Nintendo 3DS Virtual Console Turns Game Boy Games Into 3D

By Spencer . September 28, 2010 . 10:43pm

imageNintendo is carrying over the Virtual Console feature to the Nintendo 3DS. The handheld system will have a library of downloadable Game Boy games. Classics will be displayed in 3D, but since the 3DS has a depth slider you can also play them in 2D.


Any favorites you’re looking forward to playing again?


Update: The service covers Game Boy and Game Boy Color titles.

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  • I’d like to see Donkey Kong ’94 released for the 3DS Virtual Console. That would make me really happy.

  • malek86

    What about portable VC? I want to play Shining in the Darkness on the go.

    Oh, and it would be cool if you could transfer the Wii gamnes you downloaded on the 3DS, but I’m afraid it won’t happen. Sigh. Let’s at least hope they haven’t done anything ridiculous such as locking the game to one system forever.

    • gatotsu911

      Hell yeah, I definitely want to play console VC games on 3DS. First on the list: Ogre Battle (both of them).

    • Joanna

      I can think of one way to transfer games between Wii and 3DS: SD Card. So it could happen. I third your sentiments. I’d buy some old classics in a heart beat if I could play them on the go.

  • It doesnt do GBA Advance? That would have been rather compelling because i would love to experience Golden Sun and Golden Sun The Lost Age on this system.

    Otherwise, I cant really see any vintage game I would consider beyond Dragon Quest Monsters Cobi and Tara…

    • Guest

      It does do GBA.

    • Only spinach green Game Boy and Game Boy Color have been announced. GBA support has not been announced.

  • malek86

    Oh, it looks like you’ll be able to move your DSiWare stuff to the 3DS. Nice.

  • YoFace

    See, see, I told ya~

    But let’s hope this one isn’t as short lived as its Wii counterpart.

  • NeoTechni


  • mach

    OMG I can play all the old Kirby games again!

  • Jaxx-Leviathan

    Wow, that’s in awesome idea. I’ll go Kirby-maniac again and pkmn red/blue is a definate. Oh, and Yoshi, the puzzle game.

  • 3D Golden Sun, Fire Emblem, FFV and VI, Pokemon. I Can’t really think of any others, but those alone is awesome!

    3ds is looking more and more epic.

  • OMG Pokemon Yellow in 3D!?
    Pokemon Puzzle League? xD

    • Would Nintendo really find some way to keep the ability to trade pokemon in Pokemon yellow?

  • gatotsu911

    I’ve been hoping for this for ages, but now that it’s finally been announced… I’m actually not sure what games, specifically, I want to see. Maybe Tactics Ogre Advance (though I’d rather have a full-on remake of that one); certainly Mother 3. Oh, and Link’s Awakening, a.k.a. the second-best Zelda EVER.

  • Mole Mania! :D

  • Oh god I sure hope they put Metroid II on it…

  • Joanna

    Very nice. I guess this will allow me to pick up a few games I missed from the GB/C era. I hope the original Shantae is available. I would love to play it along with the new entry. :3

    I’d also pick up Yellow, maybe even Gold since my internal batteries in Silver and Crystal died (although I think I’m going to attempt to replace them).

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