Bringing Parasite Eve To PlayStation Network Wasn’t An Easy Task

By Spencer . November 3, 2010 . 2:18am

image The 3rd Birthday director Hajime Tabata is glad to give people a chance to replay the Parasite Eve series leading up to the release of the PSP cinematic RPG. He believes experiencing Parasite Eve 1 and Parasite Eve 2 as they are again should be fun.


Getting both PsOne games on PlayStation Network wasn’t an enjoyable task though. On Twitter, Tabata says, "With great effort, the Parasite Eve games will be distributed on Game Archives."


Parasite Eve will be released on PlayStation Network in Japan tomorrow. So far, Square Enix USA have not said if we’ll see digital re-releases of Aya’s mitochondrial adventures or not.

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  • cmurph666

    You just make sure these end up in NA PSN Store soon, Tabata. Then we won’t have any problems.

  • malek86

    You sure you didn’t leave out a word or something? I mean, that phrase doesn’t really make sense.

  • Apollokids

    I cannot figure out if hes lying or actually believes the words that are coming out of his mouth. I might believe it if its in 16:9 resolution. But if not, if it is a perfect ps1 port. Then he isn’t the first. Parasite Eve eboot has been out forever.

  • doomspeller10

    I don’t really see what’s so difficult about bringing a game to the PSN… uploading it? I mean, if they feel VERY LAZY they can just use POPSConv, at least that would work for the PSP… now don’t tell me it’s a hell of a task to make it run on the PS3… seriously… the PSone is not that hard to emulate, less if you can contact the guys who invented it.Now of course, if we’re talking about legal issues such as copyright and stuff… that I would understand, it’s pre-square-enix era, so there might be some issues.Anyway, great game. They shouldn’t have waited for a spinoff to release the original.

    • landlock

      Maybe something to do with the fact SquareEnix doesn’t have the license for Parasite Eve anymore.

      • doomspeller10

        That’s why POPSConv and similar programs are so popular, you don’t have to deal with legal crappy bureaucracy.

        • mach

          And it’s also illegal!

    • Ereek

      I’m wondering if you have any idea what “licensing” or “rights” are.There’s more to legally reproducing a game than simply saying “here it is, go ahead and download it!”

      Edit: It seems you edited in a comment about legal issues before I posted this. How sneaky of you.

      • doomspeller10

        LOL sorry about that…
        I’m not a native speaker so I correct/edit any post like 3 times, most of the time just for spelling mistakes.
        Anyway I find it kind of lame that legal issues won’t let you *legally* enjoy classics like this earlier.

        • Pichi

          Well Parasite Eve were from a series of novels, I believe. So SE has to get the license from those involved to bring it to PSN. I imagine this also has an effect on the Third Birthday, but forgot what that was.

          SE isn’t the only one dealing with a license. I remember Victor Ireland saying how hard it is to get things on PSN. Lucky to have gotten Arc the Lad games at the moment. I hope more companies can get the license so we can have more games on PSN.

          • I was already to explain it…but your first paragraphs explains it all. Good show.

          • doomspeller10

            Indeed that’s pretty clear. XD
            I’ve just read there was also a movie (or series of movies I’m not really sure) that preceded the game… has anyone seen them? Since they’re hardly mentioned my first assumption was that they were awful… anyone on that?

          • Joanna

            Yeah, I respect Victor Ireland and his company for going through the trouble to bring us these games. I recently got around to downloading Arc the Lad from PSN. Still haven’t tried it, but I’m sure it will be great. I’m hoping they got enough purchases to give us more SRPGs and RPGs from the PS1 era. :3

  • joesz

    that screenshot is saying..”let’s all get burned!” lol some of us know what’s the meaning of that quotation:P

  • The Squaresoft era… those were the good times, after april 2003 nothing has been the same =`( . I will be waiting for this games, however i guess they will suffer the same fate as Einhänder T.T

    • Testsubject909

      Let us hope we may get our hands on these prized items…

      Especially a friend of mine. During the time which he borrowed my Chrono Cross, his PS1 and a majority of his PS1 games were stolen (including my Chrono Cross). Amongst the POW were both PE1 and PE2… Both of which he bought off ebay earlier in the month…

  • Square Enix needs to release more of their games on Playstation Network
    Final Fantasy VII, VIII, IX and Tactics are great but they need to give their other games attention, Xenogears, Parasite Eve, Parasite Eve2, Dragon Warrior VII
    it would be nice to see Dragon Warrior, Dragon Warrior 2 and Dragon Warrior 3 on the Wii Shop Channel as well

    • Joanna

      Yeah, I would love to have DW7 on PSN. A few Siliconera posters have given it really high praise.

  • i387

    It took me 6 minutes to convert PE to a perfectly working PSP game eboot.
    Not quite a great effort.

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