Golden Sun: Dark Dawn’s Touch Screen Djinn Powers

By Spencer . September 28, 2010 . 12:05pm

Just like the other Golden Sun games, players can use Psyenergy powers in the field to solve puzzles.


Grow (earth) creates vine ladders. Fireball (fire) melts icy columns. Aqua (water) washes flames away. Spin (wind) makes objects levitate. All four elemental spells open new paths for Matthew, Issac’s son, in Golden Sun: Dark Dawn.


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  • Can’t Wait! :D The music is so nostalgic, I must re-beat both games before this one comes out :3

  • DEATH! DUDE liek Zoh Mah Gahd that was EPIC AWESOME FANTASTIC AMAZING!The power of the DS has allowed the attacks to look simply, simply stunning. When the fire attack came I nearly lost it, it was epic. This is truly my GOTY 2010!!! The game looks charming and seems charming and the music, that battle music, no wait, all the music was awesome! This game needs to come out immediately. Hopefully theres so much in the game that I will be playing it upwards of 80 hours like I did Lost Age!!! EVERYONE needs to be excite for this game now! lol, fantastic!!! Best news of the day!

    • kylehyde

      1000000000000000% agree

  • joesz

    sayonara to the oversized head with the tiny sized body!

  • Guest

    Why do they have different character models for field animation and battle animation

    • Hraesvelgr

      That isn’t uncommon. Final Fantasy VII was like that, back in the day. Except it was uglier.

  • thebanditking

    Not sure how I feel about the touch controls. Yeah I know its DS, and you would think after 5 years I would have accepted it; but like motion controls sometimes it feels forced. Also I never thought it was comfortable to hold the stylus just in case you need to use it all of a sudden (boss battles in Castlevania Dawn of Sorrow).

    • I HATE when people bring up that Castlevania example. Was I the only person who noticed that the countdown timer for the seals started after you touched the screen? You could leave the system on that screen for 20 minutes and nothing would happen if you didn’t start drawing.

    • kylehyde

      I know how you feel about castlevania dawn of sorrow, the seal system was kinda annoying, but still was interesting. But many devolpers have made a lot of great games in which the touch controls were necessary, like The world ends with you, ninja gaiden dragon sword, the 2 zelda games, metroid prime hunters (thats a lot to say considering that I don’t like the FPS, is kinda ironic that even that I feel comfortable the controls on this titles, it was the one that help to realize that I’m not FPS fan), and many more. I trust in Camelot software planning and I think that they can implement in a good way the touch controls.

  • So i’m going to have to hold my stylus in my hand or pull it out every minute so i can use the Djinn powers? Meh, the game looks awesome, still gotta beat GS 2. Just seems a little pointless to use the touch screen for tapping away at Djinn powers.

  • shion16

    it didnt impress mebut great battle theme

    • LIES!!! How can one not be impressed at such an epic game, DUDE!, Its golden sun, it demands that we be impressed by it, after waiting so many years! lol.

      • shion16

        my problem is that the DS is full of RPGs and i need more amazing things that some stylus features to put a RPG over the rest of them.
        I played the first one, its a great game with a beautifull OST so i have hopes in this one.

        and about EPIC…….i havent played yet so i cant say if it has epic moments ^^U

  • Tom_Phoenix

    Honestly, Golden Sun was one of the best RPGs to ever grace a handheld. If anyone tried to argue that there were no good handheld RPG, Golden Sun was easily one of the best examples to the contrary.

    So far, this title seems really faithful to the original games in artstyle, gameplay as well as music (I can’t stress how good the music was in Golden Sun….easily some of the best on the GBA platform). As soon as I get a 3DS, this will be on my “must buy” list.

  • There is way too much awesome in this trailer for me to speak about it coherently.

  • Joanna

    The music is so nostalgic~Also, “Spin” looks to be whirlwind from the GBA games and if that’s true, that means it has more then a single use, which is pretty cool. Aqua looks like Drench, and I like that it can douse more than one target. Growth looks pretty much the same. And if I’m not mistaken, Fireball is a new psynergy, well at least outside of battle.I love how only these early psynergies have so many uses. I’m getting excited with just how much they can do with the latter psynergies included into the puzzles. Really hyped for this game. I’ve been pining for a GS3 since I finished Lost Age (which was way back when it was released). Hope we finally find out what happened to Alex. I think that was one of the few unresolved plot details from the second game.

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