The Hatsune Miku And [email protected] Crossover

By Spencer . October 21, 2010 . 11:22pm

Hatsune Miku and the biggest idol game in town The [email protected] are linking up for two packs of Hatsune Miku: Project Diva 2nd downloadable content.


Collaboration pack #1 includes a Haruka module for Hatsune Miku, a 765 productions room theme, digital Meiko Nendoroid, poster of Hatsune Miku in her [email protected] outfit and the song "Go My Way!"


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Collaboration pack #2 includes a Mami module for Rin, Chihaya module for Luka, two [email protected] posters, and the song "Relations."


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Each pack costs 1,000 yen ($12). Both will be available on October 28 along with a free [email protected] collaboration poster.



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  • Well, that’ll be an interesting addition to my copy of Diva 2, although I found after Dreamy Theatre, I’m a lot worse against the PSP timings…

    It’s nice to see competing companies work together.

    • Aoshi00

      So Dreamy Theater is basically playing the first Diva on the PS3? Do you use the PSP as the controller? Hope they would do it for Diva 2 later, rhythm game is so much better w/ trophies.

      • No – Dreamy Theatre requires the first game and a save file (Which in turn determines what is unlocked in Dreamy Theatre) and the PSP hooked up to the PS3 via the USB.

        You then play from your save file using a PS3 controller (once the game proper is up, you can turn the PSP off, unless you intend to copy stuff back to the PSP.

        It sounds more complicated than it actually is though.

        As I’ve noted to various people though – The timings on it (namely the increase of the framerate) make the game significantly harder than the original Project Diva on the PSP. You WON’T get away with sloppy presses like the PSP version can.

        • Aoshi00

          I see.. they really should just make a console game for Miku instead of this elaborate hookup of PSP to the PS3, and the lag/weird timing you mentioned.. I like Idolmaster/Dream Club on 360, but I never touch the PSP or DS ports (I know the PSP is region free), part of the appeal is the great looking cel shading graphics. I’m not the best at rhythm games though, one really needs to practice and practice and be in a trance to not make any mistakes..

  • healthy rivalry is always the best

  • mach

    Kill it with fire! They’ve managed to combine the two creepiest Japanese franchises known to man into one horrible abomination.

    • superdry

      Correction – Idolmaster and Love Plus are the two creepiest Japanese franchises known to man. =D

      Anywho…1000 yen for these packs, Sega and Namco sure love milking DLC in Japan.

  • Fantastic game. After unlocking all of the songs all that’s really left are getting “guuuureat” scores and unlocking the items. Can’t pass on a [email protected] song offered in a rhythm game. I hope they get more in the future.

  • Well, keep your friends close…

    As for the DLC, it’s pretty tempting, but that price is a bit of a buzzkill. Also, I’d love to see Haku get some module love.

  • neetloaf

    With all the crazy crossover games happening recently, I hope this is the first step towards making a full-fledged Project Diva x [email protected] crossover game. Japan would explode, and so would I.

    That said, I will probably be buying this DLC. ;_;

  • goronyan

    Len needs Ryo’s costume
    extreme mode is extreme

  • This game has always looked interesting. Shame I can’t read Japanese. *sigh*

    • Project Diva? Hm… you don’t need to know too much Japanese here, especially if you’re just looking for a fun rhythm game. Jenni did a playtest of it here on the site that gives a solid view of the game. I got the game myself and, not even being a huge Volcaloid fan, I enjoyed it quite a bit!

      [email protected], on the other hand, eh… a guide helps a lot. At least, at first.

      • The one exception to this rule is [email protected] live for you – They stripped away the character development phases (Unless you pay for DLC to get set scenarios) – which turns it into a music game with the ability to dress up, select stages, and select music. Basically girlbanding it.

        If they wanted to release an [email protected] title outside Japan, this would be the easiest of the lot. Then again, there might be questions about if there’s enough ‘game’ at least at the prices you might end up forking out.

        (For those curious – I’ve had the money to invest in it, and to get all the DLC will set you about 55000 points – You can probably calculate it from there.)

  • Aoshi00

    I got Project Diva 2nd, pretty hard rhythm game, but why isn’t Miku getting any love on console? (not counting the 3000 yen patch that lets you hook up the PSP to the PS3). I bought Idolmaster Live for You a while ago but left it aside, I just went back to it and got my first 1000 achievement, yay :)!! (not counting the free Doritos dinosaur XBLA game), was wondering how to unlock the Remix B ver of the songs, they’re all DLCs :(!! The first Idolmaster was hard though, because of the timed responses.. I prefer the Idolmaster or Dreamclub songs (viva drunk karaoke!), Miku sounds too much like a chipmunk on helium to me, sometimes cute but sometimes annoying..Even though some of the outfits and songs are interesting, the DLC price is way too much, it’s hard to convince myself to use those hard bought PSN yen or MS points..

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