Next Suikoden Project Is Sadly A Pachislot Machine

By Spencer . October 27, 2010 . 1:27pm

Sorry, Suikoden fans. Konami isn’t announcing a new Suikoden game quite yet, but they do have a new Suikoden project in development.


It’s Suikoden… pachislot. Basically, a slot machine with Suikoden scenes.



While this may sound bizarre, being a casino game company too Konami is no stranger to licensed pachislot machines. Beatmania, Goemon, Rumble Roses, and even Castlevania are in pachislot parlors.


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  • First Shadow Hearts and now Suikoden? Damn you, Pachislot machines!

    Also, er, why Suikoden IV?

    • kupomogli

      I was going to say the same thing. A pachislot machine based off the worst in the series.

      • Hours

        At least it’s not a Tierkreis pachislot.

        • jj984jj

          Yeah, at least they chose to defile the one Suikoden worse than Tierkreis.

          • Hours

            I don’t quite share the vitriol some people have towards IV. I don’t think it’s amazing, but I don’t think it’s abysmal either.I’ll take a mediocre canon game over a mediocre non-canon game any day. Anything that would prolong Tierkreis’s existence in the “Suikoverse” would be much worse IMO.

            Edit: It won’t let me reply to the next post for some reason. Anyway, the “mediocre” games I was referring to were Suikoden IV & Tierkreis themselves, not a pachislot version of them.

            The only reason I’d prefer that this pachislot be based on IV as opposed to Tierkreis is that I don’t want anymore Tierkreis presence in the fandom at all. I’m trying to pretend it doesn’t exist.

            Despite IV’s flaws, it still added to the canon and that’s worth far more to me than an unrelated spin-off that basically just had the Suikoden name slapped on. Tierkreis was a passable RPG by itself, but it completely failed as a Suikoden game.

          • jj984jj

            Even if it’s a pachislot game?!? I know some die-hard fans hate Tierkreis but wow. And IV deserves all the hate it gets, at least Tierkreis didn’t make you put up with terrible sailing and random encounters even in inhabited areas. Never mind that for a game that was the easiest of the canon the battles lasted way too long.

        • Pesmerga00

          Ugh, Tierkreis.

          -Somewhere in Japan-

          Dev 1: Well, our mediocre game is done.

          Dev 2: What should we cal it?

          Dev 1: How about; “Tierkreis: Lots of Dudes Fighting the Big Bad with Magic”

          Konami PR: No, that won’t do. We need brand recognition! How about we call it “Suikoden – and that other thing”

          Dev 1: But…………….. it has nothing to do with Suikoden.

          Konami PR: and?

          Dev 2: Won’t the fans get mad?

          Konami PR: I dunno?

          Konami PR: Hold on. Let me ask the experts of fan goodwill.

          Konami PR: “ring” “ring” So, do you think we should risk upsetting our loyal fans?


          Konami PR: Suikoden Tierkreis is a go!

    • Because they couldn’t fit 6 characters on the screen? XD idk.. but even tho SuikoIV had it’s horrible moments, but some of the characters are still pretty decent and the idea of learning the combo attacks made sense too. XD How would 3 or 4 people who never met or interacted with each other before know that they can do a combo attack together?

      • I have to disagree on IV. It had pretty much the worst of everything, including characters.

        • I will disagree with both of you, although it was a four character party. I still found it to be an excellent game, and love it just as much as I love EVERY single Suikoden game.

          • Just because you enjoy a series doesn’t mean you have to like every entry. IV was garbage and even the `true suikoden fans` know it.

          • Lucia_Nanami

            eeekkkkkkkk I’m also a suikoden fans and I didn’t find suikoden 4 is the worst…

          • Lucia_Nanami

            I like suikoden 4

  • *sigh*

  • Code

    Those Pachislots! Stealing your dreams of sequels! And given the chance they’ll steal all the money in your wallet too!

    I’m curious though, really just how much of an overlapping demographic is there between Suikoden players and Pachislot players, to warrant such a thing.

    • Hraesvelgr

      Well, there are pachislot machines of just about anything, these days.

      • Code

        That is true! I’d only use one if they made a Metal Saga Pachislot machine. Man walked in to the slot parlor in that game with $1500 and left with $27 million in the matter of minutes >w<; Those are my kind of slots.

  • cmurph666



  • brooklyngamer86

    Really konami, really???

  • Hours


    At least Konami is doing something with the brand, but I’m sure this is not what anyone was hoping for. A new REAL Suikoden please Konami.

  • One thing I must say is, Damn, That is actually the best looking Suikoden game yet, and it’s a Pachislot Machine xD Hopefully they are actually planing on using visuals like that on SVI, which if I know my Konami and how they make Suikoden games lately, will likely say they have been working on it since before Suikoden V =P

  • When i glanced at the post and saw the image, i nearly had an attack thinking it was about the new suikoden. Then i read and……….damn.

  • Konami, what is up with you? Alvin & the Chipmunks dubbing Suikoden Tierkreis, Castlevania Judgement, cellphone Elebits/Dewy instead of proper sequels, now this?

  • Slashlen

    That was just cruel…

  • EvilAkito

    Well, I can’t say I’m too disappointed since I’m fully expecting Suikoden VI to be a lame mobile phone game anyway.

    • They will hear me scream all the way in Japan if Suikoden VI is for portables.

  • Draparde


  • Yusaku_Matsuda70s

    Mobage!! You again! Why won’t you stop? I’m getting tired of–huh?
    Wait, what.
    Oh… No…? No. NO. NOOOOOO!!!

    EDIT: You got away this time but still hate you, Mobage!

  • Ereek

    I refuse to read this article or watch the movie because it will make me cry inside.Instead I am here moping in the comments like everyone else. Yes, yes, I suppose I’m whining.

    On the good side, it shows that Suikoden hasn’t been forgotten. Unlike Breath of Fire.

    • Oh, I don’t know about “forgotten”…

      *runs as fast as legs will carry him*

      • Yusaku_Matsuda70s

        Breath of Fire IV on the cellphone? My voice is still coarse from below… :'(

    • Code

      God I would kill for a new Breath of Fire T_T’ Absolutely adored 3, 4 and Quarter.

    • epy

      I know what you mean. Breath of Fire and Suikoden are in my top 4 fav RPG series, this article depressed me big time.

    • kupomogli

      Yeah. I love Breath of Fire, especially BoF3 and BoF4. Has never had a bad game in the series though.

      I even imported the PAL version of BoF3 for the PSP.

  • Pichi

    Hate entering things like this. So depressing. If this keeps up, I’ll just treat it like Tales of series information. Ignore it.

    To correct this, bring Suikoden II on PSN, please!

  • joesz

    So the hidden suikoden thing that was announced back 1~2 years ago was this?ridiculous…,I have nothing against pachisolt genre but this.. its like throwing rotten eggs at the suikoden series every time somebody plays it.

  • holyPaladin

    Suikoden already dead after Suikoden III because Yoshitaka Murayama left Konami
    IV the worst
    V meh

    Give me back my Suikoden!!

    • Suikoden V was amazing. I do agree with you that IV was awful, though.

      • epy

        The worst Suikoden is better than the best in some series in my opinion.

        • That’s true. Suikoden IV was an awful Suikoden game, but if it had been a stand-alone RPG…well, it only would’ve been an okay RPG, but still it wouldn’t have had as much to live up to.

          • I disagree with all four of you, I greatly enjoyed Suikoden IV. I have enjoyed every Suikoden game out there (except the gaidens, cause I haven’t played those as they are Japan only ;~; )
            But I suppose you could call me a true suikoden fan.

          • Ummm…yay for you?

          • Honestly, I think the only thing that seriously made me dislike that game was the ridiculous encounter rates. Other than that, it’s not so bad.

    • fuzzy_hobo

      Suikoden V is my favorite. But I-III are also very good.

  • maxchain

    I wish they’d CUT THAT OUT. I’m still not over Ganbare Goemon.

  • I died a little inside, reading this.

  • Depressing, just depressing

  • Pesmerga00

    (^_T) A tear shed for the fallen.

  • Guest

    Some of the most awesome concepts for games are made in Pachinko games and it sickens me:GatchamanDevilmanFist of the North StarEvangelionStreet Fighter: Chun LiSuperman (yes there is a chibi Superman pachinko game)Especially the Street Fighter one because it uses cool 3d graphics and looks like it could have been a cool action adventure game. Same with Devilman & Gatchaman

    What a waste.
    Also it’s usually impossible to hit triple 7’s on those games anyway

  • -_____- bahhh , then again if i went to japan and saw it id prolly play it «« …

  • Although I’m bitterly disappointed that it’s not a “real” Suikoden game, I must say the graphics look really amazing for a pachislot machine. O_O

  • -_-

  • As weird as this is, I think it’s kinda cool :D
    The graphics are sweet too, and I lerve Mistuba! You know you saw her near the end ;3

  • Lucia_Nanami

    the graphics is great… I hope i can go to japan and play it though T_T

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