Persona 2: Innocent Sin Remake Bound For PSP [Update]

By Spencer . October 26, 2010 . 5:49pm

imageAtlus is bringing Persona 2: Innocent Sin back on the market, but not as a digital PsOne download. This week’s issue of Famitsu brings us news about a Persona 2: Innocent Sin remake for PSP.


Satellite, the animation studio behind Macross Frontier, is creating a new opening movie for the game. Atlus is also including the original animated movie in the PSP version too.


Noted Shin Megami Tensei composer Shoji Meguro is the director of Persona 2: Innocent Sin. Meguro also handled the Shin Megami Tensei: Persona remake, which Atlus released last year.


While Atlus released Persona 2: Eternal Punishment in North America many years ago, they skipped Persona 2: Innocent Sin. Hey Atlus USA, now would be a great time to catch up on Persona history by localizing the PSP remake.


A thousand Jack Frosts and thanks to B.K. for sending us the scan!



Update: It sounds like Persona 2: Innocent Sin is along the lines of the Persona "remake." Atlus tweaked the PsOne game by with widescreen support, which made the menus easier to navigate. On the field players can see a mini-map and the status of the party.


A big gameplay change is you can see the emotions of demons on screen. This was done to make negotiation easier. Fusion skills have cut-ins similar to future Persona games. Persona 2: Innocent Sin also has an install feature for the UMD version.


When asked about Persona 2: Eternal Punishment, Meguro said he thought about including a remake of that PsOne game too, but putting both games on one UMD was impossible. While there are presently no plans for an Eternal Punishment remake, Meguro would like to make one very much.

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  • Awesome, hopefully this gets localized

    • MemeticRichard

      No need to hope. It’ll happen.

    • And hopefully the music remains intact.

      • MemeticRichard

        Likely not. Shoji Meguro is directing. So you can bet on a lot of “YO! Yoyoyoyo! YOH! HEY MAAAAAN!!!”

  • Bri

    Atlus, please, please localize it. I NEED this game. NEED IT.

    • Exkaiser

      This times a thousand million.

      • Slashlen

        This times a billion trillion.

        • Testsubject909

          Times infinity squared multiplied by meme and by the power of over 9000.

          • This, not more nor less.

          • Testsubject909

            Moderation huh?

            … I like that. +1 to you good sir or ma’am.

    • endaround

      Really if you’re that desperate you can get it right now you know

      • MemeticRichard

        I dunno… Is it worth ponying up $200? lol

      • kupomogli

        Actually you can’t. Persona 2 Innocent Sin never made it to the US. We received Persona 2 Eternal Punishment which is the second part.

        • endaround

          There is a full fan made translation available

          • Testsubject909

            Last I checked, I believe the supposed ‘full fan made translation’ is just a transcript translation and menu translation in the form of a site online.

            Meaning that you need to go back and forth between documentations about the game while playing a game that’s still entirely in Japanese.

          • Nope, a full translation patch has been out for quite a while. I should know, I beat Innocent Sin this summer. :P

          • neo_firenze

            No, it’s a patch. And it’s really well done. I play mine on a modded PSone system.

            And yes, I actually do own the legit Japanese version too :)

            And yes, my reaction to this headline was still !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          • Lol you’re wrong, since i beat the full translation.

          • kupomogli

            There’s a fan translation but I assumed he wanted to own the game.

  • Ereek

    It’s times like this that having a PSP makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

    I love my PSP.

    • Yusaku_Matsuda70s

      *growl*… *whimper*

    • EvilAkito

      It’s crazy that PSP is pretty much considered dead in the US, yet I’m buying more PSP games than ever before these days. Atlus and Xseed both have a lot to do with this.

      • Seriously! When I bought my PSP I couldn’t think of many games I wanted to play, now I have too many I want… I’ really want this game too!

    • Chow

      I’m still holding onto my PSP-1000 :). I guess if a PSP-4000 or a PS2P hasn’t been announced by E3 or TGS, I’ll get a PSP-3000 so I can play it on my TV.But yeah, is there any doubt that it would be localized?

      EDIT: I’d get the PSP Ericsson, but I doubt it’d have a UMD drive. :(

      • malek86

        I seriously doubt that abomination is going to run the same games as the PSP, seeing as it has a completely different hardware. Chances are, it will have both Android games and its own games (maybe some of them will be PSP ports, but I wouldn’t count on it too much).

        • I’d love to see what the PSPhone can do, but like you, I have my doubts over it’s capability. 1Ghz processor shared between Android 3.0 and it’s own game… That doesn’t sound good, especially with the power hogging devices today

    • malek86

      It’s definitely paying for itself, I must admit. My PSP usage vs. DS usage has been skyrocketing as of late.

    • MemeticRichard

      You have, like, the most likes for any one single comment I’ve ever seen on here.

  • Not that I’m surprised, but it still hurts a bit that this is on PSP instead of PS3.

    • MemeticRichard

      Lol. Are you being sarcastic?

      What logic is there in porting a PS1 game for a full blown PS3 release?

      • Putting it on a better system = reason for better.

        • MemeticRichard

          There’s no such thing as a “better system.” Every system has its ups and downs, and every system has something going for it.

          This is the sort of elitist crap that gets on my nerves.

          • Wow, elitist? Do I really need to go down a spec sheet to explain why the PS3 is technically and objectively the better system? Do I need to point out that the screen is about the size of my hand?

            I get such a kick out of people who take some sort of personal insult to the technical merits or lack of another system.

            If you enjoy playing a small pixelated, graphically underpowered system, then enjoy. But to say that there is even one positive to a PSP over a PS3 just shows some sort of bizarre fanboism that makes my head spin.

            I’d love to hear a single merit in which the PSP is a better system. Please enlighten me. Only possible thing you can say is “it’s portable.” And maybe if all you do is commute and spend no time within a house, then -maybe- that is a positive, otherwise it’s a joke.

          • MemeticRichard

            Hm. :) PSP has Final Fantasy Tactics and Peace Walker. PS3 does not. :(

            Like I said, lol. There is no better system – each one has crap that they do well, run well, etc. It’s about the games – NOT the number of pixels.

            If you’re so obsessed with technical specs and merits, then you need to stay far away from consoles friend. You’re very much obviously a PC gaming kiddy.

            Erm…”kiddy” ain’t an insult by the way… It’s like…”gear head” or “grease monkey”, y’know?

          • Here here, sir.

          • malek86

            “I’d love to hear a single merit in which the PSP is a better system. ”

            They’re making all the nice games on it? Surely that’s gotta count for something. The PS3 might be better technically, but if the PSP is the one with the games I like, then I’d say it’s the better system for me.

          • Would love to be able to reply to posts below this one…

            The point to begin with was that is Persona 2 was on the PS3 it could be better developed, technically. There would not be the constraints on it that the PSP brings.

            I’m not making a judgment call on game librarys for the systems. There are games on the PSP that I enjoy too, but I would always much rather them be on the PS3 or Xbox360, because the better specs would allow for more improvements, or if nothing else the ability for me to play these games on my television on not on a handheld device (which I have never been a fan of).

          • I’d love to hear a single merit in which the PSP is a better system.
            PSP retail games are considerably less expensive than PS3 retail games. ;)

          • @honorless
            Hah! Fair enough :)

          • Joanna

            No hidden costs? With PS3, you need a TV, but with PSP, everything is there, you just need to buy the games.

            Anyways, I don’t really care. I don’t have a PSP. It’s just, I do, overall, prefer handhelds because I used to have to share the TV and it was harder to play on consoles and as such I just played on handhelds for many years. (mind you I was a kid/teen then, so I didn’t really have the cash to buy myself a tv, nor did my room have room for a tv). So in that sense, I think handhelds are better. You don’t have to be hooked up to a tv, which is a blessing when you live with other people who need to use it.

      • Testsubject909

        Well… I’d say, because of the availability of the PSN.

        I mean, we’d all be able to download the game and play it on our home console and on our larger-then-the-PSP screen.

        Unless he means a full blown HD remake… In which case, holy damn my eyes would they burn by the glory and wonder that they would lay upon and regenerate immediately so afterwards from the sole and unique wish to be able to experience that miraculous event.


        Yeah… doubt it though, that takes lots of money.

        • Yeah, I meant as a downloadable title. As much as I would love a full-on HD remake, done Persona 3 & 4/Catherine-style, I know that’s unrealistic.

          • Zeik56

            Innocent Sin was never released in the US. If they did release it on the PSN there’s no chance we would get it. This is the only chance we have of getting a properly localized version of the game.

          • Why would there be no chance we’d get it? Please enlighten me.

          • MemeticRichard


          • Zeik56

            Atlus has already stated in the past that they have no plans to localize rereleases of old games such as on the Virtual Console or PS1 classics, since it’s just not profitable. If Atlus had decided to just put up the original PS1 release then we would never see it.

            Unless you meant like a full on PSN title a la Costume Quest, but there was never any chance of that happening either. A remake like this on the PSP is the only chance we have of seeing the game get a proper localization in the US.

  • Hopefully Eternal Punishment also gets a remake and both make their way over and are given a proper localization this time around ^_^

    • Exkaiser

      With Persona and IS both on the PSP, it seems highly likely that EP will get a remake. Whether or not they get localized depends on Atlus USA, but it seems likely that they’ll do them.

    • MemeticRichard

      I’m thinking they’re back-to-back releases. Once the port hex is recoded for the PSP release, they’ll have a retooled engine to which they can easily transfer the sequel.

      At that point, “development” time and costs will be cut by roughly 3/4ths. So…there’s absolutely no reason why they wouldn’t do EP next.

  • MemeticRichard


    “Noted Shin Megami Tensei composer Shoji Meguro is the director of Persona 2: Innocent Sin. Meguro also handled the Shin Megami Tensei: Persona remake, which Atlus released last year.”


    • Exkaiser

      Why the melodrama, good sir?

      • MemeticRichard

        I say “SCORE!” because P2 is easily the best in the Persona series. Especially Innocent Sin.

        I say “NOOOOOO!” because Shoji Meguro is directing. Which means he’ll retool the soundtrack. Which means it’ll be P1 all over again. Which means it’ll most likely be disastrous. Again.

        • Phlo

          If by “disastrous” you mean “amazing” I agree completely!

          • kupomogli

            No. By “disastrous” he means “garbage” because the Persona remake’s soundtrack is terrible.

          • Phlo

            Thanks for clearing that up! I guess I disagree with him then!

          • Boo hoo, I personally liked the new sound track in the PSP Persona game, more fun to listen to. But come on, if your going to be so butt hurt over the sound track, maybe your missing the point of the game, story, game play, controls, ya know, instead of saying something garbage because you liked something better about the first one doesn’t make it all garbage, it just makes it different.

            Can’t please everyone, and I guess your that one. XD

          • MemeticRichard

            Pizza is delicious. One of the greatest inventions of mankind. Ice cream is up there too.

            Yet, do you put ice cream on pizza? The P1/P2 games couldn’t possibly be more further apart from P3/P4 era games in terms of style, substance, story, characters, etc. They each have their merits (albeit, P3’s soundtrack was TRULY, TRUUULY terrible…).

            Having P4 style music spliced onto the original Persona was like playing Symphony of the Night to Abba songs:

            “Honey honey, how you thrill me, ah-hah, honey honey!
            Honey honey, nearly kill me, ah-hah, honey honey!”


          • MemeticRichard

            Nah, I mean like, it sucks? Horrible? Kills some of the experience?

            Like that.

          • Exkaiser

            I think you need more lone prayers in your life.

          • MemeticRichard

            No, what I need more of in my life is Yasunori Mitsuda, and triple-chocolate tuxedo cheesecake that’s only made in local Kroger stores.

          • He can’t please everyone. Hell, no one can please everyone. When he does P3/P4-ish OST’s people complain, if he does P2 style ost’s people complain.

            Personally, I’d like him to retain the soundtrack of P2, because it really matches the dark atmosphere, but even if he changed the soundtrack, I doubt Meguro will kill the atmosphere of epic final bosses.

            Subete hito no tamashii no tatakai?
            The almighty?

            I’d say those are awesome boss battle music over there

        • cj_iwakura

          The OST will be unchanged this time around.

          • MemeticRichard

            In that case, I’ll just leave this at a SCORE!

  • discoma


  • Totally on the hype train for this, can’t wait to see what new things they add.

  • This for once now makes me wanna buy a PSP and finish collecting the Persona Series!
    A thousands of Pyro Jacks(Its October) to you Atlus!

  • awesome

  • shion16

    they put persona in the psp and it get great sells
    they put persona 3 in the psp and it get great sells
    this is kinda obvious

  • joesz

    “cyber dancing”

  • Testsubject909

    Uh…oh…oh damn…

    I think I just… in my pants…

    Please… localize… will finally be able to understand everything… and play my original PSOne copy of Persona 2(.5)

    • MemeticRichard

      Do you have to say that? I did this in my pants? I did that in my pants? Is that how you express excitement?Do you think the readers, commenters, or devs are remotely interested in what’s going on in your pants? On what is being excreted there?There are more…dignified ways to express excitement, dude. And no, it doesn’t count a “cute” figure of speech either… It’s disturbing.

      • speedstersonic

        Oh, but I’m totally interested. ;P

      • Testsubject909

        It’s a meme buddy, relax.

        It’s basically an inside joke that’s available to just about anyone whose up to date when it comes to the internet culture.

        Basically, go watch the music video called “Jizz in my pants”. It’s a comedy sketch of sort if you will, a musical parody. The usage of the term ‘Jizzed in my pants” is basically utilized nowadays to announce great excitement and joy, an event that blows your mind in a positive manner.

        It’s also a far shorter way of expressing your excitement then to detail it out in a long winded wall of text, something I’m typically known for in various forums. Knowing that it’s typically a problem, I do my best to shorten my sentences to the bare minimum at times when required, such as this moment where all I really had to express was my overwhelming anticipation and joy at this piece of news, which only makes me anxious to hear about an english port.

        It’s not cute either, and I can see why you would think it disturbing but… This is a moment of “Lighten up dood.”

        Because if you can’t lighten up on my rather inoffensive statement… you won’t last well against an actual troll or flamer, and though you do seem intelligent to a degree, being so easily offended tends to make a fight against such beings on the internet all the more difficult, as you need to be level headed and calm as well when you do deal with such beings…

        Soooo…. I hope that helped you?

        • That meme Existed WAY before that song >.>. And besides, the shortest way to say it would be:

          “I came.”

          • Testsubject909

            I sit corrected.

        • Yusaku_Matsuda70s

          I don’t think he took it that seriously. I don’t think you should either.

      • Yusaku_Matsuda70s

        Can’t stop laughing… No sir I don’t care what’s in his pants. Can’t stop the tears… XD

      • Testsubject909

        Oh, and I’d like to add.

        A more dignified manner of expressing my joy.

        “Well, I must say, I find myself quite exhilarated by this prospect. Yes indeed, it is most jolly good news. I do believe that I am feeling much palpitation in my chest so joyful this news is to my ears.”

        There. A more dignified manner of expressing my joy, happy?

        PS. Don’t mean to poke fun at you but, really, try to lighten up… Or did you have a bad day? If so, sorry though there’s not much I can do to cheer you up if that’s the case.

        • MemeticRichard

          I was being sarcastic.

          But I somewhat won’t retract what I said lol. It’s a stupid ass meme, and I’m still not interested in what’s going on in your e-pants.

          • My pants are angry.

            MY PANTS WILL SMASH.

      • people have different ways of expressing himself he’s not offending anyone

  • holyPaladin

    Yes Atlus do it

  • So Happy : )

  • AdventureTimeFinn

    Can’t wait to kick Hitler’s butt. (That is if he makes it through localization)

  • ryne11

    I just sold mine for extra paper too.

  • I would be all over this and P2EP if they were released on PSP. I just hope they modernize them a bit and reduced annoyances like random battles and stuff (or at least make them less frequent).

    • Kamion

      Auto/Speedup Battle is all it needs.

  • Cant wait! Need this badly! :D

  • urbanscholar

    Hey look at that I think I just found one game to look forward to next year.

  • kupomogli

    Being that this is probably going to just be a port with movies added and terrible music, I think it should be “Persona 2,” not “Persona 2 Innocent Sin.” Is it too much to ask that both parts of the same game are included together? I also hope the soundtrack doesn’t suck again. Or maybe this time Atlus could put an option to toggle between original music or remake music. I won’t buy this if that travesty happens again.

  • nyoron

    I hope it’s better than Persona 1 since that did nothing for me.

  • evilkaz

    YYEEAAAHHH i loved persona 3 for my psp (i never played it 4 ps2) if they’re making another then i have more of a reason to keep my psp.

  • Yesshua

    I’m going to guess that this will see a 3DS version. We know that there’s something Persona coming to 3DS, and the PSP has nigh identical inputs to the 3DS. If they release it early, they can probably even get away without updating the graphics.

    Or they could be the biggest jerks ever, and put the other Persona 2 on the 3DS forcing us to own both systems.

    • speedstersonic

      Huh, in a weird way, that would be kinda cool seeing as how the story goes with those two. Not that I would complain because I plan on getting a 3DS anyways, but it would be mean to others. I do hope it’s an original Persona on the 3DS though.

  • speedstersonic

    OMG, OMG, OMFG!!!!!!
    There is no way this won’t be localized. This better mean they’re doing EP as well!
    Best news I’ve heard in a while!

  • Hopefully they’ll retract their “No Persona 4 Portable” Statement soon. Was my introduction to the Persona Series and I love that game.

  • Well this is a great news. Im glad to see that the animation studio is doing the cutscene. I cant wait for the imminent US releases 4 to 5 months after the Japan release.

  • Soma

    Aw, man! Amazing!
    And I was just dusting off my PSOne copy of Eternal Punishment today. =D

  • I can’t say “yes” enough to this.

  • Amazing news.. totally made my night. <3

  • Hraesvelgr

    It needs to be repeated that the music should be left alone. I’m not about to say the original version’s OST was amazing, but it’s leagues ahead of what Meguro has turned Persona into, musically.

    • No, no! We need the contemporary and modern take on the soundtrack, so people like me can still get into the game.

      • MemeticRichard

        That’s got to be the single dumbest reason to get into any game…

        I’m guessing it was Shadow of the Colossus’ riveting, J-poppy soundtrack that got you into the game, right?

        • Damn right!

        • I never actually played Shadow of the Colossus as I didnt really get into console gaming until the age of the transitional period of Gamecube to Wii/PS3.

          Anyway, the contemporary soundtrack of Persona 1 PSP kept me interested to get through about 15 hours of the game (then I put it down to play P3P).

          • MemeticRichard


      • Kamion

        The Soundtrack is awesome.

        If they don’t leave the Boss Battle Theme in there. I will cry.

        • The Boss Battle sounds to retro. I prefer boss battle and battle themes with vocals. I guess as of late, the games Ive played (RPGs) have featured vocals either people singing in latin, or in english/engrish.

          Though I will admit, the song was pretty riveting.

          • MemeticRichard

            “The Boss Battle sounds to retro.”That usually is the case when a game is over a decade old….

          • Your mind is retro.

          • MemeticRichard

            Ur faise is retro.

          • Doesn’t one winged angel sound retro?

    • Oh I didn’t mention this in the article, but Meguro said the soundtrack will be the same.

      • Hraesvelgr

        Oh really? This should be near perfect, then.

    • Zeik56

      I’ll agree with the sentiment that the music should be left alone, mostly because Jpop doesn’t fit this game and I like a number of the old tracks. (Some remixes would be nice though.)

      P3/P4 still has some great music though.

  • Tears of joy

  • If this comes to the west I will finally get to own a complete Persona series. Although I would like Eternal Punishment on the PSP too. Just to have P2 all in one place.

  • malek86

    Is this battle system better than Persona? Because I thought P1 was pretty bad.

    • Zeik56

      It’s better, though still not as good as P3/P4. (No Press Turn/Once More like system.) You don’t have to deal with the whole grid positioning system, which is a plus. It does suffer from many battles boiling down to mostly spamming fusion attacks though.

    Hell yeah!!

    next P5(psp2 or ps3!!!)

  • Finally! I’ve been waiting for this >_>

  • Kamion


    Can’t wait for this. I wanted to play the PSone version for quite some time… Now I can wait :)

  • Yui

    A whole lot of opinions in here! I’d personally like to add my two cents – I thought the P3, P4 and P1 remake OSTs were actually pretty damn excellent, and I am fine with the idea of Shoji Meguro handling the game, including its music.

    What worries me is the sheer amount of people in this news-post classifying their opinions as fact. =(

    • puchinri

      I’m mixed about the P3 OST, but I do love P4’s. (And most of Meguro’s music.) I have faith in Meguro handling the music.

      And that’s kind of typical as of late, it seems like. (Sadly.)

      • Yui

        Opinions are generally pretty divergent over Meguro’s work, but I honestly think his work is the best I’ve ever had the luxury of listening to, so it kinda hurts when people go around saying “omg shoji meguro is well bad, liek, no1 lieks his musik” or things to that effect.

        It’s good to hear of someone else who has faith in the man. =D

        • puchinri

          Yeah, they are. And I agree, I really enjoy his work.
          It’s kind of funny to me, because there are game composers now that just get so much love and praise and I feel a lot of it is kind of overrated and hyped. But someone like Meguro is very hit or miss.

          Indeed it is. Go Meguro~! C’:

    • Zeik56

      The only problem I have with Meguro’s direction with the P1 remake was that the Jpop just doesn’t fit the game as well, it felt like he was trying to force the game to feel like P3/P4 when it’s a completely different type of game. That doesn’t mean all the music sucked though, I was quite fond of the overworld theme.

      It was actually the battle themes I had the most problem with. Even as standalone tracks they weren’t all that good. Not to mention being so short that they looped within seconds, making the music feel much more repetitive than usual.

      I’m glad that they’re not messing with P2’s music much. P2’s music was actually quite good. (The game wouldn’t be the same without Maya’s theme.) I do look forward to some remixed tracks though.

  • YAYYYYYYY yunxtatsuya loooooooool

  • cmurph666


  • God really does exist. Our wishes came true!

  • superdry

    Wow. Awesome news. I had a feeling this was going to come along. Now, it’s just the waiting game for Atlus USA to announce the game for the US.

    Good that the soundtrack is going to be the same – I wonder if it’ll be redone (same music, but more modern sounding instruments and better recording).

  • [The Hunter] Doomrider

    Well, hopefully, Atlus USA is aware that this is sort of a big deal to basically everyone that cares about games and announce they will release it. As in, 5 minutes from now.

  • Jirin

    I’d love to see this come to the US. But please, revamp the negotiation system! My god that negotiation system is awful. And the amount you have to use it to get any worthwhile personae!

  • They had better not mess this up. No changes to Hitler, no changes to Lisa’s secrets and no changes to Jun’s sexuality. If they do there will be blood.

  • lostinblue

    I’ll buy this at a high price.

  • >>>Satellite, the animation studio behind Macross Frontier, is creating a new opening movie for the game.

    Hey, man, Spencer, it’s not a Satellite, but Satelight ;)

  • Apollokids

    “Meguro said he thought about including a remake of that PsOne game too, but putting both games on one UMD was impossible.”
    This is a lie. And you will see a garbage port of Persona 2: Eternal Punishment on the psp soon.
    For all you devoted fans.

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