Final Fantasy XIV Collector’s Edition Unboxed

By Spencer . September 23, 2010 . 12:35am

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Final Fantasy XIV Collector’s Edition packages are shipping out today. We got ours and this is what’s inside. A clear plastic slip keeps the contents and the sheet with system specs from slipping out.


The back cover art is actually a XIV logo.




There’s the game, travel journal, and security key. While you can write in the journal, it’s also a lite art book with bits of concept and a few sketches.



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  • Raidou

    Stupid laptop and it’s 1100 Benchmark score… *sniff*

  • *Sigh*, my PC is too old to play FFXIV. I think that I have to buy a new one….

  • Draparde

    My computer’s not good enough to play XIV either…the only way i can at the moment is by using my brothers laptop…and he doesn’t often let me lol

  • Kevin_Levin

    Well, good luck to those that have this :)

  • Ereek

    I want to play it, but won’t because I wasted enough of my life on XI.I think the main problem here, as the comments show, is that the requirements are high. For a SE’s MMO goal (didn’t they say they wanted it to compete with WoW?) they need a lot of players; players who would not normally play PC games. This game required a moderately new PC with some decent specs to run well (for example, my husband’s PC was considered “top of the line” 3 years ago, but it won’t play XIV). That is not user friendly and it immediately limits the amount of players to people who typically play PC games or are used to upgrading their PC.This is one case where lowering the graphics and world down a notch would have been a wise decision.

    • Exand

      They never said (directly) they were competing with WoW, the devs just mentioned they were taking some cues from them and making it more casual friendly. While the “casual friendly” part will lead to a whole new can of worms, FFXIV is a MMO standing on it’s own legs.As for the PC specs complaint, anyone with PC knowledge will tell you the technology advances so rapidly 3 years is a very long time for a PC. I’d have to call bullsh*t on the 3 year old “top of the line” PC not playing XIV though, the PC either wasn’t close to be being top of the line when the person got it, or there’s an issue that lies somewhere else (OS, drivers, etc).Also, I don’t see what’s wrong with designing a game on the PC for the “typical” PC gamer who keeps up with PC technology. They’re the ones who are mainly going to be playing the game on the PC. Not to mention the game engine itself, including the UI, is geared toward the PS3 crowd, which is a console and easier to just plug-and-play. That’s not to say FFXIV doesn’t have flaws. It’s got plenty of flaws. I ran into more bugs yesterday on the Live version than I did during the closed / open beta. Some, like the UI are so horribly bad it will turn off some PC users (mainly because the UI is designed for the PS3 / controller play).BTW, the PS3 version comes out in March 2011. Maybe that will be better for you?

      • Ereek

        About the three year-old PC: Definitely not bull, I’m rather offended that you’d say I’m lying. It’s my husband’s PC, not mine. I play PC games and keep my own PC up to date.Also, I don’t see what’s wrong with designing a game on the PC for the “typical” PC gamer who keeps up with PC technology. They’re the ones who are mainly going to be playing the game on the PC.That’s entirely what’s wrong, though. If they’re trying to get a wider market (even you said it yourself), they can’t expect these people to have the better technology. This “wider market” they’re trying to appeal to might not be really interested in PC games in general but are interested in FFXIV. They are limiting themselves against the very people they’re trying to market to! They do one thing to cater to them and then they take away the ease with something else. It makes no sense!Not everyone who games on the PC has an amazing PC, for that matter. Some people stick to 3-4 year-old games. An old friend of mine plays nothing but SC, CS, and some TF2 every once in a while.And yes, XIV has problems. I did the beta as well just because it was so tempting to play. I’m not saying it’s a bad game, just something I have no intention of playing.

        • Exand

          And I take issue with you spreading false and misleading information.

          It’s bull because a top of the line computer from 3 years ago meets the minimum hardware spec requirements laid out for FFXIV. Thus it means the issue lies outside of the hardware, which invalidates your point about a “3 year old machine not being able to run FFXIV”. If the machine was top of the line back 3 years ago, it would be able to run FFXIV. If it can’t, then the fault lies outside the hardware and therefore is not the fault of the game. As an aside, I’ve got a 4 year old dual-core computer that wasn’t top of the line when I built it which I tested the beta on, and it ran FFXIV fine, albeit at low settings.

          The wider market comes from the having the game on the PS3. The PC game is designed around the PS3 version (which comes out next year). As I mentioned in my previous post, the UI in the game is specifically catered to console users, and actually hampers PC users. They’re “limiting” it to reach both audiences on the PC and PS3. I don’t necessarily agree with the way they do it, but I don’t blame them for doing it. The PS3 will reach a wider audience than on the PC.

          You’re leaping to the conclusion that because a 3 year-old PC that you know can’t run the game, FFXIV therefore must have too high a minimum spec to run. A lot of PC problems stem from the user not managing their PC properly, whether it be keeping it up-to-date with drivers or maintaining their hardware properly.

  • Guest

    1.MY PC is probably too crappy to run this
    2.I don’t have time to waste my life on MMO
    3.I don’t particularly agree with pay to play (especially since Guild Wars 2 looks just as if not better and that’s free to play)
    4. I like pie

  • Day2Day

    Supposedly my computer can (barely) run FFXIV, but I can’t start a new MMO until I finish applying for college -_- …

  • kupomogli

    I actually have a PC that can play it, but I don’t really like playing PC games. I’ve tried multiple MMOs but Ragnarok Online is the only one I can get into. Most MMOs I’ve played have terrible menus which I see as a major flaw. If the menus aren’t user friendly then I give up fairly quickly as the rest of the game is sure not to be either.

    I’d play FF14 if they’d use advertisements to make their money. I don’t mind seeing a set of advertisements every time I load up the game. As long as it removes a $10-15 a month fee. I see it as I’ve already purchased the game. Why should I continue paying for it when I’ve already bought it?

  • Really enjoying the retail version of the game than I was in beta. This game has really grown on me. Really enjoying the combat and the brief parts of crafting I’ve tried.

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