Free Front Mission Evolved DLC Coming Next Week

By Spencer . October 22, 2010 . 4:13pm

imageSquare Enix plans on selling weapon packs and Wanzer packs on PlayStation Network, Xbox Live, and Steam on October 28. Most of them are paid downloads, but Square Enix cut the price of one of them down to zero.


Weapon pack 1 includes: Darkhog (machine gun), Blackstone (shotgun), and Sieger (rifle).


Another weapon pack includes missile weapons like a bazooka, rocket launcher, and missile launcher. There are two Wanzer packs. One has Tower and Stork. The other Wildgold and ISV-Prototype.


The weapon pack is 300 yen/240 Microsoft Points/$2.99 on Steam. Wanzer packs are 400 yen/320 MSP/$3.99 each.

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  • Wow the game did that well to get DLC?! I am shocked! I only heard negative word of mouth about it.

    • Code

      Pro Tip: The DLC was planned/made before the game was released. Honestly it should all be free considering what condition it was released in.

      • Impossible…if DLC was planned before release then why wasnt it included on the disk on day 1? I would feel so cheated!

        I thought DLC is made in response to the reception of the game.

        • Code

          Pro-er Tip: Most DLC IS included on the disc, day 1, what your downloading is a key which unlocks it so you can use it. Welcome to pretty much seems to be this generation’s hot topic x__x; The fact is most games have to be specifically designed to “accept” DLC and if they have online play they also need to make sure that everyone has the same access to these contents, so that all players can at least “see” them even if they can’t access them. In the case of this, there included on the Disc, so all players could see them even if they don’t purchase them.In an instance like Blazblue, the DLC was added in post release, and you are literally downloading the characters, but because of this EVERYONE has to download a patch which contains those characters, or else they won’t be able to play online.

          • Pro-er-er tip for SE: Make a good game THEN sell DLC.

        • Exand

          FYI on DLC development for many companies:

          “I do think players are entirely right – if the content is on the disc already there’s absolutely no justification for studios to offer DLC which is essentially an unlock key or something,” Brickley said. He continues: “But I guess what doesn’t come across to some people is that when a game hits the shelves, it’s probably been wrapped up for four or five months in any true sense. The time between finishing the game and retail is usually spent on debugging.”

          It’s in this debugging phase that resources, meaning members of the development team, are freed up to do other things. Rather than sit around twiddling their big toes, many teams will now create DLC.

          • Code

            It’s kind of funny that this comes up too, because ever since Blazblue I’ve realized and felt the exact opposite of this argument is even worse. It was Blazblue which made me realize, the fact is if the DLC isn’t on the disc, your going to have to use your hard drive space to download the latest patch which contains said DLC, which means instead of that character you might not buy sitting on the disc, it’s literally sitting on your hard drive taking up your console’s space unless you pay for it. Which I think is kind of a much worse deal.

            At least on the disc, it ultimately has no impact unless I choose to pay for it, I think between Makoto and Valkenhyan it’s taken up an additional 500MB on the HDD, and I have no choice but accept the patch or lose my ability to play online, even if I will never buy the characters. In single player games though of course this argument is more moot, since it’s not important that everyone have access to all content, but for multiplayer games, having the content on disc is honestly likely a better deal.

          • I really don’t see what the problem is. If it’s that you’re worried about space, then get a bigger hard drive.

            I am glad they do it this way, honestly. Few things would annoy me more than, say, if I was just shut out of matches against people who downloaded the two characters, because I didn’t download them myself. In fact, it wasn’t until I played against both of them that I decided to do it myself. This way, it stops the community from being split. Nothing bad can come out of that.

          • Code

            I think you missed the entire point, players are going to have to get the 3 characters SOME way obviously, it’d be clearly a terrible move if they divided the community. So that wasn’t the point I was getting at, what I am getting at is they had two options;-Put the 3 characters on disc, that way players who want them can download the access codes for them will be able to use them, and players without them will be able to still fight them. -Make the 3 characters added on to the game in 250MB patches that everyone will need to download on there HDD whither your going to use said character or not.Had the 3 DLC characters been on disc they wouldn’t need to release 250MB patches for each, which some players may not even use because they won’t be purchasing the characters themselves. Sure it lets them fight said characters/play online but had Aksys went the Disc route, they still would have been able to do that, without 750MB of patches, of content you may not buy, just so you can play the game you already own.Because they aren’t on disc once all 3 characters are patched in, it’s eating up 750MB of your HDD space, whither your going to purchase them or not which if you ask me is worse then knowing there’s some space on your disc which you can’t access without paying.It’s not about concerns of space/or about buying a new HDD, it’s the fact had the characters been on disc, non-buyers wouldn’t have to bench 750MB of there HDD space, for characters they aren’t going to buy. I know I’m like looping the same message over and over, but I think I’m having a hard time conveying what I’m trying to convey x__x;

          • In response to your later comment, they would’ve had to delay the game until even later than now to get the characters on the disc and if they’re on the disc I DO NOT want them to be DLC. I want them selectable. So you lost 750meg. Big deal. This is a generation where patches are a common thing. You don’t like it, stick with the Wii (I don’t BELIEVE the Wii even does game patches, but I could be wrong, in which case, stick with the PS2, Gamecube, and original X-Box).

            No disc-based DLC. Period. I have no problem with the DLC being in a patch, at all. It’s why I have a 320G HDD.

          • Code

            Woahhh, rar, relax there buddy >w<; rar, I'm a little surprised I've never seen any of your comments get so spicy, I'm not picking a fight so let's not go there.Just touching on it first, yes the Wii doesn’t do patches. But 90% of the time I’d agree with you wholeheartedly about no disc-based DLC but this IS one of the very FEW instances where on-disc would have trumped patched in DLC. I know you don’t personally care, but putting nearly 750MB of content on your hard drive you can’t access without paying them isn’t any better then disc-based DLC at all, I personally feel it’s much worse. Your looking at it that you paid for the disc and you deserve everything on the disc — well your HDD is a disc too, that you paid for it doesn’t hurt to be equally protective of how it’s used. They would have to put the 750MB somewhere to keep community from being split, and at least on the game-disc it wouldn’t have been imposing it onto people, and taking space that could have been used for other things.And don’t get me wrong I have no issue with patches, or patching games, although I do think it’s lead to some glitcher games this generation, but I think it’s done more good then bad, at least they CAN fix them. But 750MB is a damn big patch, I could make a pretty beefy list of entire games that aren’t even 750MB, sure it’s not big in the overall picture with your 320GB HDD, but there are a lot of people without 320GB HDDs who do care about how there space is being used.

        • Ereek

          I’m not sure if you’re incredibly naive or if I’m incredibly jaded.

          Maybe both.

  • Code

    rarr~! The best news on this page is it was my officially my 1000th post here at Siliconera >w<~!!

    • Congrats! *in unison* RAR!

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        RAR! >w< hooray thanks!

    • rar!!!! Welcome to the club lol! Ill bring out the celebratory sake and ichiraku ramen, lol.

    • Yusaku_Matsuda70s

      Cheers mate! I am nowhere near that count yet…

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