN etc.
    i still want the GOEMON game for nintendo DS darnnit! lol

    • landlock

      Alundra is an action RPG so really it’s nothing like FFVII but it had a pretty nice story. The puzzles are really what makes it shine though. Great stuff.

  • VyseLegend

    Arc the Lad 1-2 saga is one of the most epic in gaming history. The ending made me teary eyed :(.

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