Help Name These Disgaea 4 Attacks (And See Some New Skills Too)

By Spencer . October 22, 2010 . 3:35am


Nippon Ichi needs your help… again. Instead of fishing for random character names Nippon Ichi wants Disgaea fans to name six techniques.


That means you get to see six new skills from Disgaea 4 too. First, watch videos of the skills. In numerical order, the videos are skills for: sword, axe, gun, spear, fist, and bow. Then write your nickname and a 10 character (that’s katakana, kanji, hiragana, or letters) names for each skill. If your technique title gets in your nickname will be posted on a special page.


You don’t have to submit a name to watch the videos so if you just want to see a "spearing piledriver" combo click here.


image image

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  • Wow I love that track they used in all the videos!!!!!!!!

    I honestly couldnt think of any names. However the Bow attack, the sword, and the gun attacks were awesome (the two bullets clashing right into each other !!! ) I so can not wait for this awesome game, lol! Day 1!!!!

  • skyblaze

    i didn’t want to spoiler myself with some of the moves… but the mage in the pic looked too adorable with that “trumpet gun”… talk about out of the ordinary

  • karasuKumo

    I’ve never played a Disgaea game, is this a good place to start? Or should I get the others first?

    • Apollokids

      Hey a good place to start is Disgaea 3. Its a very trimmed and lean version of disgaea. Tedium has been cut (though not removed) and its easier to achieve goals, such as making perfect endgame equipment. If you are interested in the previous titles, the PSP versions of Disgaea1 and Disgaea2 are the definite version of that game with many improvements. The color palette of disgaea 1 is dull compared to that of D2.

      • skyblaze

        Tedium’s been cut in 3? You don’t have to but it’d be great if you could explain a bit more how… just curious seeing that despite having all three games I’ve been OD’ing on the first one (approaching 500 hours) and haven’t even gotten to the other two yet (I’m the kind of person who loves doing things in order). That being said… I’m almost ready to move on to Dark Hero Days (beat every extra boss in Afternoon of Darkness except for Etna mode Baal…. which i’m pretty sure i can tackle today after having transmigrated my best person 50 billion times) but getting to this point took me forever! Not saying i didn’t enjoy it but a tiny bit less work really would be appreciated =)

        • Apollokids

          Ok well in Disgaea 3, for leveling- you can put 32×300 statisticians. That is 8×300 statisticians for 1 equipment, multiplied by 4 Equipment Slots. If you are able to tackle HoO4 in Land of Carnage with that setup you can reach from level 1-9999 in a minute or two. There is also the puppy paw stick that give u a 20% chance to duplicate your weapon. So you only need to make one Baal Sword[r40] and perfect it. Then if you want another, go ahead and duplicate it rather then creating it again. The same can be said about 32×300 Manager to help you get mana and learn any skill with a couple minutes of grinding.

          • skyblaze

            Holy crap that’s a TON of less work! And even more convenient since 3 isn’t in portable form yet (no way I could stay cooped up in my room grinding as much as I’ve been on AoD… being able to take it wherever I go has been a huge plus seeing that long bus rides and slow work days come up often in my life… that being said… it still took it me months to get where I am in it :P…) Either way… can’t wait to blow through the next two… and then 4 when it gets here! Such an awesome series…

          • Code

            rar! hooray puppy-paw stick >w<~! Although I don't think duplication was intentional, I do think it added a surprising dynamic to Disgaea 3, which I think actually made it's post-game/grind sections much more palatable. rar, admittedly I hope that in Disgaea 4, they keep in a similar system, or a few shortcuts around like that, to create a similar pace to Disgaea 4, I feel like if they didn't it'd be a step back to Disgaea 1 and 2's gameplay.

          • How many hours did it take you to just get that many statisticians?

          • Apollokids

            Well when i did not know much about disgaea, i was reverse pirating for hours to get statisticians. I reached 264 statisticians and stopped. Looking back, I realize now it was better(faster) to dupe them. Look here, once you have got a 300 Statistician and dupe it, you now have 2×300. Move the statisticians to the same item, dupe it again and you have Another 2×300. Move them to your previous item, which is now 4×300 and dupe it one last time and move the innocents to the original equipment and you now have 8×300 statistician. Basically, once you have 1×300 Stat, you can reach 8×300 in 4 duplications. Generally speaking, i remember duping a Legendary Testament 15 times in about 10 hours. That means 10 hours of resetting, praying the item duplicates and saving afterward. Though it would have taking me 30 or 40 hours to get those 15 Testaments leveled- had i done it normally.

          • “That means 10 hours of resetting, “praying” the item duplicates and saving afterward.”

            The part I have trouble with (and that feels the slowest) is going through class world not only hoping that I can dupe but that it actually does it for the item I want…I have like 100 of the specialists for the ones that confer resistance and the max for a few of the regular single stat ones… but just one set of statisticians! :(

          • Apollokids

            Well the way i do it. Create level 1 sacrificial character (no Good-for-Nothing because they do not spawn dropouts). Arrange him at the top of your list and only give him the item you want duplicated (don’t give him 4 items and hope he dupes the one you want). Second on your list is the person whom you give your puppy paw stick. For me it is always Mao. Duping only activates when you have killed the character (just attacking him won’t do it). Duping can be done using skills, and Magic like Mao’s Vasa Aergun or his Omega Ice (for elevation) as long as he has the Puppy Paw Stick equipped. You are also Guaranteed 1 dropout for ever classworld run (10 levels). Now that i’m in the late-game, i don’t feel the need to dupe 10 hours straight. 1 dupe a day is enough for me because i’ve already got a few r40 equipment perfected.

          • Code

            Yeah but once you have max specialists the goal is to double them up through the system and then keep moving them back til you have a piece of gear full of said specialist.

            I never reset for it, and I’m not specifically sure how long it took, but I never minded the process since I was doing Class World a bunch any ways for the sake of it’s bonuses. But I figure I had a lot of luck with it too. The trick is to keep in mind you can put all your statisticians on armor, once it’s duplicated once, you double up that piece of gear on the person your getting your dupes off of. Then when you get another put a 3rd one on — on the 4th one you swap all the statisticians from that 4th piece to a weapon, then bamn now no matter what, when you are successful with the puppy paw you’ll always get a bunch more statisticians.

          • I’d reply below but it won’t let me. Good-For-Nothings don’t spawn Dropouts? I never knew that! That would’ve helped me a lot when I was doing my own duping for items. Thanks!

    • They are all a really good place to start to be honest, though the most improved is Disgaea 2 Dark Hero Days (PSP). Though the only thing you miss with starting at any of the Disgaeas that are not Disgaea 1 is stuff involving the post game and the recurring characters (their past).

      Disgaea 3 is honestly my favorite and I played that one before Disgaea 2, which was pretty awesome because of it being on a console and having just so much content. The story is charming and the main character and character interactions are awesome (attacks look splendid).

    • Code

      My personal advice would be to start with Disgaea on PS2 (voice acting~!) if your in it for story, it’s got the best story of all Disgaea games by far, also generally it’s main characters show up in all later games which is a much more appreciated quality once you’ve experienced the first game. And the gameplay is pretty much the bases for all other Disgaea games — if not all NIS games.

      If your in it for raw gameplay, I agree with Apollokids below, Disgaea 3; it’s a world faster, and has these really fun shortcuts to reaching max level, top weapons, and end game content, which makes it the Disgaea title with the most fun gameplay in my opinion. Also it’s main story is pretty much standalone, although you might not catch a lot of the post-game’s jokes and gags though without experiencing at the very least the original Disgaea.

      Where I wouldn’t start is Disgaea 2, in my opinion the gameplay is both much slower and more complicated, and it benefits a lot from having some prior Disgaea experience. The story doesn’t hold a candle to the original Disgaea, and the gameplay can’t touch Disgaea 3. Plus in Disgaea 2 there are a few spots where it helps to really have background knowledge of the original Disgaea’s storyline well playing Disgaea 2. My generally advice is don’t touch Disgaea 2, until having played either Disgaea.

      *Bonus recommendation* If you play Disgaea and dig it, I’d definitely recommend playing Makai Kingdom even over playing Disgaea 2; it’s sort of a spin off of the Disgaea series, but it has it’s own badass flavour~!

      • There was just something about D1’s story that made it excellent. Not that the others were less enjoyable (well D3 is second best). I just couldnt embrace the characters (apart from Axel) in D2.

        • Code

          Good storytelling, and characters — things that transcend the latest graphics and hardware >ww<'

          • Heheh, lets not go there!!!! Anyway, I believe Disgaea is one of the few exceptions (Tales of Eternia and Star Ocean 1 and Golden Sun as well)

          • Exkaiser

            No Live-a-Live? Son, I’m disappointed.

    • If you start the Disgaea games from the start, I actually suggest starting with the PSP version, not the PS2 version, of the first Disgaea game. The Disgaea games work very well on the portable system, and it gets rid of some of the drag about it.

      Contrary to opinion, Disgaea 2: Dark Hero Days IS very good, and you appreciate it even more if you start from Disgaea 1 and then move forward. Disgaea 3 though is a whole other beast, because it’s feels so much more speedy– but to best appreciate the games, it’s best to do them all in order.

      I won’t disagree to play Makai Kingdom, but I suggest that if you play it, you play it before you ever look at any other NIS game. Just, trust me on this, it’s hard for me to really appreciate it after going through Phantom Brave and Soul Nomad instead. D:

      • Isnt Makai Kingdom a classic, how would anyone even get access to that game? (why hasnt it been remade?)

        • I actually got mine off of Amazon– lucky break too. Their Warehouse Deals (an extremely good seller on their site for the games they get in that are used [and thus sponsored by Amazon themselves]) had it AND Soul Nomad for affordable prices. If you ever see an NIS game marked under it, it’s usually good to get it.Edit: And as a note, yes, I agree, why hasn’t it been remade? Personally, I think they should rebuild it up from scratch if they ever port it– preferably to either the PSP or the 3DS (dramatic 3D entrances!).

          Nother Edit: Also if you’re lucky, you CAN find NIS games in Gamestops. I got La Pucelle Tactics in one for $6 used.

          • Apollokids

            Just don’t save the game after losing Croix and Homard!!!!

          • Code

            rar, La Pucelle Tactics holds my personal record for cheapest game found, found it in EB Game’s liquidation sale, brand new still sealed for $9.99 >w<'

          • Was it good? The only reason I can think it wasnt remade was that it was a bad game…

          • It’s not a bad game, but I will say it feels weak compared to other games– the one before it, Phantom Brave, uses the same kind of gameplay engine, and looked and played beautifully. Makai Kingdom sadly felt like they had scrapped something earlier (namely Asagi’s game ohoho) and then put together what they had left for it.

            If they remake it, I’d demand full cutscenes like the ones in Phantom Brave and ZHP, since they had the opening scene be just that.

          • Apollokids

            There is a port of La pucelle out for the PSP!!!!!!! Its called La Pucelle: Ragnarok but it has only been released in Japan. News broke that NIS was doing bad (financially) after outsourcing their game development. They cut down on the number of titles released a year and did not decide to localize this game. I have the Japanese version and some tweaks include *New game+ added. The original game lacked it.*Added characters (*cough*DisgaeaTrio*cough*)*Expands on Overlord Prier*New artwork for some characters*New endings*No censorship (Croix smokes)*Easier to level up and reach 9999 (in the original, there were no bosses of that level, and so little point reaching it and also very time consuming)*Small gameplay tweak i remember is that- if you have already attacked and are standing on a purification beam, if it is purified by another hero, then you are able to act again
            How could i forget this. If you get the good/perfect ending for all chapters, when you reach the final chapter the story shifts in a way that will give access to Croix and Homard. And you get to use Demon Croix!

          • I am really sad that they didn’t localize it. With games like this that are very menu and story-focused, I’d rather have it in English. D:

      • karasuKumo

        Thank you I will do, a while ago I saw the first for the PSP full price on a few sites and thought it had to be good if it’s still that price. I’ll make sure to get them in order, I just wanted to make sure if it was best to do that :D. I just need the money now haha.

        The art style for them is really nice and the battle system looks interesting :D I’m rather excited to get it now XD. I’ll check out Makai Kingdom too.

      • Code

        My only big issue with the PSP version is they swapped out Amanda Winn-Leethey’s Etna (which is pretty much one of the 3 most voiced character in the game), for Michelle Ruff’s Etna which at the time I still think was having issues with capturing just the right sound for Etna’s voice (although it was still a ton better then her attempt at Disgaea 2’s Etna). Michelle Ruff’s I think finally did find just the right sound when Prinny: Can I Really be the Hero came out, prior to that though I felt, she had too much of a “sassy” sound. I know it’s more of a case of “you don’t know, what you don’t know” so it wouldn’t be an issue if you just play one of them, but I still always recommend the PS2 one for the fact it’s the one that set everything in motion for NIS >w<' Also it should go without saying, definitely don’t recommend Disgaea DS, it scraps voice work pretty much entirely, and you’ll quickly learn playing NIS games how big of a deal breaker that is. Also the gameplay equally suffered with poor battle animations, slow down and a lot more. I love NIS and I always hate talking down about any of there games, but with the PS2 and PSP versions on the market, they are definitely a way better option.Definitely 100% agree with your description on Disgaea 2 — the game is still good, but it benefits so much more from having played Disgaea 1. For Disgaea 2 I WOULD recommend the PSP version over the PS2 version in it’s case. It’s just packed with so much more, and there is really no reason to own the PS2 version over the PSP version.

        • Apollokids

          Amanda Winn-Leethey’s voice acting for Etna is definitely great and a plus for the ps2 version. The ps2 version also had the song “Invasion from Within” and coupled with the trailer- was the reason i went looking for the original game. It was, however, ommited from the psp version. Would have been all that better if we had the perfect port. Still, a little off of perfect.. is still close enough. Also the tedium of making level 200 r40 equipment has greatly diminished from Disgaea 2: Cursed Memories, because the psp port -Dark Hero Days- included level spheres to help level up your item.The Level Sphere is a highly important item that first appeared in Disgaea 3: Absence of Justice.

          • Code

            Yeah “Invasion from Within” was added in to the game by Atlus and wasn’t in the original Japanese PS2 version of Disgaea, but admittedly I always thought it was a nice touch, and a good move by Atlus. But NIS either didn’t want to renew the contract with Tsunami Bomb for the song, or couldn’t because Tsunami Bomb broke up between the time of Disgaea and the PSP port. rar, I still consider the PS2 version superior when it coems to Disgaea because of Amanda, although I do think Michelle has really nailed the roll the last few times she’s done it.

          • Invasion from Within is my song, I love it. What did they replace it with in the PSP version…er

          • Apollokids

            They didn’t replace it with anything. In the ps2 version it would come up when you fought strong enemies such as Baal. Going from what Code said, i would suspect that they didn’t bother putting it in due to all the litigation and red tape in the way. Its one song, put in by a publisher whom they are not affiliated with anymore, done by a now defunct group. Who knows how many of them wanted a cut and for how much. The Corporate world sucks..

          • Exkaiser

            I wasn’t a huge fan of “Invasion from Within,” myself… But to each his own.

        • Pretty much. I’m glad personally that I waited around and D2 for the PSP got announced. I pre-ordered it as soon as I could for a localized version and haven’t regretted it.

          I actually started out my foray into Disgaea from the DS game– I still ended up buying the PSP version though, since, yeah. Voice work, better graphics, ect ect. Only thing I miss is being able to use Plenair, but that’s why I downloaded her fast in DHD.

          But yeah, Etna’s voice is a bit of a “don’t know” thing for me. I didn’t play the PS2 version, so her voice in the port and onward was never an issue for me. At the least, the English voices overall are very good. (I can’t play D2 in Japanese, Adell and Rozalin sound so boring compared to their English versions. ;;)

  • cmurph666

    Hmmm… off the top of my head.

    1. Crescent Cross Slash
    2. Gemini Split
    3. Bullet Bash
    4. Shish Kabob
    5. Inner Fury
    6. Ripcord

  • Code

    rarr, I have some good names but the 10 character limit cramps my style >w<' Any idea what the bottom blank is for?

    • skyblaze

      comments and/or opinions on the game itself i believe

      • I should leave my standard comment there of “including the main characters and their side kicks (Almaz, Diez Gentleman (Master Bigstr and Salvatore)) as inclusions in the non dlc post game story mode, and for songs such as Modern Times (The one that plays in the screen for making a new character in D3) to return) oh as well as praise for the music in the series and more anime cutscenes”

  • glemtvapen

    The attacks are all boring except maybe the fist one.
    G Gundam reference is win.

    • Apollokids

      They are probably just new generic skills for their respective weapons. I doubt they would let us name S rank skills. A really nice skill for swords is Dark X Slash.

  • Kamion

    I just did submit my names… They’re pretty generic, so I don’t thing they’ll win. And they’re mostly Katakana because apart from the Fist-Move I couldn’t think of good Kanji-Names.

    Oh well.

  • ZomaNeko

    I would definitely call the first one “Cross Crash Slash” or something of that variation >>

  • shion16

    Sword: Tsubame Gaeshi (As Sasaki Kojiro)
    Axe: La guillotina (spanish accent makes it cooler)
    Gun: Bullet Sandwich
    Lance: pfählen( Impale)
    Fist: Inner Fury
    Bow:…….Thats a hard one xD…………Robin Hood!

  • lupinsansei19

    Just be sure not to use the word “edge” in the attack names or we’ll never see this game again!

  • Apollokids

    sword – Arc Sever
    axe – Twin Executioner
    gun – Magnum Press
    spear – Horus Spike
    Fist – Jaguar’s Pride
    Arrow – Tether Rebound

  • dusk

    sword – Hero Time
    axe – Double/Half
    gun – Two In One
    spear – Up N Down
    fist – We Are One
    bow – Here We Go!

    If only I could type in Kanji or Hiragana on my pc.

  • Letters is english?

  • 1. Fatal Cross2. Guilty as Charged3. Volley Bullet4. Impaling Death5. Fiendish Assault6. Assassin Slammer

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