Originally, Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII Was A Full Action Game

By Spencer . October 13, 2010 . 8:29pm

imageTaking a break from The 3rd Birthday tweets, director Hajime Tabata switched gears and talked about one of his earlier games, Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII.


"As a matter of fact, at the beginning [Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII] was expected to be full action," Tabata tweeted. "Many of the staff were skilled at RPGs, so the design changed to a RPG battle where Zack can move around inside." Tabata gives the resulting system his approval.


Tabata also revealed a part of Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII was cut because it was too big to fit on the UMD. A piece between the Shinra Mansion and escape to Midgar didn’t make it into the final game. Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII explored the drama of the relationship between Zack and Cloud, but since this was cut the game focused on Zack’s life as a soldier instead.


"By the way, for more than 10 years I wanted to make a gun action genre game," Tabata poured to his Twitter followers. "For a first try, the PSP is a good scale." As you’re probably aware of, The 3rd Birthday has third person mechanics even though Square Enix calls a "cinematic action RPG" in Japan.

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  • Kibbitz

    Well, here’s hoping that 3rd Birthday is actually good. I liked both the first and second Eves for different reasons, I’d want to keep liking the series. Speaking of which, are there any good run-and-gun games similar to either of the Eves for the PSP?

  • cmurph666

    I just started playing Crisis Core. It’s very good. But it makes me want a FFVII remake that much more..

  • Okay, creator dude, you fail. Those were the DUMBEST decisions I have ever heard for a game.

    “We’re going to make an action game” “Oh let’s make a some terrible half-RPG half-action thing instead.” “Great idea!”

    “We’re going to have Zack interact with Cloud, the hero of this series.” “How about he instead ramble on about some esoteric meaningless thing called ‘SOLDIER pride’, which we never mentioned before and will never mention again?” “Great idea!”

    Do you wear shoes or eat them, creator dude?

    • shion16


    • gatotsu911

      One has to wonder, though: did throwing in RPG elements make the game worse, or better? We all know SquEnix’s track record with action games, after all…

      • I think they got Birth by Sleep right because it felt like a action-RPG and got itself a more proper identity, because the KH1&2 for me was a action like game with a FF menu and some RPG elements thrown in.

        • gatotsu911

          I can’t speak for Birth By Sleep since I haven’t and most likely won’t play it, but I didn’t care for the original Kingdom Hearts at all. The combat was dull and a pale shadow of far better games.

    • NeoTechni

      “”Oh let’s make a some terrible half-RPG half-action thing instead.””

      You mean

      “Oh let’s make one of the best games ever instead.”

      • gatotsu911

        One of the best games ever? REALLY?

        • NeoTechni

          Yes. That ending had me crying buckets

        • One of the best games ever? Yeah. One of the best games ever on the PSP? Most extremely definitely yes

    • Hey Blue do you have a backup of FFIX walkthrough I really need the ones for Disc 3&4 I have the previous two.

      • No I don’t. Its gone forever. Talk to Faethin or an Bluerfn or Yuanchosaan about that business, I’m not interested in it.

    • FireCouch

      The people who say this game is bad are seriously talking out of their ass.

  • anbu

    “Tabata also revealed a part of Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII was cut because it was too big to fit on the UMD…”

    He could have release it via dlc if possible. That would be nice or a Cloud costume.

  • Well,they could have made 2 UMD :(

  • joesz

    “because it was too big to fit on the UMD”this angered me!

    Then why did you even released it on the psp from the beginning.they’ve should released it on the ps2 at that time to avoid any errors and to fulfill their wishes.I don’t know what’s wrong with square enix developers,first I heard about kingdom heart birth by sleep being developed for the ps2 at the beginning and then scrapped and then again restarted development on the psp.a lot of people complained about the lacks of control buttons and slow paced fighting

    • NeoTechni

      “.they’ve should released it on the ps2 at that time to avoid any errors and to fulfill their wishes”


      They could have used heavy compression and had a mandatory install stage.

      They could have used 2 discs. There are multiple PSP games that did that.

      They could have used DLC like Killzone

    • Thank you. I really would’ve loved to have played Crisis Core, but I don’t like portable systems, so it will forever elude me.

    • well truthfully being to big is a lie because the original game is not more than 1 gigbyte if they was to redo it they can get it to atleast 2.5 gigs without problem… Me i personally like crisis core more than 7. The main character had character more than well cloud who was depress most of the game… And the movie don’t get me started. It was half action with RPG elements but at the same time it felt more like a MMO if anything

  • Code

    rar, still easily the best Square game I had played in years. Even though the action/RPG battle system was kind of chunky, and the game was far from perfect on many levels, I still played til 100% and loved every minute of it. It captured a lot of the feeling of Final Fantasy VII and a real call back to the feel of earlier Final Fantasy titles too for me. It’s interesting how the production went on the game, and they changed gears to perhaps something they knew they would be more comfortable with working on — I’d been interested in more details on just what was cut from the game.

  • tubers

    I hope the PSP crazy price drop from Europe would come to the US asap.. 119 USD for a PSP3000 will be awesome :) Id definitely pick up CCFFVII

  • This game was TERRIBLE. The game had some good things like the graphics, and the ending. The story, script, characters (Except Angeal), battle system, etc were all so mediocre. I did not like this game at all.

    • Agreed. This game truly awoke me to how worthless reviews are. The reviews were all good. The game sucked. Obnoxious characters, boring gameplay, forgettable music… the only thing it had going for it was FFVII nostalgia, and that’s not enough to prop up a crappy game.

      • The music wasn’t bad, but the main battle theme was AWFUL. It was this obnoxious techno thing that just made the endless dull combat so much worse. I don’t see an explanation for that on this post however.

  • I want both Swords AND Guns! Gun x Sword ftw!

  • cj_iwakura

    Crisis Core was great up until Nibelheim. Then it nose dived into mediocrity. Still a solid game overall.

  • As much as I loved Crisis Core, I think the decision to cut out most of Zack and Cloud’s interaction in the game was a huge mistake. That was one of the biggest disappointments of the game for me – the relationship between the two of them just felt so rushed because we hardly got to see them interact, and then suddenly they were acting like best buddies? I mean, I can understand that Cloud pretty much idolised Zack as his hero and hence wanted to be good friends with him, but with Zack, who’s so buddy buddy with anyone in general, it’s hard to see in the game why Cloud in particular is more special than someone like Angeal.

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