Kirby’s Epic Yarn Trailer Runs Through Transformations

By Spencer . October 12, 2010 . 4:55pm

Want to see Kirby as a tank, parachute, and fire engine (called "splasher" in Japan)? This Kirby’s Epic Yarn video has you covered. It’s a five minute look at Kirby morphing, string swinging, cooperating, and decorating his room with furniture.


Create a nice pad and guest might stop by with time trials for housewarming gifts.



Kirby’s Epic Yarn comes out this Thursday in Japan and on October 17 in North America.

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  • glemtvapen

    Feels like a Little Big Planet.

    • What? Are you serious, lol!, reminds me of how a guy on GT Bonus Round got it and LBP2 confused or something. I see no resemblance to LBP at all

      • glemtvapen

        Manipulation of the environment and strings.

  • ZOHMG Ninty what a waste of resources. I was slighlty interested in the game before…but this…this looks MASSIVELY boring. The Rollercoaster moment was a nice highlight in the trailer and the footage has moments (like the car vehicle), but it just seems boring in the end.

    • sfried

      Did you just miss the parts where Kirby was constantly being chased by a Cracko? The level where a neverending stream of bombs were being dropped in an autoscrolling stage? Speed runs and mission based levels given by characters? Top down shmup gameplay? A shuttle-train sequence that reminds me of the roller coaster segments in DKC2? Hidden secrets that remind me of the best parts of Kirby’s Adventure?

      I had my doubts but it looks like they’re doing the series formula right in a way that reminds me of Yoshi’s Island.

      • Like the trailer, I imagine the game will only show its true colors and fun to those who were willing to last through a yawn or even sleep inducing first portion of the game. The trailer was quite dull that maybe I zoned out and missed everything you notice. I just remember being impressed by the car transformation and that shuttle-train. Im more excited for Return to Donkey Kong Country tbh.

        • sfried

          I take it you’ve never played any of the Sakurai-made Kirby games, or Yoshi’s Island, for that matter. There are the tricky segments in those games that are hallmarks of a good platformer.I have faith in Retro but DKC is just not DKC without David Wise (composer).

          • sfried… agreed. A wise man once said Wise was a wise, wise man. A wise choice to listen to wise men speaking wise about Wise.

          • sfried

            I know Kenji Yamamoto (composer of Super Metroid/Metroid Prime) is doing the music this time but there was just something about the melodies Mr. Wise makes that’s surreal. Stickerbush Symphony and Forest Interlude were some of the best tracks in the DKC series.

      • Oh yes, I surely enjoyed and beat Yoshi’s Island all those years ago. The only Kirby game Ive actually played was Kirby Tilt n Tumble I believe. It was pretty fun back in the day and for awhile was my most played game. Maybe Ive just outgrown Kirby or something.

        DKC without David Wise? Arent you falling victim to selling a game short by just not having a composer of choice?

        • sfried

          “The only Kirby game Ive actually played was Kirby Tilt n Tumble I believe.”I think this pretty much explains your comments…*yawn*”DKC without David Wise? Arent you falling victim to selling a game short by just not having a composer of choice?”No, but you gotta admit he was…instrumental in making the series as memorable as it is.

          Edit: I’m at least happy they brought back Brambi.

  • kylehyde

    Come on, this looks really fun.

    I can’t wait for this game.

  • pridesin

    This looks really interesting.
    I like the fact that it looks like using the wii remote in a way it should be, which will provide the unique experience for wii user.

  • Do you use the Wiimote to point where you want to swing the yarn, or do you play with the Wiimote sideways?

    • Sideways, like a NES controler.

      Around 3:14 it looks like someone draws a floating rail for Train-Kirby, so maybe the pointer function will be used in some stages.

  • Right this maybe be actually good! I don’t buy games where I have to make the content for them.

  • SO SOON.

  • Not that much of a Kirby fan, but this video tells me it’s basically Klonoa with Kirby. The lack of his flying ability (unless there’s wind, see 3:52) might do this game good in terms of difficulty level.

    And he makes “toot toot” in car form. Lovely.

  • hadjimurad

    i’m loving this. i think the art style is great, and i love seeing the big baddies explode into fruit, gems, and coins.

  • This whole thing feels like a paper mario ripoff to me.

  • Joanna

    wow. looks really nice. :3

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