Castlevania: Lords of Shadow Save Bug Patch Ready For PS3

By Spencer . October 28, 2010 . 9:24am

image Konami has a downloadable fix ready for an uncommon save file corruption glitch appearing on the PlayStation 3 version of Castlevania: Lords of Shadow. The patch fixes issues when a controller disconnects during an auto-save or the select/PlayStation button is pressed.


The patch also adds cosmetic upgrades like the ability to scroll text during loading screens.


Konami also has a patch planned for the Xbox 360 version of Lords of Shadow coming "shortly."

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  • Hm, I never had any problems when I played through this game. The ability to scroll through text would’ve been nice, though

  • [The Hunter] Doomrider

    Just in time for my sweet CE!

    “Good things come to those who wait.”

  • MemeticRichard

    I feel so bad right now – like a horrible person.Just a few days ago, in an act of tremendous generosity, my dad comes home and surprises me: Just for the hell of it, he bought me the Limited Edition of this game. So, I tear up the shrink wrap, pop it out and…find the LE to be the single worst thing I’ve ever seen. T_T It’s all slapped together in one pieces, the arbook, game tray, soundtrack sleeve, it’s all constructed together. And rather poorly at that – the glue that stuck the CD sleeve and artbook together came off upon opening it, and it’s all now hanging loose. The artbook is slanted to the bottom, and the game disc is hard as all hell to pop out. …At least it looks nice…on the shelf…unopened.So, then I popped the game in…and I feel even worse. T_T I’ve always hated the God of War games. To me, it’s like we have button mashers, then we have God of War… This was a completely blatant God of War clone with awkward controls, and a dodge/guard system that doesn’t even respond right.And roughly 3 hours into the game, I’ve yet to see how this is a Castlevania game…AT ALL. While not even close to as bad, playing this felt like it had the Uwe Boll syndrome, where the only thing it has in common with the brand/franchise is the name.But…. T_T Me dad bought me this as a gift, and I can’t be an ungrateful asscrack about it. PLEASE, someone tell me it gets like, five times better as I dig deeper into it…

    • Testsubject909

      Actually, the dodge and block system is quite highly responsive, you just can’t cancel out an attack midway into a block so you need to prepare your timing beforehand which isn’t all that tough and is a pretty good idea for a more realistic fighting sensation if you ask me.

      As for how this is a Castlevania game. Look at Castlevania 1-4, it’s basically in the same stylings as the original stage by stage Castlevania. Similarily to other Castlevania titles, you journey to the castle, and similarily to some other Castlevanias, you actually journey out of the castle thereafter (I think the one on the Genesis actually had you go to Castlevania, and then travel around the world.)

      There’s a lot in this game that tells you “This IS Castlevania”. Some of it is subtle, some of it is in your face, though even if it is in your face, due to the fighting system being so quickly dismissed as a rip-off, you tend to forget it.

      And think. Whip action in 2d to 3d, how would it work? The dodge system in 2d turned to 3d, how do you think that’ll work? The shield/block system from games like SOTN into 3d, how do you think that’ll work?

      Platforming from 2d jumping around to a more complexified 3d equivalent, how do you think it’ll work?

      Castlevania Lords of Shadow did the job right, it unfortunately means that it’ll be quite similar to many other games, but it’s the price to pay to remain true to the gameplay stylings of Castlevania in a proper conversion from 2D to 3D.

      • kupomogli

        This isn’t Castlevania. It’s Lords of Shadow. The game was going to be cancelled until Mercury Steam spoke to Konami about why not calling it a CV title. The character looks similar to a Belmont, carries a whip like weapon. There’s no problem changing parts in the game to have characters with similar names. Then whatever is left try to make it closer to Castlevania while retaining the same Lord of the Rings quality you have throughout the rest of it.While it’s a “decent” game, I like the game less because they crap all over the series by adding Castlevania to the title. Because of the fan reaction, Mercury Steam even stresses that it’s a reboot to the series and it in no way connects to the rest. So why didn’t they just use the Lords of Shadow name? Oh yeah. Then they can’t milk the Castlevania name for more sales. Silly me.

        • The original concept was for a Castlevania game, actually

          • Testsubject909

            Funny concept, yeah.

            There’s a lot of different stories, but from what I’ve gathered, from Konami’s and Cox’s own mouths (that’s the proper plural for mouth?), the game was originally showed as Lords of Shadow as to keep the whole reboot thing hush hush while still providing hype for the game, also it wouldn’t overshadow Castlevania Judgement and thus affect it’s sales.

            I keep hearing that Konami held an internal competition of sort between three different branches of Konami. US, Europe and Japan. IGA lost to Cox’s re-imagining of Castlevania, and thus Castlevania Lords of Shadow was a go.

      • Aoshi00

        Well said, as I kept playing the game (I’m only half way done, game’s long), I keep telling myself this is so Castlevania down to the core, every step of the way. Unless people insist the series needs to be 2D, SotN-like, have Yamane music and Kojima Ayami art, that’s nice, but then we would get nothing new but rehash after rehash of GBA games, which frankly I got tired of (even though I’m a big fan of side scrollers), or would people like a 2.5D w/ better graphics like Shadow Complex?

        Like you said, Just what do people expect Castlevania to play in 3D anyway? Before this came out, I thought Dante’s Inferno felt like a 3D Castlevania done right, the cross was especially awesome. And now LoS is even deeper and filled w/ more Castlevania moves, weapons, locales, gothic monsters, and references, encompassing the spirit of the old games. I thought Mercury did a hell of a job w/ this 3D reboot, which no Jpn developer had been up to the task at this point.

    • Aoshi00

      I don’t agree w/ your assessment of the game, I thought it was really Castlevania-like. Yes, it has the same type of gameplay mechanic like GoW or Dante’s Inferno, but it still feels like a Castlevania to me. The thing is I was never a big GoW fan, but I really dig this game. The platforming takes a little getting used to, but it’s fun and I appreciate how much thought and effort goes into every part of this game, just oozes w/ quality.Good thing I didn’t get the LE even though I like that cover, sometimes they’re a gamble. Usually you just look back and say “why did I spend extra $20 on this junk I’m never going to touch again?”, like the cheap Batman boomerang for Arkham Asylum. Not to mention the cumbersome packaging that’s worse off than regular case. I just thought $40 is a good deal for the regular edition. Afterwards I read on Amazon review listing all the problems you mentioned, I thought thank god I made the right decision :) One CE I didn’t regret getting was Alan Wake I suppose, the goodies were pretty good.

  • Great Timing my euro CE is on the way ! *_* ! hopefully it arrives tomorow wana play it over the weekend!

  • Funny thing is that few days ago they apologised on Twitter and wrote that the patch is on the way and yet when it came out yesterday they didn’t write a thing :|

  • I got the save corruption AT THE LAST BOSS! I downloaded the patch, yesterday, and, you know what? I don’t mind having to play through the game over again, even if it really is just God of War mixed with Uncharted. It’s still one of my favorite games of the year. Is it Castlevania? Not really. But it’s still a great game.

    • I got the same issue at the same place two times the first was a surprise so I did not have a back up the second time I made the back up just before I started the mission.

  • Aoshi00

    I’ve heard something about this save corruption, people getting their save files wiped out before the last boss. So I haven’t touched the game since. I’m only half way done, good thing it hasn’t occured to me so far. BTW, is the Heavy Rain Move patch out for the US yet? I have the Jpn copy and it doesn’t seem to be d/ling any update even when I sign on w/ my Jpn PSN :(…

    • The Heavy Rain move patch has been out for almost a month. Mine was patched, I believe, a week before Move even came out.

      • Aoshi00

        I d/led the Move demo before. I kept popping in my copy from time to time but it never does the automatic update, I guess the Jpn game never got the patch yet, what’s the deal.. actually Move was rather hard to play anyway..

        • I was showing the game to a girl I had over (you’d be surprised how many non-gamers find they really like playing it) and there was this big, like 1g update. Next thing I know, the Move control instructions are on the screen.

          • Aoshi00

            yea, I finally got the update, it’s a giant 914Mb. I guess Europe had it first, then the US, and then Jpn. I think the last time I checked was over a week ago and there was so no update, I was worried if they wouldn’t patch the Jpn ver. The demo doesn’t seem to play that well w/ the Move controllers (it took a while to figure out what btn I need to press/hold or how I should be moving w/ some prompts, not very intuitive at first), but I’ll try using the new way to get the “perfect crime” ending.

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