Chaos? Cosmos? Doesn’t Matter For Dissidia 012[duodecim] Character Selection

By Spencer . September 27, 2010 . 3:46am

imageKain and Cecil are from Final Fantasy IV, both of them are on Cosmos’ side, and they may not have two Chaos counterparts. Nomura says, in an Dengeki interview, there won’t be Chaos and Cosmos pairs in Dissidia 012[duodecim]: Final Fantasy. Instead, the development team are looking at the Final Fantasy series as a whole for character selection. Nomura said he personally wanted to put Kain in the previous title, Dissidia: Final Fantasy.


Director Takahashi said selecting characters is a dilemma because the team can’t include everyone. He thinks it’s impossible to avoid complainants so he wants to be clear about how he selected characters. Takahashi chose characters that had an their own feel during battle and were popular Final Fantasy fans.


Every character has three outfits: standard, another, and a 3P color. The downloadable costumes like Lightning’s Aya’s outfit are a fourth costume. Adding the Kingdom Hearts Cloud costume was a lot of work. Nomura said the Kingdom Hearts team was previously opposed to it, but decided to collaborate for Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep Final Mix. Takahashi said Cloud’s cool looking costume required extra bones to move the cape.


After Nomura suggested to Takahashi that he wanted battles to be more interesting, the team came up with the assist system. Players can call partner character to do brave damaging and HP damaging attacks in Dissidia 012[duodecim]. Takahashi says this system gives players more options plus makes battles look more lively.


Development of Dissidia 012[duodecim]: Final Fantasy started in August 2009, before Dissidia Final Fantasy: Universal Tuning was released. The international version of Dissidia: Final Fantasy came out last November. Dissidia 012[duodecim]: Final Fantasy will support data importing from both games.


Dissidia 012[duodecim]: Final Fantasy tells the story of the 12th war between Chaos and Cosmos. The previous game focused on the 13th battle.

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  • This game is going to be so awesome!

  • good news for seifer then =)?

    • kupomogli

      So far I’m liking the character choices. Kain and Tifa. Seifer being put in the game along with Freya, like Klaus00 mentioned, Richard, Edgar or Sabin, Auron, and Balthier would then have all my favorite characters in the game. I’d like to also see Edge, Zell, Vincent, Shadow, Cyan, and Edgar and/or Sabin(whoever wasn’t chosen) if they choose more than one character per game.

  • Klaus00

    awww less chance for Freya to be in.. *********!! xD

  • joesz

    Can’t wait:P

  • shion16

    then probably we wont see Sora Roxa Ventus or any of the kingdom hearts characters with the same face

  • karasuKumo

    I hope supports can be disabled, they are annoying in any game.

  • xavier axol

    I can’t help but wanting more, I expected they worked more on the battle scheme, a better graphical aspect, and a more story driven. I’m not criticizing or complaining, is just that I love dissidia sooo much that I had faith in the developer’s creativity and experience to turn dissidia into something that would blow our minds away in thinking ( yeah! Now that offer a whole new something of possibilities, that complements the storyline or the battle scheme) but then again, the game hasn’t come out. And yet I’m here whining about it :-(Or maybe they haven’t reviled everything that they’re working on the game that I know off.

    Know what may be, I’m the one just blowing things out of proportions here O-o” I mean it’s for the psp, so I can’t expect more for the time and budget square enix is spending on the game.

  • thebanditking

    I hope they work on the control schemes a bit for this release, I like the first game fine but always felt the controls were were a little cumbersome for the PSP.

    • they were fine for me

      the only thing i needed to change was movement from the analog stick to the arrow keys

  • Guest

    damn…where’s my save data from my Japanese Dissidia game?

    hmm….I’d really like Noctis to be in this game but I doubt they’ll add him. So maybe they could add him as a support character?

  • I’m calling Sabin now. We need someone less suck for a Monk. That or give me Zell.

    • MrRobbyM

      Zell, yes please. I promise I will BUY the game if SE puts Zell in it.

    • Ereek

      What’s the problem with Tifa?

      • The fact that out of pretty much every monk in the series, she’s the low point. I happen to take my monks pretty seriously when it comes to Final Fantasy. If anything, I’d rather see Prishe in rather than Tifa. I’m surprised they didn’t go with VII’s Cid considering he could have added over the top sequences by calling his highwind or w/e model ship he’s got right now. Hell, even though I dislike the character, they could have put in Vincent and allowed you to do transformations that would change his gameplay. Nobody in the game really had that “I STAND OUT” quality when it came to moves.

        • Ereek

          That’s strange, I find Tifa to be one of the most fleshed out characters in VII. She has more personality than Sabin and the below mentioned Zell does, but it’s not so obvious. I made a post about why she’s great a while back, but she’s strong enough to stand on her own two feet without being ridiculously stubborn and unwilling to listen. She’s capable of thinking rationally and acting on her own, while at the same time questioning when necessary but also accepting and supportive. She’s the one who tells Cloud he’s “wrong,” (trying to be subtle here. . .) yet despite that stays by his side.I honestly do not see what your problem is with her.If you mean gameplay-wise, it’s true that the only defining characteristic of FFVII characters was their limit breaks. If we’re counting limit breaks only, though, Tifa is still one of the strongest characters. While I like Prishe, she is perhaps one of the most boring characters in Cop. I even prefer her Bard companion to her. I’d like have Aphmau as a “Puppetmaster.”

          • Sure fine, she can be all that but fact still remains that as a fighter her ability to actually make enemies hurt isn’t nearly as much as Sabin or Zell. I’m not looking at her as a character but a fighter. She was lousy in VII but Sabin had a unique input method more like fighting games and Zell was pretty much just a wrecking ball on his own.

          • Ereek

            Not really. What you’re comparing is the mechanics of the games more than the characters themselves. So if Tifa had Sabin’s controls you’d have no problem with her? The problem with VII is that no matter how powerful you are, KotR spam is still consistently more powerful. That’s why damage seems off when directly compared with VI and VIII. Not to mention in VII you can’t use your most powerful moves frequently, as they’re held back by the Limit Bar, so the damage potential isn’t as skewed. In VI you can spamspamspam all you want and the only thing that I’d consider horribly broken is Double Casting. VIII’s Eden is eventually overwhelmed by how easy limit breaks are to do and the damage cap is much lower than limit breaks.

            As for the rest. . .
            In total damage potential, Zell is in the top 3, depending how how developed Zell’s, Rinoa’s, and Squall’s stats are. Rinoa’s final Angelo break is overwhelmingly powerful and often overlooked because people learn all of the other Angelo breaks when you should really just be limiting yourself to her final and Invincible Moon. Because of this, it’s actually very easy to control which move Rinoa does. Squall is hit and miss, of course.

            Tifa is around that same place in VII – again, depending how how developed her stats are (Cloud and Cid consistently outdamage her, but Tifa’s limit break is some 10 hits, each capable of doing 9,999 damage each.) Yuffie has more hits, but lower damage. Red XIII’s max hits is 4, lowering his potential. Vincent is uncontrollable and usually won’t do a huge amount of

          • Thiefofhearts

            Sorry to burst your bubble, but Tifa has already been confirmed for this game.

    • agreed zell vs tifa would be a great match or maybe snow..?

  • CrimsonFlamesX

    So, Balthier will be in it? Vivi? Yes please!

  • Ok. If we’re posting our favorite characters, I guess this is a pretty good list of mine:

    Genesis (FFVII) (I always wondered what happened to him. I know that he was asked to join Nero and Weiss, but he refused, and I have no further information past that… Apart from that, I think he would be a fun character to fight with)

    Noctis (FF Versus XIII) (The trailer that showed him with the barrier of swords around him is what got me)

    Snow (FFXIII) (it would be interesting to have a character that didn’t use anything other than magic and his fists. Then again, I guess they have Tifa for that, don’t they?)

    Vincent (FFVII) (Awesomeness incarnate. What else needs to be said?)
    Ashe (FFXII) (Can’t have all guys, and I thought she was a cool character, all things considered.)

    Auron (FFX) (If I’m bein honest, he’s probably my favorite character of all time that came from the Final Fantasy series. I myself like swords, and have a small collection, but the ones that he uses, not to mention how he wields them, makes me wish I could play FFX with a kingdom hearts based engine.)

    Rikku (FFX&X-2) (Come on, who can resist the bubbly theif? Especially if she get’s her costume changes. It would make her a very versitile character for the new Dissidia, even if they only gave her one or two. That, and that would mean that Lightning isn’t the only character who can change her battle tactics easily.)

    Kain (FFIV) (Never got a good chance to fight with him, but I was glad when they announced he would definately be in the new Dissidia.)

    And I guess that’s it. I have more favorite characters, but none that I think would be good to put in the new Dissidia. I’m hoping to see at least two of my favorites in the game. Until the game is released, I will try to stay up to date on the new info being released about this game.

  • maxchain

    Really? They can’t just call it, I dunno… Dissidia 2? Damn it, Square Enix.

  • Chow

    I’m sure by the fifth Dissidia sequel or so, every FF character will be accounted for. >:)

    • WonderSteve

      That’s never going to happen. It’s like SRW, we are never going to get an “all star dream team”

      If they do that, you will not be buying the next one that comes out.

  • Roses4Aria

    I’ve always been a Vincent fan, but since we already have Cloud and Sephiroth and are getting Tifa, I doubt we’ll see anymore VII characters this time around. I’d definitely at least like to see Zell, Yuna, and Balthier/Fran. As I said before, I’d even put in a vote for Larsa/Penelo since I just loved them, but as Larsa wasn’t playable in XII, I wonder if he’d even be up for consideration. :(

  • Do you think they’ll put Vincent Valentine in this Dissidia? He’s quite popular, and he has his own arc game right?

  • Do you think they’ll put Vincent Valentine in this Dissidia? He’s quite popular and he has his own arc game right?

  • How about give Tactics some love and give us Ramza and Agrias for heroes and Celia and Lede for villains?
    One heroine I’d love to see in this one is Beatrix from FF9. I remember back when the game came out and alot of us fans wanted her to be playable (aside from that Alexandria defense part), and this would be a good way to rectify that.

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