Guwange Scrolls To Xbox Live Arcade On November 10

By Spencer . October 12, 2010 . 11:09pm

imageGuwange, Cave’s first Xbox Live Arcade game, is less than a month away. The vertical scrolling, Muromachi-era shooter has a worldwide release scheduled for November 10. In addition to a port of the arcade game, Guwange has Xbox 360 exclusive features like arrange mode such as:


– dual analog stick control.

– auto-shot firing so you only need to focus on dodging.

– holding the R trigger summons your Shikigami. While its busy mauling enemies you can focus on moving and attack too.

– the Shikigami can slow down bullets when a skull mark appears on the top of the screen. Activating this summons demonic bats that home in on your character, though.


Guwange also has Arrange (Blue) mode, a remix of Guwange that premiered at Cave Festa this year.


The best part? Guwange is only 800 Microsoft Points ($10).


KeyArt Guwange6 Guwange7 Guwange9  Guwange12 Guwange4 Guwange11

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  • Code

    Seriously $10!? Maann, Cave is really out doing themselves including an Arranged Mode even, maybe they’ve noticed the success Treasure’s been having on XLA, or maybe they’ve really rolled with some of the community feedback. Definitely has my sale, and support.

    • Yusaku_Matsuda70s

      The discrepancy of the pricing also blows my mind. Previous (retail) Cave shooters were $35-$80, and the ltd. editions were $60-$120.

      • neo_firenze

        To be fair, Guwange is also a significantly older game (1999) created on older arcade hardware. It ran on the Motorola 68000-based arcade hardware that Cave used in the 90s, starting with Donpachi back in 1995. So we’re talking about a game using mid-90s tech compared to Cave’s other 360 releases that were all originally on much newer arcade hardware (the oldest Cave retail release on 360 is Espgaluda II, which originally released in arcades in 2005). And they redid graphics for HD displays in Galuda II, Futari, and Deathsmiles. If you’re trying to count Ketsui and DDP DOJ, those were published by 5pb and not Cave. And they’re still newer than Guwange.Also, IDK where the hell you’re finding retail prices for Cave shooters at $35, but please tell me so I can shop there.

        • Yusaku_Matsuda70s

          I see… funny I like the older arcade graphics much better than the current stuff. Maybe it’s nostalgia but I remember playing ProGear some time ago and thinking how incredible it looked, and thinking how unattractive Deathsmiles II was when I saw it in the arcades recently.

          Only Deathsmiles 1 is $35 on Play-Asia. Other Cave games are ~$60+. Sorry.

          • neo_firenze

            Gah! Forgot about the budget reprints.

            I do sympathize with the love of some of the older graphical styles. I still think a lot of my Neo Geo games look better than current console stuff. And yes to Deathsmiles II being pretty ugly in general… but that’s more about Cave’s painful transition to full 3D character models. And yes, agreed that Progear has a gorgeous art style (and is powered by Capcom’s CPS-2 system, same as the Street Fighter Alpha games, X-Men vs. SF, etc.).

            Anyway, we’re looking at a pretty nice stretch of shooters:
            * October 28: Radilgy Noah (360 Japan retail)
            * November 10: Guwange (XBLA worldwide)
            * November 25: Dodonpachi Dai-Fukkatsu (360 Japan retail)

          • Code

            Don’t forget Radiant Silvergun which is due out this fall >ww<'

        • Deathsmiles 1 got a Platinum (budget) re-release, remember?

          Mushihimesama Futari is also getting a Platinum re-release in November, but I bet you already own the original, so… :)

      • I have no problem paying that money for Retail games. I won’t pay more than $10 for a digital DRM game however.

  • linkdude

    Wow! This will be their first time releasing one of their amazing shooters this way. I’m buying on day 1 for sure!

    • Code

      Look up Deathsmiles >w<; But definitely get Guwange too!

  • malek86

    $10? Cave, I am not disappoint.

  • Aoshi00

    Finally! and awesome price too, was totally ready for 1200 pt, this is a bargain like Ikaruga. I’ve never played this before, hope it’s good. I’m still playing Ikaruga from time to time.

    • thaKingRocka

      I adore this game. I’ve been playing it on emulator for years. It’s one of my netbook go-to games.

      • Aoshi00

        Nice, can’t wait! And hope there’s more to come like the famed Progear and Esparade.

  • I approve of the Smoothing OFF option. :)

    Maybe I’ll pick this up if I end up with some free points somehow.

    • Aoshi00

      They have a promo till month end, you spend 2400 pt and get 800 pt back, you could buy Lara Croft Guardian of Light and Sonic or something and get this for free so to speak. I bought Limbo, Toy Soldiers, and DR Case Zero.

      • While I appreciate the advice, console DD services are pretty much off my radar until I plow through more of my giant backlog. But if I got any free points from some promotion, I’d have to spend them anyway—and since only the Great RNG knows when Fez is coming out, maybe I’d go for Guwange.

        Lara Croft looks awesome, definitely—but I might as well wait until the Steam sale on the inevitable “Game of the Year” compilation.

        • Code

          FEZ! Why isn’t it out yet T_T; I’ve been wanting that game so badly.

          • For srs. I can understand why it’s taking a while (IIRC, the dev team is comprised of a whole two people) but that doesn’t stop me from wishing it was out right NOW. :”(

          • Code

            Yeahh, two people and a 3rd doing the soundtrack >w<' Oh I can't stay mad at you indie gaming — take as long as you need! But man I wish it was out already too x_x'

  • Coooooool. Now all I need is Dangun Feveron or whatever they’ll call it and I’ll be set for months.

  • xxx128

    May we have guwange 2 for arcades please?…um, please?

  • I’m very excited not only for this release, but the possibilities resulting if it sells relatively well. Cave releasing more arcade classics on XBLA would be mindblowing. ESP.RaDe?? Plleeaazzzz.

  • Why does Cave hate my money (and PSN)?

    • I like your money. Mail it to me and I’ll buy Guwange for my 360. So in a way, it’s like YOU’RE buying Guwange.

    • Because it’s USD. They want money they can actually use.

  • crunc

    Day 1 for me. I can’t wait for this.

  • $10 = Day ONE baby! :) ($15 = wait until it is $10)

    • thaKingRocka


  • thaKingRocka

    I will definitely grab this, but I am hoping beyond hope that Cave is looking into Steam as well.

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