Kingdom Hearts Re:coded Won’t Have A Secret Movie, It Has A "Secret Talk"

By Spencer . October 3, 2010 . 11:12pm

image Kingdom Hearts fans looking for clues about the next entry in the series usually check out hidden "secret" movies. While Kingdom Hearts Re:coded doesn’t have a movie, there is a secret scene.


"I think the existence of a ‘secret’ part is on everyone’s mind," Tetsuya Nomura tweeted. "This time, rather than a movie or an event, I’d better call it a ‘secret talk.’" Nomura said this talk is a short conversation about important matters in future.


Nomura also talked about the scrolling shooter level in Wonderland. Players can auto-lock on to enemies and jump with the B button.


Kingdom Hearts Re:coded comes out this Thursday in Japan. A release date for North America has not been announced at this time.

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  • Advent_Andaryu

    Why can’t we get a new secret video? I want something like Deep Dive.

    • because they want us to guess this one and it might be the last one of the series. Well to me i hope it is.

      • KHSoraKeyBlade

        It isn’t the last one in the series, actually far from it because well there is still Kingdom Hearts 3DS and well what everyone is waiting for the so called KHIII. Nomura said that he wouldn’t end the series with KHIII. So you can be hoping for as long as you want. However for me Re:Coded is looking good so it is a certain buy.

        • MrRobbyM

          “Nomura said that he wouldn’t end the series with KHIII”

          …Oh my god.


        KH3DS + two more unannounced games before Sora’s final showdown with Xehanort.

        • Hasn’t Xehanort already be destroyed? He became a Heartless and a Nobody, both of which have been terminated.

          • Zeik56

            If a person’s heartless and nobody is destroyed their original body can return.

          • Whoa, what?! Says who? That means all of Organization XIII could come back….

          • Nomura explained that defeating a Heartless actually resurrects the victim’s body. In the event that the person’s body has been reanimated as a Nobody, that heart is in limbo. If a Nobody is defeated first though, the body is “swallowed by darkness” or simply disappears, I think. So Xehanort is definitely going to be resurrected because he was defeated in the right order. I’m not too sure about the other Organization members though. Nomura might be planning to plug in their Heartless in Mickey’s journey in Realm of Darkness and/or KH3DS, which is probably the Riku story mentioned in the Director’s Secret Report.

  • joesz

    dammit! wished for a secret movie!

  • I wonder if it’ll sound anything like…”Yes sir. The entire unit was wiped out. Those two are still alive. The vector? Yes sir, Kingdom Hearts should become activated soon… Right on schedule.Yes, sir. I recovered all of Ansem’s dummy keyblade data. …No, sir. My cover is intact. Nobody knows who I really am. Yes, the head of Organization XIII knew my identity, but he’s been disposed of.Yes. The inferior one was the winner after all. …That’s right. Until the very end, Roxas thought he was the inferior one. Yes, sir. I agree completely. It takes a well-balanced individual such as yourself to rule the world. No, sir. No one knows that you were the third one… What should I do about the woman? Yes sir. I’ll keep her under surveillance.Yes. Thank you. Good-bye… Mr. President.”

    • solid278

      Sir, you have made my day.

    • GamerKT

      You’re awesome.

  • Well, the secret videos are normally scenes taken almost directly from the next game. So it makes sense; if they don’t have anything solid for the next game (I’m hoping KHIII) then they can’t really put a secret video can they?

    • Joanna

      Isn’t the next game the one for 3DS? Maybe the one after that will finally be KH3.

      edit: ah, nevermind. Seems like there are two other games after that. Should have read all the comments before replying. D:

  • GamerKT

    Post-credits MGS dialogue? Gotcha.

  • Bruce

    yeah , everyone love talks lol

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