Make Your Name One Of The Random Character Names In Disgaea 4

By Spencer . October 1, 2010 . 2:33am

imageNippon Ichi needs your help! They’re looking for random names for generic characters, like this male warrior. What do you want to call him?


Don’t tell us. Tell Nippon Ichi by filling out this form. You can enter a name that’s up to ten characters (katakana / hiragana / kanji / numbers / letters from the English alphabet) and gain Disgaea fame if your name gets selected.


imageWrite a nickname, something Nippon Ichi can credit you with on a website, in Q1.

Q2 is where you put your idea for a random name.

Q3 is reserved for Disgaea 4 comments.


The contest is on now and runs until October 29 (Japan time). By the way Ishaan, I wrote in your name. Fingers crossed it gets in…

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  • “Anosou” added! People importing, let me know ;)

  • is it possible to enter more than one name?

  • I wrote Locher and Hoggemeyer, i think i have good cards^___________^
    If you are importing, please post screenshot if you happen to draw out my names!!!

  • If I had a more unique name maybe I would submit it but mine is probably in the database already. Maybe… Should I submit Kal-el? Or maybe Norrin?Edit: Oh darn, I should have read the disclaimer before I submitted anything. =( Back to brainstorming random names.

    • raymk

      Yeah my name usually shows up in the game anyway. I know it shows up in dis 1 and 3.

  • I wonder if Yousuke is in. Id probably be only selecting my favorite names from anime and manga, lol. A variation of my real name is already in D3 if I remember well.

    • No names from other media. =(

      • Exkaiser

        Whoops, ignore this post.

  • Day2Day

    I put Freya in…
    I wouldn’t mind a bit of Disgaea fame…

  • Pichi

    I hope NISA does something like this when they release it. More chance for wacky names, the better!

  • rainfire2010

    so for comments do i write something disgaea related like how much i like the series? >.>

    • Might as well, oh and make suggestions too…like what main characters to include on disc without paying for dlc, and a PSP version of Disgaea 3.

      • rainfire2010

        done thanks :D

  • They better pick my name! I suggested Jolawnduh!! I wrote huge comments, hopefully they can understand English…

  • cmurph666

    I put my name because its the shiznit.

  • I’ll wait for the equivalent English contest.

    • eliel

      same here…

  • Ishaan actually sounds like a cool choice for the random name. I’ll enter in a nickname of mine, since my actual name is quite common.

    in the Japanese version of Disgaea, are the names mostly in what alphabet? I typed mine in Katakana just in case…

  • “By the way Ishaan, I wrote in your name. Fingers crossed it gets in…”

    Thanks for cheering me up again Spencer ^_^

  • I posted Brad. He just looks like a Brad to me.

  • Jaxx-Leviathan

    Hm, Jaxx shouldn’t be a problem, right?

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