Introducing Disgaea 4’s Demonic Professor

By Spencer . October 7, 2010 . 2:35am


Professor is one of the new classes in Disgaea 4. These scholars of demon science were introduced to scientific techniques by the human world a long time ago. After many years in the Netherworld, Professors branched off and developed their own twisted methods.


Their eternal quest for the truth gets the Professor class out of bed every morning.



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  • They’ve still gotta work on those backgrounds, but I like what I’m seeing / hearing so far. Summer 2011 can’t come soon enough!

  • Xeahnort

    I still prefer Ms. Machinko, the sexy Succubus teacher from D3

    • same… succubus ftw xD

    • lol, this cracked me up for awhile. That reminds me of the teachers of the PTA in the game, lol.

  • joesz

    wow professor? I bet she would be great,but not as good as the werewolf riku besides her.he will definitely be my fav character.

  • skyblaze

    She actually appears in Prinny 2 as the main boss for the second stage… she’s riding on this laser canon being driven by a zombie (she, um…. stands on his head barking orders… he actually appears to like it, too… talk about whipped :)

  • brooklyngamer86

    I wonder if there will be a male version???

  • It’s a long-haired professor from Makai Kingdom. Glad they brought her back.

  • Hi professor!!!!!!!!1 Amazing, definitely will be a great asset to my team!

  • Cool design. Any idea what the class actually does yet?

  • Code

    rar, although NIS might not have given me a direct Makai Kingdom sequel, I’m glad to see so many things from Makai Kingdom live on within the Disgaea universe >w<;

    • Now we need falling castles and tanks and it’ll be a REAL Makai Kingdom spiritual successor lol

      • Code

        Interesting thing about that if you watch the trailer closely~!

    • Zeik56

      I just hope they add some new weapons this time. The standard weapon selection is getting a little tired. I want Bazooka’s and Gatling Guns!

      • Code

        Yeah I’m in the same boat I’m really hoping for perhaps a few weapon classes to return from Makai Kingdom too. Personally I’ve always been a bigger fan of Gatling Gun Etna then I have Spear Etna x_x;

  • We have Professor as a class in Makai Kingdom. So completely new class? Not really.

    New for the Disgaea universe? Yep.

    But it´s all good and fun so I can´t complain.

    • Was hoping someone would mention this.

      I think I primarily had one to get rocket launcher use and then reincarnated as an archer that could use them.

      Good times.

    • And how many people would have even played Makai kingdom, it hasnt even been remade…

      • Well. I´ve played it for starters. And since people want Makai Kingdom 2 I guess there are a lot of people who played it.

        Quite fun to see that you want a remake of a old game instead of a new game and is angry that I mention a old game thas hasn´t been remade…

      • Code

        omo rar, did not care much for this statement.

      • hadjimurad

        some people are older than you.

      • Sheesh, I’m the same age (+/-1) as you and I’ve played the game. Then again I bought my copy a couple of years after it was released from the NISA booth at a Comi-con along with a DOOD shirt, but regardless, I’ve played it.

  • Shuryou

    One thing that bothers me about this is that we read earlier that Disgaea 4 is eliminating gender differences, yet this is clearly female. Shouldn’t there be a male Professor too if it’s an actual class?

    • Draparde

      i think what that ment was in regards to female warriors being better with spears, but not as good with swords than their male counterparts. and so onso forth. though i hope its what you said too…i’d like to see what the male version would look like xD

  • pridesin

    I wonder how many classes would be in Disgaea 4 (It is nice to see some of the classes in makai kingdom get into disgaea).

  • eliel

    Makai Kingdom!!!… i wonder wat other classes they could bring here

    • Locklear93

      I’d like to see Makai Kingdom’s taskmistress class brought in… >_>

  • Joanna

    That makes me curious though. I recall from the last Disgaea post that you can toggle between HD sprites and the older ones. Does that mean all the new characters and classes also have corresponding low-grade sprites?

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