Sony Marks PSPgo Down To PSP-3000 Price

By Spencer . October 25, 2010 . 2:23am

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In Japan both PSP models will be the same price tomorrow. Sony will slash the price of the digital only PSPgo down to 16,800 yen ($208), which also happens to be the current price of a PSP with a UMD drive.


When the PSPgo launched in Japan last year the portable system was 26,800 yen ($332 by today’s exchange rate) or 10,000 yen more than it costs now. The current model of PSPgo in Japan does not include any games or way to transfer UMD games to the system.


Any takers?

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  • So, *cough* PSP phone, Sony?

    • capristrider

      *cough* *cough* coming soon!?

  • karasuKumo

    It was too soon Sony, what would I have done with all my UMD games? I’d get the 3000 out of the two :D

  • MemeticRichard

    Polish a turd, and all you’ll get is a really pretty, sparkly turd. Just apply stripper body glitter.

  • No birth by sleep, No buy.

    • MemeticRichard

      Buying any one system for only one game is one of, if not THE most foolish thing to do in terms of gaming.

      • Absolutely right *hides Gamecube u_u*

      • Serge73

        What you say is true, but that’s not neccessarily exactly what the situation is here. It could just be that Darren finds it pointless to buy a version of the hardware that won’t play a much-wanted game when there’s another version of the hardware available and comparably priced that will play it.

        I’m not interested in buying a PSP, but if I was, I still wouldn’t be interested in a “Go” if just one game I wanted wasn’t available for download…there’s just no point…

      • Bu bu but– it’s kingdom hearts T_T

  • Aoshi00

    Sadly still a no-go.. not unless there’s some cool LE, even then still a hard sell..

  • Apollokids

    Psp-2000 is the holy grail of hand-held gaming. Everything else, is just hardware.

    • MGSBigBoss

      I actually prefer the 3000 to the 2000. 3000 has a nice built in mic, better color, and nicer to hold :D

      • Yusaku_Matsuda70s

        Well the 3000 is suppose to be an improvement, but the improvements are rather slight and the screen had ghosting problems. Also, 1000/2000 users could “enable” *cough* more “diverse functions”.

        • Apollokids

          psp 3000 ta88v3 ofw 5.03- very rare and very valuable. *cough cough* must be a draft

          • Yusaku_Matsuda70s

            Let’s close this window before we get caught… with a cold. Then Sony will force us to… see a doctor.

        • Exkaiser

          Never noticed the ghosting issue on my 3000, personally.

          I suppose the “diverse functions” are up to personal taste, but I have a separate machine for similar functions. I just wish I could run POWDER on OFW. Ah, well, soon I’ll have ZHP for my Roguish needs.

      • Apollokids

        The psp3000 is definitely all that you have claimed. However a psp2000 is more in other ways. It’s a window to your childhood in the palm of your hands. Its a snes, a genesis, a neogeo system, every gameboy up to and including GBAdvance, and soon to be (near future) a nintendo64.

        i believe when a system is no more in production and games are not made for it, then emulation is allowed. Though digital titles (such as ps1 classics for psp) blur the lines.

      • doomspeller10

        I prefer the 2000. I once had a used 3000 and ended up changing it for a new 2000. While the built-in mic is a nice addition, I just didn’t like the screen. Furthermore, the 2000 is slightly slimmer than the 3000, and that doesn’t help when most accesories are specifically designed for the 2000.
        The Go might be cheaper now, but still you can’t play Birth By Sleep on it. Hopefully the Go will be somewhat redeemed by Total_Noob’s upcoming HEN exploit, it’s supposed to work with the Patapon 2 demo.

  • cmurph666

    Alrite Sony, its time for PSP2 already…

    • Apollokids

      I predict a PsP2 unveiling this upcoming E3 (2011). Followed by playable demos at TGS 2011. Japanese release date of winter 2011 (just in time for christmas) and North American release spring 2012. Or Simultaneous worldwide release spring 2012. (I cannot imagine any English games being ready before then)
      I’m also predicting Blu-ray UMD’s.

      • Unveiling and playable demos by or at E3, with JPN + US releases in Fall 2011, PAL before 2011 ends.I think they will be rather aggressive with getting powerful device into consumers hands in major markets by the end of 2011.

      • Blu-Ray UMDs are something completely unheard of at this point. As such, it would be a new piece of tech at the time of your predicted PSP2 Launch driving the price skyward. Meaning I don’t think it’ll happen. The release dates are probable though

        • Well there are mini Blu Ray discs outs there so it is certainly a possibility, actually it would be pretty amazing.

        • Apollokids

          I would be very surprised if sony opted to take out optical drives. Sony learned (pspgo) that people prefer physical media over digital. A umd holds 1.8gigs. I predict that the new medium should increase to 8-10gigs of space. The psp2 screen will be bigger by about half-an-inch therefore the new storage medium will be a tad bigger than a standard UMD.

          TDK unveils 16.5GB mini Blu-ray discs at CEATEC

          • Yusaku_Matsuda70s

            I drool at the thought of all the content, textures, sound and polygons that kind of space would allow…

            …Then I weep thinking about the dev time to create that content, the expensive display needed to properly view those textures, the sweet sound chip that portables never have, and the battery life that would result from those intense graphics.

          • Apollokids

            Psp sound chip is good/decent. With my seinheisser HD-555 i get a sound that is liquid smooth (though i must admit the psp does not have enough power to DRIVE my headphones). My biggest concern is battery life. We have not yet created a viable battery that can keep up with the ever increasing power needed from electronics. Current-gen laptops still top out at 5-8 hours in battery life. Even electric cars run on lithium-ion.

          • Just imagine how much game price and development will skyrocket! They may even rival that of PS3 games.

          • Exkaiser

            I don’t think it’s so much preferring physical media as it is the PSPGo being unable to access most of the PSP’s library (especially not games you might already own in physical form) and the PSN Store not containing everything.

            I think if they released a system with full digital compatibility from the start, instead of as an “upgrade” to an existing system, it wouldn’t have such trouble.

          • tubers

            I hope they do. I was thinking they might consider going all digital since it’s a new system. It’s not like it’ll ditch the UMD owners like from PSP 3000 to Go. All PSP2 titles can go digital and the PSP2 owners are not gonna have problems missing some titles like the Go. Although they say that it’s gonna have a physical media I am still skeptical. Mostly not to disappoint myself later on. I would like to believe it at least has PSP1 digital downloads backwards compatibility.

            Best case scenario for me is what you said. I’d love a slot loading UMD as well if that even exists xD

  • I wouldn’t buy it for 100 dollars. It was a silly development decision, that PSPGo

  • Im still waiting for my PSP2, hopefully this signals a full unveiling by the end of the year! One can only hope, lol.

  • naaaa i got my psp2000 with 8gb card im fine as it is …….. still got plenty of umds to play.

  • Would like one for the improved ergonomics, but the lack of an UMD drive is just a big no-no.

  • I just recently got one really inexpensively and I love it! I immediately went home and downloaded Prinny and Ys Seven and there was no looking back. I love how small it is, and I love not having UMDs. Now I’m counting the days until Ys Oath in Felghana. Not being a fan of Kingdom Hearts, essentially every thing I want to play in on the PSN store.

  • RAVENKam

    If this had been the launch price the Go may have had a chance…oh who am I kidding! Give em away Sony, no one will pay money for these.

  • Yusaku_Matsuda70s

    Price drops on old hardware=impending new hardware. Like others I expect a new PSP2 soon. If it’s got better 3rd party support than the 3DS I might bite (looks impossible right now but who knows), otherwise I’ll try the 3DS Lite somewhere down the line.

    Lost my PSP 2000 in a study lounge somewhere years ago…too bad, I really liked it too but now I’d rather buy more PS3 games.

  • Yeah because this will help sell the PSPGo

  • Lol like that’s going to fix any of the problems with this handheld.

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