Three Falcom PSP Games Get Super Prices

By Spencer . October 24, 2010 . 6:30pm


Just in time for the holidays, Falcom is reprinting three of their PSP games under their Superprice label.


Vantage Master Portable, Zwei!!, and Brandish: The Dark Revenant will drop down to 2,940 yen ($36) on December 16. While Xseed has a multi-game deal with Nihon Falcom, these three titles have not been announced for North America.

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  • kupomogli

    I’d like for Zwei!! and Brandish to get a super US release.

    • If you want Zwei! to be localized perhaps buying Gurumin will encourage Mastiff games to bring it, now everyone go buy that game, and brand new, not that used game crap! And if you don’t find it brand new then buy it off PSN, this is, like, an order!

  • dont know them but they look cool

  • I’d be surprised if Brandish ever comes over. That series has a… reputation in this country.

    Zwei!! and Vantage Master might be cool, though.

    • Reputation? Of what kind?

      (It’s a fun game though, no doubt.)

  • Yusaku_Matsuda70s

    SuperPrice! I feel excited just hearing myself say it. But anyway, they’re only for Falcom games right? Doesn’t Sega have something like that? Why doesn’t US companies have their own personalized Greatest Hit labels/ packaging?

  • d19xx

    Dear Xseed,

    English localization of Brandish please. k thnks bai…

  • neo_firenze

    Well, Brandish isn’t that hard to play without Japanese language skills. It’s pretty light on story and text, more of a pure gameplay-oriented dungeon hack. It’s also a fairly faithful remake of the SNES original, which did get an English NA release. And it’s region free.

    It’s a damn shame Zwei!! was looked into for localization and seems to be too cutesy looking to be deemed viable for the west, as I read in some long ago Siliconera interview. Fun game with a great visual style.

    Still, of all of Falcom’s PSP releases, I’d want Zero no Kiseki to be localized the most. Lots of text, very story-heavy game. Everyone PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE buy the Sora no Kiseki trilogy when Xseed releases the localizations in 2011, encourage them to bring ZnK (the sequel to that trilogy).

    • kactaplb


      • Third, fourth and sixth.

    • Draparde

      I for one will be preordering all trails in the sky games(or their Collectors editions should they have them). i too hope Zero gets localized too :O it looks wonderful.

    • I agree completly. The Sora no Kiseki and Zero are awesome. To understand Zero no Kiseki you need to play the Trial in the Sky saga first.Joshua and Estelle join you too in Zero ;D


  • RAVENKam

    $36 = ‘Superprice’? Exchange rates asides, Japan, your people pay waaay too much for…everything.

  • falcomgamefan

    Man, Brandish got cheap quick! Then again, it was a terrible game to begin with… Now Zero no Kiseki on the other hand…I do want this one. Can we ask Xseed to forget the TITS and give us the ZITS (not sure what the title will be in English for this one though but I can’t stand the Trails in the Sky games and I do want to have Zero no Kiseki). And “No!” I will not rebuy the games I already got ripped off on the PC with, again in English, just because Xseed is releasing them. Give me a good game and I will buy it in a heartbeat, but just say NO to the Trails in the Sky games. Why the hell did Xseed even pick these ones up? They seriously suck.

    Well, I guess there’s always Play Asia to import ahead of time…

    • neo_firenze

      OK, so you’ve called four recent Falcom games terrible in the span of one paragraph. Might want to rethink your user name…

      You’ve also showed your bad taste by saying Brandish is a terrible game.

      And what do you mean “again in English”? The Sora no Kiseki games weren’t released in English, they were only in Japanese on the PC. Perhaps you can read Japanese fluently or you used a translation guide/patch, but the upcoming NA PSP releases are the first time the SnK games will have an official English version.

      • If he’s a Falcom fan then what am I? I actually have most of their PC releseas and I’m buying the Xseed releases now…

        • falcomgamefan

          An Xseed fan? Perhaps?

      • falcomgamefan

        Have you finished Brandish to know if it is good or not, or have you even played it at all? I certainly have and its terrible…unredeemably awful to be more exact.I also know this is the first time the SnK (Trails in the Sky) games are getting a release in English. Actually, a large group of the American-born Japanese have already played these games in Japanese since they’ve been out for years, and I’ll tell you again, they’re B-O-R-I-N-G. I’m guessing you haven’t played all three yourself, let alone understand them, so you couldn’t possibly know about this, either. People who speak Japanese don’t need a crutch like some poorly written translation guide to play them.Anyway, I don’t need to rethink my user name because I’m a fan of good Falcom games, and there are some, just not as many as I’d like in recent years. I just don’t appreciate half-assed spinoffs let alone upgraded remakes being resold in a new package, or games like the SnK (Trails in the Sky) games that talk until I’m ready to huck my PSP in the garbage because I want to actually play the game instead of read for an hour every time a damn scene pops up. Call me crazy, but I don’t think most gamers will appreciate that considering about how everybody bitched and moaned over the long scenes on MGS4. Just a heads up if you’re expecting anything great or mind-blowing because you won’t find it in them.

        • neo_firenze

          I haven’t finished Brandish on PSP, but I have seen about 2/3 of the game so I know that I enjoy it. I also finished the SNES original that it remakes fairly faithfully. If you call it “unredeemably awful” then all that does is make me fairly confident that you and I don’t share the same taste in games.

          And yes, I understand that some people can speak Japanese – that’s why I asked if you were fluent in Japanese or used a translation patch/guide. Your original statement of “in English again” was a little confusing to me, now I get what you were trying to say (you played in Japanese, didn’t care to replay in English).

          I’ll take my chances on the SnK trilogy and try them for myself. I love the previous (Gagharv) Legend of Heroes trilogy and many people said those were boring too. Since I rarely come across a Falcom game, including their turn-based RPGs, that I dislike, I suspect I’ll be fine with the SnK games.

          You really do sound like there are a lot of Falcom games you don’t like though. What DO you like? Ys, I would assume? Perhaps you’re more YsSeriesFan than falcomgamefan…

        • Mega troll.

    • I love the irony of your username.

      • falcomgamefan

        Me too!

  • Cool! Now if only I didn’t have all of these already.

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