That’s Actual Artwork From Final Fantasy Legends

By Spencer . November 1, 2010 . 5:09pm

imageTaking a break from nose-less protagonists and effeminate males, this piece of Final Fantasy Legends: Heroes of Light and Darkness artwork goes for humor. Square Enix released this picture of a mysterious old man, one of the new characters in the Darkness Chapter "The Ranger that Snatched the Light." The mysterious old man appears to have lost his eyesight is found in the woods, an area protected by elves.


While Final Fantasy Legends: Heroes of Light and Darkness is a new Final Fantasy game, it’s built like the Super Nintendo classics. You know, the days when senior citizens could be party members. Tellah, FuSoYa, Galuf, and Strago say hi. We don’t really see that age bracket Final Fantasy games these days. Sazh had a kid, but he didn’t have white hair.


This chapter also introduced the ranger job into the roster.


image image image image image

  • JustaGenericUser

    Isn’t “effeminate females” a little redundant?

    • Tom_Phoenix

      Maybe Spencer is a fan of the more Amazon types, like Celes. :P

      • Celes is one of my favorite characters, but that wasn’t what I meant. Correction noted!

        • EvilAkito

          Agreed! Celes is an awesome character.

        • Tom_Phoenix

          Yeah, I knew what you actually meant. I was just making a joke, that is all. ^_^

          And yes, Celes is awesome. =)

      • Joanna

        B-but Celes wears a dress!More seriously though, I always felt Celes gave off a very elegant feminine vibe. Nothing wrong with that, in fact, I wish we had a few more elegant noble heroines. And if it wasn’t obvious, I too think she is a great character. :)

        • Tom_Phoenix

          Oh, I never said she wasn’t elegant. But since she tends to be strong and tough as nails, she preety much qualifies as an example of the Amazon archetype. Of course, there is nothing wrong with being tough….she WAS a general of an army, afterall.

          • Joanna

            Ah, I see where the misunderstanding came from now: I was interpreting your comment on Amazonian females as referring to appearance (i.e. – big & muscular). xD

            I agree, there is nothing wrong with being tough, in fact, I like those kinds of characters, especially the strong silent types. (Like Maria, my avatar)

  • SolidusSnake

    Galuf was one badass old dude!

    • Arcm

      I love Galuf… Actually, I love FF5

      • SolidusSnake

        ya ditto, it’s one of my faves in the series

  • What’s so wrong with “effeminate females”? I love them. ^_^

  • im sorry but this is off topic umm for me silconera isnt loading any the images or back ground im using firefox and i used IE whats the problem is anyone else having the same issues or is it just me? and its only silconera too

    • fallen

      i might be wrong, but i think you might have to make an ad-block plus exception for this site. get used to trying that when images don’t work!

  • Tokyo Guy

    Ah this game hasn’t really impressed me at all. I downloaded the intro demo months ago and it felt like another pallet swap of Final Fantasy IV.

  • Joanna

    Is it wrong for me to wish this gets a port like FFIV: The After Years?

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