Falcom Twitter Teases An Announcement

By Spencer . November 2, 2010 . 2:10pm


On Twitter, Nihon Falcom is teasing some kind of news for the day after tomorrow, November 4. A message asks fans to keep checking the official site or e-mail zine.


Ever since Nihon Falcom released Zero no Kiseki on September 30, the company has no announced games. A new game announcement, perhaps?


Falcom released three games in Japan this year. Ys: The Oath Felghana, Ys vs. Sora no Kiseki, and Zero no Kiseki, all of which were for PSP.

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  • Ys: the Oath in Celceta pls

  • Geez Falcom I love you and all but take a break already, you are gonna make me broke. :(

  • Finally stepping up to the PS3? I think a PS3 RPG would blow peoples minds.

    • I hate to rain on your parade but an HD game from Falcom is extremly unlikely. If you are aware of Falcoms track record they have been primarly been a PC developer and have an extremly small team and the only reason they have started making games on PSP is because their old PC game distributor (I forget the name) aren’t distributing their games anymore. If they team up with someone else (like imageepoch) then they might release something for PS3.

      • Yusaku_Matsuda70s

        Ya never know! Imageepoch is announcing some sort of HD game. Sooo… team-up could happen. Chances not high, but could.

      • Hey, and thats why it would blow people’s mind, talk about the most left field announcement of the year, no one wouldda seen it coming.

      • Au contraire, mon fraire. Falcom’s president has indeed expressed interest in making a PS3 game, and on a separate occasion remarked that Ys Seven is headed to another platform besides the PS3 as well. Word on the street is that a PS3 version of Ys Seven is the most likely project.

        • He might be interested, hell I’m interested, but it doesn’t mean is viable. If it was that easy for them to develop for console why haven’t they been making console game for such a long time?

  • androvsky

    Thursday announcement, eh? So I guess we’ll find out what it is in about 3 hours, most likely. ;) Yay Famitsu leaks.

    • Yuan

      I think it’s just a teaser to a teaser. Famitsu leak has out and nothing on it.
      Besides, like NIS and Gust, Falcom’s titles are mostly revealed on DPS (and no DPS this week).

  • anbu

    More psp love please!!!

  • Is we think of the Adol’s-adventures-that-are-waiting-for-their-PSP-port I’d bet Ys Origin is on its way to PSP :P

  • Gotta be Ys Origin.

  • Ys Origin, Ys IV or Ys V PSP please, it’d be cool but not surprising to see Ys SEVEN PS3, the others would surprise me.

  • joesz

    I hope its a new game announcement,
    their zero no kiseki game was a great game!

  • neo_firenze

    I’m gonna want whatever they announce, regardless of system.

    But I’d hope for PSP Ys Origin, or Ys IV/V remakes the most (confirmation of multiple games would be super cool). I’d sure pick up an enhanced Ys Seven, but it’s lower on my priority list. And yeah, Zero no Kiseki getting a confirmed US localization by Xseed would make my month.

    Sad I can’t play US Felghana until the weekend, as I’m travelling for work and too busy to go hunt down PSP games. But my wife did pick up my reserved copy today (LE), so it’s waiting for me when I get home!!!

  • RAVENKam

    I know they have their work cut out on Sora no Kiseki first but an Xseed announcement for a localisation of Zero no Kiseki would be so sweet.

  • Personally throwing my hat into the ring for some kind of clarification on how Ys 7 is going multiplatform; also a possible new game announcement (possibly a new Trails/LoH game?)

    I sort of wonder about a Ys Origin announcement since they seem to have left it totally alone ever since the free expansion disc. It could be, but somehow I’m skeptical.

  • I need more Brandish!

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