Time Crisis: Razing Storm Playtest: They Should’ve Called It Deadstorm Pirates

By Spencer . October 29, 2010 . 7:18pm

Time Crisis: Razing Storm, more appropriately called Big Gun 3 Shooting in Japan, packs three Namco developed light gun games on one disc. Where should we begin?




Let’s go with the titular game, Time Crisis: Razing Storm. Out of the three, its the one with the most changes. Razing Storm has a made for PS3 first person shooter mode. Its similar to the first person mode Namco Bandai made for Time Crisis 4 where the Guncon 3’s analog sticks move your character and players point to shoot enemies. Namco Bandai added an awkward cover system to Time Crisis: Razing Storm where you can wave the Guncon up to hide behind an object. While under cover, Razing Storm plays like a classic Time Crisis game where you can pop-in and out to shoot at soldiers and giant mechs.


Using the wonky G-action cover system is a major problem. First, you can only hide under Namco Bandai assigned points. Second, you have to stand perfectly in the right spot to take cover. Otherwise you’re just standing in a prime spot to be shot. Maybe, I thought, Namco Bandai designed this mode for a regular controller so I tried it again, but the controls are still cumbersome. For some reason Namco Bandai decided tilting the controller to hide was a good idea. Fortunately, even at point blank range, enemies will miss you. Sometimes they’ll just stand there, as if you’re in a carnival shooting gallery. There’s an option to play the FPS mode online in deathmatches or team battles. Both modes are exactly what they sound like, with light gun controls… and less players.




Similar to Time Crisis: Crisis Zone, the arcade port of Time Crisis: Razing Storm gives you a machine gun and a bullet blocking shield (+10). Just point, hold down the trigger, and destroy. To keep players from beating Razing Storm too quickly, you start out with a limited number of credits. Once you get the right amount of credits it takes about half-an-hour to blast through the entire game.



Time Crisis 4 is just a port of the arcade game. It’s actually the same game Namco Bandai sold with the Guncon 3 back in 2007, but without the FPS mode. Don’t worry, you’re not missing anything. The best parts of Time Crisis 4 are its over-the-top helicopter scenes and switching weapons to shoot bugs. The greatest threat in Time Crisis 4 are Terror Bites. Each one is weak against a different gun. The shotgun, for example, is super effective against wasp-like Terror Bites.


Even though it isn’t the headline title, Deadstorm Pirates is without a doubt the most fun game in Namco’s shooting collection. Imagine Pirates of the Caribbean with guns, that’s the concept of Deadstorm Pirates. Levels are piled up with skeletons and a Kraken to shoot. Namco Bandai added wheel movements to Deadstorm Pirates, motions where players have to quickly move the Guncon left or right to dodge attacks like a bite from a gigantic snake. Wheel actions are triggered at specific moments so you can’t shake your way out of a skeleton sword fight. A few sequences, including the aforementioned Kraken boss, lets players steer a ship with motion control. When playing with the Guncon, I noticed the wheel actions had a problem detecting motion I held the controller with both hands. Letting go of the front grip made Deadstorm Pirates few motion controlled scenes much more responsive.



Deadstorm Pirates drops many elements Namco Bandai introduced over the years. There’s no "pedal" or cover to hide behind. No weapons to switch between, just a single power-up that appears at set places. You don’t even need to reload in Deadstorm Pirates. It’s so simple, but the (purposely?) flat voice acting, ridiculous setting, and Let’s Go Jungle borrowed team shooting mechanic makes Deadstorm Pirates well worth the 3.8GB install. (It’s the only game on the disc that requires an install.)



The campiness and pirates setting made Deadstorm Pirates standout from the pack. For a game that involves robots with metal tentacles, Time Crisis: Razing Storm takes itself rather seriously with its futuristic terrorist plot.

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  • Code

    rar, is a machine gun really the best weapon to take out a bug infestation?

  • No mention of Playstation Move in the article? Isn’t this a Move enabled pack?

    • Yeah it is, but I played it through with the Guncon.

      • Belenger

        The correct way to play it, Kudos Spencer.
        Real controllers with proper gimmick -> poorly programmed controllers with emulated gimmicks.

        • NeoTechni

          The irony being that it works better with Move (its faster and more accurate), and they didnt even optimize for use with the guncon (you cant control the camera with an analog stick in FPS mode)

          So which one is poorly programmed?

          • thebanditking

            (to quote Phoenix Wright) OBJECTION! I recently bought a move and think its fantastic (accuracy wise) for almost everything I have played. I downloaded the Time Crisis demo and I can’t get move to work for it at all (others are complaining as well). From the demo I played this game was an unplayable POS with move, if you know of a trick to calibrate it properly, please let me know.

          • NeoTechni

            From the demo and roughly 10 hours I’ve played of the game, it works better and faster than the guncon.

            I’ve even used both at the same (2 player game) to compare. The guncon moves in large steps in comparison to Move’s fluid movements.

            There is nothing wrong with move in this game.

  • Yusaku_Matsuda70s

    Liking the pirate gettups. Actually, like those massive gold-embroidered guns even better. Razing Storm seems kind of dull, but Deadstorm Pirates seems more akin to the absurdity from House of the Dead.

  • This, No More Heroes, and Dead Space Extraction convinced me to get a Playstation Move this year.

  • hush404

    I love this game(s) :) In the pirate game, the bearded guy keeps referencing to the gold guns as “THE GOLDEN GUNS!” and talks about their wondrous power :P I really want to pick up another move controller to give it a go with a family member or friend.

    • Code

      I love the fact the bullet chamber appears to just be a giant barrel >w<; It makes me think of something Donkey Kong would use, frankly it looks like it'd take at least a Great Ape to wield a gun that large x__x;

      • hush404

        I dunno…. have you heard the characters talk? They could very well be a related to Donkey Kong directly :P

  • I played the arcade version of Razing Storm. The only problem I had with it is that I wasn’t used to the larger magazines, so I found myself hiding more often than I needed to.

  • NeoTechni

    I’m quite pissed at all the control issues

    he new Time Crisis game is pretty much what I got Move for (thanks for not putting a demo up on PSN btw, Namco. Much appreciated not being able to play it when others could) I’m mostly disappointed.

    Far too many control issues. In case you’re unaware, it’s composed of 3 different games (Time Crisis 4, thus wasting anyone’s money who bought it when it first came out, some Pirate game, and Razing Storm) There is no consistency with the controls between the 3 games. The buttons to do something in one game wont do the same thing in the others. (Silent Scope Complete on XBOX had the same problem) Even more annoying, the menus will say press trigger to confirm, and not respond to it.

    The biggest loss, is the ability to use a second controller (ie: reload pedal) to control reloading/shielding. You can’t even use a NavCon for it! I tried to use it, it just joined as player 2 (with no option to leave the game)

    In FPS mode, you aim at the edges of the screen to turn. This sucks. It’s why Wii is so bad at FPSs. I figured, since Time Crisis 4 had the best FPS controls (sadly this mode was removed…) that using the GunCon3 would let me control in the same way. Nope. That option isnt there. Using a GC3 actually made the game worse! It’d get stuck at these random G-points and have a seizure.

    And the bigger slap in the face is the trophies. Play 765 ranked games online? The servers will be dead long before anyone gets the chance to play that many games! Another one is killing 200 people while standing at one of those G-points I mentioned. I haven’t even done it once in a few dozen games. It’s almost impossible!

    And how are the load times so bad when it installs to the harddrive?

    On the plus side, the online FPS mode is pretty fun. Though it could use at least double the player count…

    Well I found a glitch in the trophy system, so now they have to patch it. They might as well fix these issues too
    The Navigator of the High seas trophy says to get it I need to clear the stages after the stormy sea in ranking mode. Well here are my ranks proving I’ve done it as well as my placement in my leaderboard. I’ve cleared it in both solo and co-op


  • BelmontHeir

    Deadstorm Pirates does indeed look like a lot of fun. I love campy games that don’t take themselves too seriously, and I agree with the other poster who said those “GOLDEN GUNS” look like something Diddy Kong would wield. ;D

    • MisterNiwa

      Wouldn’t Diddy Kong use guns made by barrels? I mean.. doesn’t he?

      • Yusaku_Matsuda70s

        Banana guns in Smash Bros.

        • Code

          Peanut Pop Guns! Pewpewpew!

          • MisterNiwa

            Pewpew Pew~ !

          • Yusaku_Matsuda70s

            Nuts! I confused his over-the-shoulder banana peel toss with his nut popper! >_<

        • MisterNiwa

          Well I just popped in Super Smash Brother’s because of you, because I was not sure. :D

          Btw, Hai there.

          • Yusaku_Matsuda70s

            I was wrong! But… Aokiji thinks you should post more often. :D

  • ManaKnight

    I have the game, and I’ll put it this way:
    -Razing Storm Arcade mode ROCKS. It’s very short, but really fun.
    -Time Crisis 4 is good (I still have the game), but my least favorite game in the collection.
    -Deadstorm Pirates is beyond awesome.

    Time Crisis Razing Storm online and FPS stuff is awful. Like Tekken 6, Namco centers the game around a horrid story mode that no one should care to play (with most trophies and all). Namco is better off keeping it simple sticking to arcade play only.

  • malek86

    It looks totally awesome, but I’m not quite ready to buy a Move just for this.

    But, if they manage to get HOTD4 too, then I might change mind.

    • thebanditking

      Oh you just had to remind me :), we all need to get on Sega fast for HOTD4 on Move.

      • Since I’m buying a Move anyway, I’d settle for a House of the Dead collection with 2, 3, & possibly Overkill on it.

        • malek86

          Why would you want a HOD collection with only one good game? (well, I guess HOD3 is debatable)

          I would be content enough with 1, 2 and 4. Oh, and EX would be cool, I want to try it.

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