Disgaea 4 Has Anime Cameo Characters

By Spencer . October 29, 2010 . 3:13pm


Following in the footsteps of Z.H.P.: Unlosing Ranger vs. Darkdeath Evilman, Nippon Ichi roped in anime cameos for Disgaea 4. Cast Omega Fire and Meito Anizawa from Anime Tencho cuts-in for the attack!


Dengeki PlayStation also gave us a look at the so-called "punishment" system in Disgaea 4. There weren’t any details, just this screenshot of an archer with her hands tied. Other commands on the menu include tie legs, dirty talk, and to give her a massage. While these commands are reminiscent of Criminal Girls, Disgaea 4 also gives players an option to listen to Ymir.



Other screenshots show a spell effect for Giga Wind and a mysterious picture of what may be online space pirates.


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  • Online Pirating!!!!!! Oh I hope that means that we can pirate others, and that others can pirate us while pirating. Pirating Pirates Pirating Pirates Pirating Pirating Pirates,lol, that joke will never get old. I know some of you all hate my failed attempts to be funny, but, lol, I honestly do this to crack myself up, lol. Pirating Pirates!

    Anyway…Giag Wind…I hope they add in the Peta level of attacks that were present in Disgaea 2 Dark Heroes Days. Giga, Tera, Omega, Peta. Actually I was hoping they would even go beyond Peta. I love their Battle Animations, the battle animation director and his team needs to be praised.

    • Yusaku_Matsuda70s

      You’re alright, kiddo. There’s no penalty for getting excited over something.

    • Code

      I was the exact opposite actually I’d rather magic stick to only 3-4 levels max, now what I’d want in that department is even more weapon based skills.

      • Oh yeah more weapon attacks too, some of them looked and were brutal. Hellfire Catharsis will forever be my favorite skill with the gun, lol.

        • Code

          Yeah see magic after a few levels gets a little samey for me, I enjoy the best version having a neat summon or something, but I always felt where Disgaea shined was it’s weapon skills. Seriously if they want to impress me, make A TON of weapon skills in the game.

    • “Online Pirating!!!!!!”

      Are they trying to…make a POINT? @[email protected]


    Man do I wish that screenshots sometimes came with translations.

  • malek86

    Who’s that guy anyway? How comes he’s appearing everywhere?

  • nyoron

    Archer is so cute on that horse <3

    I remember seeing something about a collaboration with Lotte no Omocha as well. Seems fitting since Yui Haga's character designs look right out of Disgaea anyway.

  • Code

    rar, good god can not wait >w<~! Although anime cameo's seems — I don't know like it's missing the point kind of, the strong part of Disgaea/NIS cameos is that they are all characters from other NIS titles.

  • Hehe… I saw this on Sankaku Complex. Here’s the list of commands in the second screenshot from their article:Hit her with a roll of banknotesMake her sign some documentsTie her armsTie her legsHave a naughty talk with herMake her toady up to youHave her give a massageListen to her troubles

    • Also, in a discussion with a friend, my friend said he “would listen to her troubles, then make her sign some documents.”

      • d19xx

        Your friend is sick and twisted :(

        • He took what I would do one step further. (I’d just listen to her troubles.)

        • Yusaku_Matsuda70s

          I’m sure there are plenty of other uh, things in this game that can be *twisted*.

    • Bankrolls, lol, some of these choices.

    • Code

      haha, hit her with banknotes, lol, what? I can’t help but laugh at that — I can’t help but approve this punish system on every level. NIS your sense of humor is a shining star, in the void of humorless games.

    • Barrit

      You can’t forget the part about the upgradeable pirate ship to interrupt other people’s games. That was a really nice addition

    • Yusaku_Matsuda70s

      Are these in chronological order for some form of prostitution, the first step being payment and the last step being afterglow?

      Sorry that’s just how I read it.

    • Testsubject909

      Remember, they’re demons. Being nice to them is torturous, so yeah. Listening to her trouble as she’s bound with no choice BUT to have her troubles listened to?

      Damn horrific torture for a demoness if I haven’t seen one before.

      • kactaplb

        Didn’t even occur to me, although I should have known and expected nothing less from disgea….

  • Starmony

    I wonder if the punishment system will work as well on male units…

    • God, I hope so. >_>

    • Yeshua49

      If so then this game will be a must have for me^_^

  • pridesin

    I am just wondering, why is that Archer character has heart mark thought, when she looks like being punished??
    Is punishing the character in disgaea 4 suppose good thing?????

    • nyoron

      I take it you’re unfamiliar with S&M, go read the excellent manga Nana to Kaoru to learn more.

      • pridesin

        Ohhhh… In that way, okay. Very interesting (I actually read Nana to Kaoru). But, I still don’t understand about getting pleasure from pain (I know it create high endorphin).

        • Exkaiser

          Some people just like it. Different strokes, etc.

          • Yusaku_Matsuda70s

            You put it so mildly…

    • glemtvapen

      Ah, it looks like this is the first time you have encountered the wonderful triangle horse. If you look closely, how the archer is straddling the “torture” device you would understand how she would derive pleasure…

  • Draparde

    I think i may have found a new avatar picture~ (looks at emizel screenshot)

    but to be on topic, thats awesome! i was wondering if they’d continue having anime cameo’s…

  • OMG Anime Tencho! pure hot blood. They should add some Touhou too hehe.

  • omg i love the sprites, good thing is not only with monsters!

  • ManaKnight

    I’m really excited for the game. Love Disgaea and really love the new sprites.

  • LastFootnote

    I have to say that this punishment system on a console game could easily end up being a problem for me. It’s not something I really want to have to explain to my wife, or any future kids, for that matter, if I want to replay the game.

    Hopefully all the anime cameos won’t be a problem for localization, although we have a confirmed North American release, so I suppose I shouldn’t worry.

    Looks like they’re bringing back the gargoyle-type monsters from the original Disgaea. That’s cool, I guess.

  • eliel

    i hope theres some anime Bosses fights(as extras of course)
    who would make a great weirdly boss that fits to disgaea?

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