Fist Of The North Star: Ken’s Rage Proclaimed Dead In November

By Spencer . September 30, 2010 . 1:06pm

fist01Tecmo Koei set November 2nd as the release date for Fist of the North Star: Ken’s Rage. In Japan, the title was called Hokuto Musou since Omega Force designed it like a Dynasty Warriors game.


Fist of the North Star: Ken’s Rage has two single player modes. One sticks to the source material and retells the first arc with Kenshiro and Raoh. Dream mode has an original storyline with the Nanto army.


You’ll hear more about Fist of the North Star: Ken’s Rage soon in the interview we did with producer Hisashi Koinuma.

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  • Yusaku_Matsuda70s

    I don’t know how to feel about this game. I always thought a Fist of the North Star game would be fun and hilarious, but I’ve played Dynasty Warriors up to 4 and I don’t know if I’d want anymore of that ever again… Though this does remind me of God Hand, which was most insane.

    • You and I, same boat.

    • kupomogli

      Me also. I despise Dynasty Warriors. I tried out the Dynasty Warriors Gundam demo being a fan of Gundam and turned it off halfway through the battlefield.

      Ever since I’ve first played God Hand I’ve always wished Clover Studios would come out and announce a Hokuto no Ken/Fist of the North Star with the same gameplay.kupo

  • Just like Quantum Theory is a poor copy of Gears of War, this is a poor copy of God Hand. It’s horrible to play. Tecmo Koei need to sort their games out.

    • JustAnotherTraveler

      God Hand had so many references to FotNS. The game might as well been one big parody to it. Everything down to the setting and attacks were homages to it. This game doesn’t play anything like it.

    • Now that’s just plain not true

    • mikedo2007

      Have you ever play Killswitch? That game pre-dated Gears of War, do some research before you make that statement. Also Dynasty Warriors predated God Hand. Maybe Kenshiro should come in and punch you in the face. You wouldn’t know you’re already dead.

      • Aoshi00

        What was wrong w/ his statement, Quantum Theory was blatantly trying to rip off “Gears of War” in both looks and gameplay, not Kill switch (which looks more like Time Crisis), and failed at that. Many games use the cover system, you genuinely think Quantum Theory looks more like Kill switch than Gears of War?Also he meant God Hand was a fun brawler done right, this in his opinion is not. He was comparing this to God Hand because they play and look closer to each other, rather than Dynasty Warriors, doesn’t matter which started the so called “musou” brand.

        • mikedo2007

          So Quantum Theory is a rip off of Gears of War. But yet nobody call Gears of Wars a rip off of Killswitch. If we’re going to say that. Fine, let’s say God of war is a rip off of Devil may Cry, Resistance a rip off of Halo and let say every FPS rip off of Doom (that includes Half-Life). It’s called influence of course. I don’t see any problem with Quantum Theory looking a lot like Gears of War, I seem a lot of Gears of war clone.

          • Aoshi00

            Because visually Gears of War does not “look like” Kill switch. When I played Gears of War, the setting and visuals remind me more of the Alien movies, even its vehicles. Yes, most games fit into a handful of genre. The problem w/ Quantum Theory is it looks too much like Gears of War w/ a superbuff guy who has a Berserk/Kenshiro face, the environment was trying to be bionic as well but turns out to be repetitive stairs in a tower. I don’t think God of War is a rip off of DMC at all, I see Bayonetta being similar to DMC, and Dante’s Inferno similar to GoW. Also all the other FPS add their own flavor thematically. But for QT, you let 100 people look at it 99 of them would say it looks like a boring version of Gears. And the original poster’s statement was perfectly valid. You have no business in attacking him. And there’s nothing wrong in something being influenced by other works, things don’t come out of the vacuum. But when you copy something, don’t be that obvious, or if you do, make sure it’s fun in its own way. For me Vanquish looks a lot like Gears too, w/ his cover system and dashing, but it sure is polished and fun, and has a look of its own, so I wouldn’t call it a Gears rip off, it took the right elements from Gears and built on it.

          • mikedo2007

            “And the original poster’s statement was perfectly valid. You have no business in attacking him”

            I wouldn’t call it attacking, I do meet a lot of ignorant people who don’t do their research on video game influences. I wanted to make sure he’s not one of those people. If it looks like I was attacking, I’ll apologize for that. But I don’t see why you have to complain about Quantum theory looks too Gears of War-ish. I seen a lot of game that are clone of one another. I seen some clone being better then the original game (can’t remember which game it was).

          • Aoshi00

            Oh no, maybe Kenshiro should punch you in the face so you would look more like Marcus Fenix :)? I don’t have a problem w/ it being a Gears clone. If it could borrow elements from Gears and is still fun in its unique way, why not. I was just saying QT is a bad Gears clone, most people were totally put off but the demo even. I like Gears’s covering system. As it is, Gears and Vanquish are enough for me for that kind of gameplay, and it just seems like QT flopped. Knowing Kill switch or not doesn’t matter at all, Quantum Theory is a bad Gears clone and failed. Yeah, so what Gears was influenced by Kill switch, it sure is a fun game, great campaign, great setting, good control, cinematic, and fun mulitplayer.

      • I’m aware Killswitch pre-dates Gears of War but more people are going to understand the term “Gears of War Clone” than “Killswitch Clone”, also, the visual style is much closer to Gears than Killswitch.

        • mikedo2007

          What I’m trying to say is that you’re calling Quantum Theory a Gears of War Clone, but yet I never hear people calling Gears of War a Killswitch rip-off. Since Killswitch predated both Gears of War and Quantum Theory. Watch a video of Killswitch gameplay and compare it to GOW and QUantum Theory.

          • I know what you’re trying to say, and I agree that Gears is a Killswitch clone but QT is not just the cover mechanic it clones, it’s also a lot of visual and gameplay elements only found in Gears.

  • Guest


    • Why would they announce that something will be canceled at a later date?

      • Guest

        Because I knew it was coming in November before this article, so when the title said “dead” to me that meant canceled!

      • Yusaku_Matsuda70s

        Because making countdown clocks to announcements that declare later announcements where they could make even more announcements is the latest trend in Japanese gaming.

    • mikedo2007

      Same thing happen on Kotaku, one person thought this game US release got cancelled because the title misled him to think it was cancel.

    • I figured Fist of the North Star fans would get the joke, but I humbly apologize for the confusion.

  • shion16

    i hope they import the alarm clock
    who dont wanna wake up hearing ATATATATATATATATATATATATA ATTA!!

  • I found out today at work yes I work at GS that there is a preorder dlc though I dont know if it is going to be free later on or pay to get but you get Heart and 2 scenarios

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