Watermelons Make Nice Fashion Accessories In Tales Of Graces F

By Spencer . October 20, 2010 . 11:06am

Remember the attachment system from Tales of Vesperia? It’s back in Tales of Graces F. Players can equip appearance changing accessories to further customize their party. Attached accessories, like the watermelon in these screenshots, stay on during cutscenes and in battle. How Asbel and Hurbert balance it during mystic artes is a whole other question.


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The big addition in Tales of Graces F is a new episode entitled Lineage of the Future, which takes place after the events of the main story. Here’s another look at that and the game’s new character, Little Queen.


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Tales of Graces F also has new group chat and cards to collect with characters from the Lineage to the Future episode. The game comes out on December 2 in Japan.


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  • joesz

    big spoila!seriously posting something about the game is great,but this..this is just a big naruto spoila!

    and I like the distracting accessory.

  • MrRobbyM

    Awwww. Chibi-robo Asbel is so cute :3

    • Yusaku_Matsuda70s

      That picture with her riding him with missiles… what is this I don’t even…

      • Hehe… “riding.”

        • Yusaku_Matsuda70s

          Ecchi thoughts are bad. ;)
          You just had to rule 34 that up didn’t you.

          • I can bet you Japan has already done it. You know how fast they had ecchi Catherine stuff up? Yeaaaaah.

  • Interface23

    Really want this localized.

    • Well I think they already said it wont happen…so… :(

      • Interface23

        Did they? The last thing I heard was that the Wii one wont be

  • Chibis?! lol cute!!!!!!! I should import the game then enlist my Japanese speaking labmates to sit with me and explain the story while I play, that would be pretty cool, and would foster getting to know labmates better!

    And I just cant resist, but I love how these games are alive and well in Japan, while we get our share of Namco Bandai Naruto gaming goodness!

    • Naruto garbage. Almost all the games related to it are terrible but it’s fans eat it all up. OPINIONS ARE OPINIONS NOT SOMETHING THAT SHOULD BE STATED AS IF THEY ARE FACTS. And you know Tales studio is in some financial situation right? Derp.

      • You may hate Naruto but it is probably raking in big money. Its a shame that Tales of fans didnt buy into the past Tales games, maybe if the series were as renowned over here as the FF series or even Star Ocean fans wouldnt be crying for a release. We buy enough Naruto to probably justify bringing out as many as they have and the Ultimate Ninja series is probably mad popular (Dragon ball too).

        Some opinions are factually correct thereby making them facts.

        I thought that financial issue was stated but it doesnt matter since theyve been subsumed into Namco/Bandai? If they have money to make a Tales of Graces, Tales of Radiant Mythology, and Tales of yet to be named, are you really thinking they are going down?

        • “Opinions are opinions not something that should be stated as if they are facts.”

          And the Star Ocean games are renowned? Hahahaha what is this I don’t even.

          • In the west…I think they are more renowned based on the releases, the first two rereleased, the ps3 port of the newest one ported. When was the last Tales of game rereleased, when was the last one of the latest releases brought over? Square Enix heard the cries of fans in the west and brought out an International edition of Star Ocean to the PS3…that shows just how renowned it is.

          • You find me 20 people that know what “Star Ocean” is and I might believe you.

            Also, the first game was never released outside of Japan.

          • I can’t believe you’re that old and still can’t figure out the most simple things.

          • holyPaladin

            Star Ocean sold a lot in US (SO3 sold about 500k IIRC)SO only have 4 main series so it’s name not very well known IMODon’t compare it to FF And first game released on PSP in NA

          • Uh… I’m not comparing Star Ocean to Final Fantasy…

            Well, now I am: Gameplay in the Star Ocean games is much more fun than any Final Fantasy.

        • Calling something good is subjective and all subjective statements are opinions, no matter how large of a group agrees about it.

          • lol, Why do you all do this to meh :(

          • Because you’ve awakened the Ace Attorney in me.

          • Because despite what everyone has told you in the last few days, you really aren’t being “considerate” with your choice of words. In fact, I’d say you’re doing this to really piss us off.

        • Darkrise

          If the Naruto games really ARE raking in big money, then by now they should’ve been okay to take the dive in planning to localize Graces F. I can only see a few number of people actually buy the game, mostly 12-14 year olds. Adults are also included too but not I don’t see how Naruto games are popular.

          • Why would they use that money to fund Graces F, when they could put aside to fund another PS3 and PSP Naruto game, lol. Lets be real folks, it seems a waste of time to risk bringing out a Tales game when it seems to be proven that people over here will barely consider and let alone buy the games. Im sorry but it is reality.

          • Gee, I wonder why Tales of Symphonia for the gamecube sold moved so many copies.

  • zhemos

    hate namco, etc etc

    • etc

    • Ill just paste my standard comment: “This again? There can be no hate for Namco Bandai for their anime shonen fighters are always excellent (ie Naruto).Everyone has means to get these Tales games. Sure it may not be localized in ones country but there are people who are willing to write translation faqs and such to experience the games. The games would surely be localized if there was perhaps some guarantee that there is money to be made or something or another. That being said I dont get why people cry over this Tales of Graces F, surely the more interesting title is the PS3 one coming after this one, a truly original title.”

      • shion16

        my standart comment too :P :Naruto = Cyber connect 2Tales of Games = “Tales of” TeamTales of team 100% property of Namco BandaiCC2 = i dunno but no 100%, thats the reason they are developing Asura Wrath for CapcomAnd now that i i think about it………even if you consider Namco Bandai as the creators of all the games, THATS NOT TRUE…….SOUL EATER FIGHTING GAME SUCKS!!!!! Dx

        PS: This is CC2 president (and my role model) Hiroshi “Piros” Matsuyama in a Naruto cosplay xD

      • yes you can play the game with a translation guide and all but that sucks

        i don’t like having to look at a guide constantly while playing a game (i don’t like to use guides period)

        and also people are crying over graces F because we never got the first

        also HERP DERP NARUTO

        • Rarely do I ever play an RPG without using a guide so it would be just the norm for me. Looking down constantly? Well not really since games have maps now a days and all you have to do is remember waypoints and then look back at the guide when you reach the way point unless you follow the guides to the dot. I dont know, I guess I just do not see how a guide is truly an inconvenience or a truly “sucky” experience.

          • Playing a game while looking at a guide takes the challenge out of the game and takes away the some of the feeling of escape that the game has to offer. Even looking for directions to some place, which I’m assuming is what you only use the guide for, takes the fun out of the game, as getting lost is part of the experience. If you use it for more than that, it takes away the creative process of coming up with your own custom strategies to take down enemies. Even finding treasure is more exciting without a guide. Anyways in the end, the sense of accomplishment of completing a game without a guide is definitely greater than when you do so when using one.I mean seriously… Would you play chess, checkers or any other board game with a guide?

          • I dont know. I think the sense of accomplishment is still the same regardless on if a guide is used or not. I played to the final boss of Golden Sun 1 without using a guide and then I replayed it following a guide to the exact dot. To me it seemed to provides much more fun and enjoyment using a guide to get like everything there was and to beat the boss with a tried and true strategy, thereby owning it, lol.

            One of the things I dislike the most in RPG’s is wondering around on a game map or even a dungeon with no clue of where to go. I like guides to help me get through these places with maps and what nots and the locations of all the treasures and secrets. Is it not more fun to play through a game getting near 100% completion on the full first playthrough, than to struggle with crossing a map or finding the treasures or figuring out boss strategies or getting stuck on puzzles, on the first try?

          • … *sigh* No, it isn’t. That’s simply taking the easy way out.

          • I think using a guide to get 100% isnt the easy way out…only the most dedicated will actually stay and play long enough to get close to or 100% in a game. Which, Im quite sure you know, is not an easy task.

            I just dont like mindlessly wandering around in a videogame world or dungeon. I also wouldnt exactly need a guide if the game included a map (ala Star Ocean style) or just any game in general that has waypoints on the map set out to indicate the direction to go or an objective. I also wouldnt use a guide if the sidequests would place a star on the map or something.

      • Anime shounen fighters……… Just naruto and dragonball lol -.-‘, and that is all they are, fighters, no new kind of story (dont get me wrong, i love naruto and dragonball games), is more enjoyable for fans, and the side story they always invent for them suck so much…

        Everyone has means to get those games…. you do know those means means a lot hell of money to bring those stuff (specially if you are not from north america), and there isnt always a translation faqs, either way, reading the game and then the computer sucks way too much.

        And a truly original tittle? this game has a postgame content, ps3 exclusive, worth enough to any person that has not, or has played the game before in the wii, and when did this became, “not interesting”?

        And as for your post below… it really isnt worthy to play a RPG with a guide, of course, it isnt “sucky”experience, because you never get stuck, or bad things you never expected to happen, happen, and you always have an idea of what is coming or what to do, but this is not worthy dude, the point is to do the stuff for yourself first, and to be ready for whatever the hell may happen, or get stuck for an hour in a puzzle, to then see the answer was so obvious it makes you laught.

        Just killed a hard boss and thanks to the guide, you know that there is another boss next? you go and save or get ready for it, kill a hard boss and never expect there was another freaking boss and have the risk to repeat the last boss again if you die? THAT IS A RPG!!!

        • What? You enjoy being punished in a game and actually get killed by a boss?! Preposterous!!!! After I spent over an hour on one puzzle in Eternal Sonata and then took 20 attempts to beat a boss, I just gave up and went to a guide. Im sorry but it isnt enjoyable in a game to be forced to remain at these standstill moments. Sure I could imagine there is some fun to be had when the answer to a puzzle or method of defeating a boss is revealed, but lets be real here; this isnt like my Multivariate Calculus class in which Im faced with some problem of multiple dimensions and then I get some satisfaction after struggling for hours to find the volume of some theoretical object. This is a game, games that pride themselves on delivering an excellent ride to reach the end of a story.

          Games are already challenging enough on their own and a guide simply provides a means to not get stuck; one can read instructions all they want but that doesnt mean the guide is the way that works all the time for winning. I still struggled, even though I used a guide for the entirety of Star Ocean 4: The Last Hope International, to defeat the final boss…it took me 8 hours and some tears, but I did it! And boy did it feel good!!!! lol.

          • SolidusSnake

            Dude you must have ADHD or something. I think your head would actually explode if you tried to play any classic video game.

          • Playing the Final Fantasy III DS, which I guess counts as a “classic” video game, was a shocking experience to me. The whole time I felt lost, had no idea where to go, had no idea how to get through dungeons, had no idea of anything. it was just terrible. How did you all play ye olde games back then?

          • Following a guide is fun to me. It makes me like Im making progress in a game and that Im actually good at it since I wouldnt be dying or getting lost. It also helps me keep check of how Im doing with raising my individual characters stats and helps me with cues on what weapons and stuff I should buy. On the outside I could imagine that you all think its crazy or that it deludes me into thinking that Im doing it all by myself when Im just following the guides instructions, but to me it feels like Im playing the game and Im actually playing the game well enough to succeed and feel accomplished.

            Maybe Ive been using guides for so long that I just cant imagine playing an RPG without one. Maybe thats why I feel so helpless in Birth By Sleep and am performing so poorly in it, I just dont have a guide to follow word for word, lol, and even worst its on easy mode !!!

          • … Now I can see why you enjoyed FFXIII so much. You’re much better off reading the Choose Your Own Adventure series and similar books if you’re playing solely for the story.We don’t like losing either, but the loss is what drives us to get back in the game, gain some levels and/or adjust our equipment and go take revenge. The story is just a bonus reward for conquering each challenge. On our own. I suppose that satisfaction is something you’ll really never understand.

            Edit: Fixed the grammar… I really am my own worst critic.

          • Used a guide and followed it literally to the dot for FFXIII and let me tell you, it was a glorious experience!

            I still gain levels. I mean who doesnt use a guide for Disgaea series, level maximization guide, and etc? Actually how can anyone not use a guide for some srpgs, youre just missing out. I mean in those games I actually make it more difficult for myself because I want to gain maximum experience points so I try to raise the difficulty alot.

            I still gain levels if I cant beat a boss and what not or adjust equipment and such, just I use a guide to get through the story parts. I think I maybe alluded to it, but just knowing theres a boss or knowing where to go is only half the battle. I just need all the help I can get to getting through games, getting through a game is, itself, enough of an accomplishment for me as it is for you all who dont utilized guides or aids for games.

          • SolidusSnake

            Yes, exactly. I don’t understand how anyone could think that mindlessly following a guide for a game could ever be “fun.” If you’re just in it for the cut scenes and voice acting seriously just watch some ****ing anime or a movie.

            Also, I find it hard to imagine how YFU actually gets through life on a day to day basis if getting through a video game is such a staggering herculean task that he finds playing a game without a guide to be preposterous. I’m not trying to be mean or anything, but seriously, wow…

          • We used our brains. And lots of paper.

          • Thats unreal, thats not even enjoying the game anymore.

          • That’s essentially where we(me and you) are fundamentally different. Personally, I enjoy stepping in the unknown, but at the same time I will be prepared for all possibilities. Although it’s not really unknown, because an NPC may have given me a clue or actual directions. There’s always a cue that a boss fight is ahead anyways, either by the fact that a save point is available, I’ve stepped into a large room or the game actually gives me a warning. Navigating dungeons aren’t hard anyways because you should remember which paths you’ve taken by using your brain to memorize it. Seriously, unless you really have a bad sense of direction, you shouldn’t get too lost.I said gaining levels because if a boss has trumped you in a fight, the most basic way to get stronger is to gain levels. I didn’t mean that you don’t need to do that with a guide. I’d actually be flabbergasted if you didn’t.As for getting details on the game mechanics to maximize your characters’ potential in an SRPG, you’re free to do that. As long as you don’t use it to minimize the challenge of the main story because I don’t see the joy in doing that. I actually applaud the fact that you’d want to raise the difficultly in those games.

          • I talked to all the NPCs and such but I just miss all the hints and stuff they give unless the game bolds it for me, or at least adds it to some data log. I guess I just cant focus on what they are saying because Ill be in it to see if they are just going to give me money or some skill or some gossip on people in the town (which is pretty funny). The unknown is scary, there have just been times where I had the wrong equipment equipped or I forgot to change the equipment as the guide suggested and found myself at a serious disadvantage (main melee character can not fight in battle for he will end up using a weapon that actually heals the enemy). Replaying a boss fight gets annoying when you have to go through lenghty cutscenes and unskippable FMVs that play before hand…

            Dungeons have too much going on…tooo many branching pathways. Many times when I lost my place in a guide and I tried to advance forward on my own in the game, I either wound up going in circles or ending up getting lost and had to just restart the game from the last time I saved.

          • Alright. So you really do have a really bad sense of direction. Never heard of a way to improve it so I really can’t help you there, except to make a map, but you don’t seem to like that idea.If you don’t get hints for getting the right element to face an enemy, my advice for you is to use the best non-elemental weapon/skill you have and you’ll avoid the problem altogether. … You really need to go through some RPG rehab. I have no suggestions for you though. The ones I’d come up with have no voice acting, which you say is a must when you play a game.

          • shion16

            All i can say is…..
            Go for a copy of Demon Souls
            Only that game could teach whats really an RPG
            and why is so rewarding to die and try again till you made it to the next level
            even with guides, even without them, only this game have the answer to this Debate

          • The internet frightened me with that game. I had the special edition preordered and all for day 1 then I heard all the comments and immediately cancelled it…it was going to be way too tough.

          • malek86

            Don’t be too afraid. The game isn’t nearly as tough as people make it out to be. It’s a big time investment, to be sure, and it starts out unforgivingly, but in time you’ll see that not many of the bosses are actually hard, and that some prudence is all you need to go forward.

      • zhemos

        I’ll just leave this here. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5hfYJsQAhl0

        • Wow if I could paste that gif of Bel from KHR saying “You Win” I would…

          lol, Zhemos, that was truly enjoyable and fitting, thanks for making my night exciting, lol!

      • goronyan

        sometimes is better to stay quiet instead of just saying crap (this and all your posts below). And seriously you’re becoming my reason to hate Naruto even more

        • Oh dont be like that, Im only contributing to positive discussion, like they always say, “if you have a voice might as well use it.”

          lol, just embrace the Naruto and enjoy it.

  • holyPaladin

    Remember the unlocalized Tales of Vesperia(PS3)? It’s back in Tales of Graces F.

    Sry, I have to :(

  • Sigh*… Really. Want. This. But as the title suggests, we just got gracely F’d.

  • Hey guys, nice melons.

  • Aoshi00

    I like the SD “thinking portraits” w/in the skid, very cute :) What’s w/ the different eye colors for Asbel though, is there a reason or it just looks cool, I think it’s way overused in anime.. After playing the demo, I do want to import this, but there’s so many good games alrdy.. And they got me w/ the bonuses for the Jpn 360 ver of FF13, I don’t even care much for that game, but I want the artbook, novel (closure), and such, $60 isn’t so bad for a LE..

  • I think this is Namco Bandai or the SCEA’s plan when it comes to presenting new Tales games to us:


  • :D OMG OMG ASBEL CHIBI~ I didn’t know this was on there! (Had already pre-ordered)

    Everyones choices, who choses what?
    Naruto or Tales?
    FF Series or Tales?
    KH Series or Tales?
    DBZ/DB series or Tales?
    I chose tales no matter what, i mean, whats the point of fighting for no f-ing story? I mean, DB Makes no sense, and Naruto? Get lost. It’s entertaning, but gawd, what the f- is the meaning of the game/anime?! Its just bad-guys and ninjas, DBZ, saving earth from Aliens, really? It sounds a lot like Haruhi, but I prefer Haruhi with moe charas and hilarious ness. I personally have never played FF or KH, but it seems kinda pontless, it does have nice graphics and crap, but i have no idea what it seems to those FF/KH fans, NAMCO IS RUINING TALES FOR GAWDS SAKE!

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