See Over A Dozen Venus & Braves Classes (And Even More Screenshots)

By Spencer . November 2, 2010 . 11:02pm

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Namco Bandai is bringing the 2003 PlayStation 2 RPG, Venus & Braves, to PSP next year. The portable version has some changes like Tales cameos (see below) and other features Namco Bandai is saving to announce at a later date.


17[1] 18[1]


Venus & Braves follows Blood who is tasked by the goddess with saving the world from the great calamity a century in the future. Throughout his journey, Blood’s comrades will pass on, but being immortal Blood will live on. The game uses a rotational battle system for combat. Players place units in rows, top or bottom, and fights play out. If a character dies they’re gone for good.


Venus & Braves has seventeen jobs. They are (in order): Samurai, Ninja, Valkyrie, Monk, Adventurer, Barbarian, Sibyl, Magician, Warrior, Shaman, Cleric, Paladin, Knight, Archer, Witch, Wizard, and Warrior Mage.


75[1] 76[1] 77[1] 78[1] 79[1] 80[1] 81[1] 82[1] 83[1] 84[1] 85[1] 86[1] 87[1] 74[1] 88[1] 89[1] 90[1]


31[1] 32[1] 33[1] 19[1] 20[1] 21[1] 22[1] 39[1] 40[1] 41[1] 42[1] 43[1] 44[1] 45[1] 46[1] 47[1] 48[1] 49[1] 50[1] 51[1] 52[1] 34[1] 35[1] 36[1] 37[1] 38[1] 60[1] 61[1] 62[1] 52[1] 53[1] 54[1] 55[1] 67[1] 68[1] 69[1] 70[1] 71[1] 72[1] 63[1] 64[1] 65[1] 66[1]


Here’s a look at the game’s opening movie.


23[1] 24[1] 25[1] 26[1] 27[1] 28[1] 29[1] 30[1] 56[1] 57[1] 58[1] 59[1]


And artwork of the Golem Bandits. Blood is in the middle.

73[1]  91[1] 93[1] 94[1]


The group may have an extra member too. Free, a timid 15 year-old-archer, meets up with the Golem Bandits hoping to join them…


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  • joesz

    after seeing the screen shots,the probability of this game being localized is zero.

    • DanteJones

      Do you mean because of the battle system? Knights in the Nightmare came to the US, and that game had a crazy setup (though made more sense when you got the hang of it). I dunno, this game looks pretty cool so far. :O

      • joesz

        the game looks cool I agree,but you know what I meant this game belongs to namco.. and knights in the nightmare belongs to atlus.

        also another reason for it to not being localized is that..I don’t think people would just localize any game these days since the psp is already dieing slowly..profits profits profit!~

        to put all of this into a small sentence”altus is generous and namco is not.

        • DanteJones

          Oh whoops, didn’t catch that it was being made by Bamco. Yeah you’re right, the chances of this coming over are slim. ;(

  • Yusaku_Matsuda70s

    The Golem bandits bring back memories of FFIX for some reason…

  • Xien12

    This game was brilliant. It’s a shame it was never brought over. I’m not really sure what to think, really. One part of me thinks Bamco should leave it alone and stop porting things. The other is kind of glad that it’s getting a port. Kinda iffy on the cameos though.

  • urbanscholar

    I must say I really like the character designs of this game. They really vibe well together. Personally, I like the design of the adventurer class the most.

  • Bri

    I still want this. I wanted it the first time it came out, and I want it now. Please someone localize this.

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