Rurouni Kenshin: Saisen Brought To You By Namco Bandai

By Spencer . November 4, 2010 . 3:24am

imageThe upcoming Rurouni Kenshin game for PSP is being handled by Namco Bandai. The publisher opened a barebones teaser site for Rurouni Kenshin: Saisen today.


As previously mentioned, this Rurouni Kenshin game is a fighting game with a two player mode. Rurouni Kenshin: Saisen is slated for a spring 2011 release in Japan.

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  • joesz

    hahahahahaha!! this topic made my day!

    But seriously, anime games are hardly localized ..But since this anime is famous worldwide it might had a chance.But now that namco is involved… chances are just slim.

    • Aoshi00

      I dunno, all Naruto and DB games are here, RK is pretty famous at that level as Samurai X and the manga by Viz was a best seller too. Tell me about it, any Kenshin news is good news, and even if it doesn’t come here, it’s just a fighter on PSP, I’m getting the Jpn voices anyway (I haven’t watched the Eng dub much, just more used to Suzukaze Mayo as Kenshin). I wonder if this is a new drawing by Watsuki, it looks like his drawing but doesn’t at the same time (even though he always does that ink thing..) I hope they would use Watsuki’s style as char portraits instead of the anime ones.

      • It looks more like Watsuki’s early style, from the first few volumes of the manga. His “fully evolved” style by the time he got to the final arc had Kenshin’s hair looking…fluffier.

        Man, I kind of want this for 3DS over PSP, just so I can watch Saito come flying out of the screen with a Gatotsu.

        Off-topic: I remember being fascinated by how Watsuki’s designs were inspired by the X-Men…

        • Aara_Malik_Davoodi

          In that one picture in the article above, that kind of looks like young Kenshin; the back of his hair seems a lot shorter, which is how it was drawn when he was young. But yeah, his art style changed a lot. Just look at the Volume 1 cover. There are so many more lines in the hair. He really simplified his style a lot. I was surprised too about the X-Men inspiration. I think it’s rare for Japanese comics to be inspired by American comics, at least as far as I know

        • gatotsu911

          You called?

        • Aoshi00

          I don’t know, it really doesn’t seem like his art from any period.. like early Tokyo, early Kyoto, late Kyoto, early Jinchuu or late Jinchuu, or even his recent style (Enbalming) which has gotten much simpler, I’m really wondering if this is his drawing.. yea, he was a huge fan of American comics and Samurai Shodown, there are definitely lots of freaky over-the-top enemies from that influence. 3DS would definitely be more refreshing, but I think a MvC2 or BlazBlue fighter would make a huge comeback.. I know I’ve repeated myself a lot of times, or like Naruto UNS2, just retelling the whole story w/ all the major boss fights w/ QTE thrown in, they really would work. I want to see Aoshi’s fight w/ Gein when there were surrounding by the flame, and pulling off their supermoves in QTE would be pretty awesome..
          Really excited about this, this could be the prelude to the Jinchuu arc anime, Inuyasha got it, Saint Seiya got it after 13 yrs.. maybe it could even get Enbalming animated later or something..

    • Well Bleach and One Piece are famous worldwide and we dont get all of their games :(

      • joesz

        the english dubs must first exceed then the games come.

        • What do you mean? The Naruto game went well beyond where the English dub stopped, over 100 episodes behind, and in both Bleach, One Piece, and Naruto cases, we have official English subbed simulcasts offered so were no longer behind JPN in terms of story

          • joesz

            why bleach versus crusade hasn’t been localized yet?

          • The Bleach PSP games have never been localized, we only got the one Bleach game on Wii, and then the Bleach DS games, but never any in the Bleach Heat the Soul series.

          • ryne11

            The manga sales probably allowed the game makers to bring them over. IIRC the Naruto Manga has always been popular, even before the anime dub, and recent Naruto manga releases are usually on top of the NY times bestselling Graphic Novels until the next new one comes out, so that may have something else to do with it

  • joesz

    dammit! where is the reply button!! siliconera! you made me unintentionally like his post!

    I’ll tell you why it didn’t get localized.

    basically,heat the soul franchise isn’t worth translating,because they already know that it will never sell well.”why bother with this” they said!

    • Ah, yea. After you hit the reply limit to a single post, we usually reply to another post by the same user to work around it. Too many replies makes the comment thread narrower and narrower, and annoying to read. :)

      • joesz

        I see,finally it got explained.because this is not the first time I liked somebody’s post unintentionally and unable to rebound him,But I didn’t bother about it.
        But tsunayoshi sawada is a prominent ally/enemy,a person that can make alot of people happy and others miserable he must be replied if necessary .

        But is it really working?

        I mean most of keiji’s resignation topics have at least 50+ of replies and also the threads that are associated with “him”

    • PersonaBull

      You can retract the like, by the way. Just click the Like button again (when it’s indented and you’re signed in, of course).

  • gatotsu911

    Waiting for a Rurouni Kenshin revival is only slightly more ethereal than waiting for the third Chrono game, and waiting for both is basically like waiting for the second coming of Christ. (Or, in a Jewish analogy, waiting for the Messiah.)

  • BadenBadenPrinny

    Damn, I kinda wish Arc System Works was handling this :(

  • epy

    Namco Bandai…? Oh no…

  • Goddamn it, this game has me all nostalgic now. Aoshi, where are you?!

    • Aoshi00

      Right here! Kaiten Kenbu Rokuren!!

      Yea, the Saitou vs. Usui fight was pretty awesome, heck all Kenshin fights are aweseome.

      • A lot of shounen anime really sucks in comparison these days, doesn’t it? There’s no feeling behind it any more…or maybe it’s that people find the whole “reading your opponent on the battlefield while people cheer from sidelines” thing cheesy nowadays. I always thought it was really awesome and dramatic, like that Usui fight.Kenshin is actually what got me into Samurai Shodown, too. I was super late to the series…I started with SSV Special because I read that Watsuki contributed designs, and Ukyo and Shizumaru reminded me very much of RK characters.

        • Aoshi00

          yea, Watsuki’s art was influenced by American comics, figurines, and games (he was a big “To Hearts” fan), and later on he did some design for games, like the PS2 game Gunrou-den which wasn’t that fun.. His tankoubons are fun to read because he divulges so much about his working methods, and what he thinks of his work in retrospect (though a little self demeaning at times for someone his stature). I actually read RK’s prototype a long time when it first appeared in Jump (it’s a short story in end of vol. 1 I think), but later didn’t come across the manga again when I picked up vol. 9 by chance in Kinokuniya bookstore, Yaohan still existed back then (Kenshin’s first face off w/ Shishio and Soujirou and Sano learning Futae no Kiwami from Anji), I thought the art was the awesomest thing I’ve seen, so detailed and beautiful, the way how he drew the fights and the kimonos.. and later Kenshin’s anime was big that time, so.. I kind of followed Kenshin weekly during the Jinchuu arc.I wouldn’t say shounen manga now are not good, but Kenshin was up there in the hall of fame, a classic that one could look back in 50 yrs and still say “man, that was really something”. It’s one of my all time favs along w/ Dragon Ball, Slam Dunk and such. It was really unique because it incorporated real Jpn history during the tumultuous times into its story (all the Meiji loyalists were real, like Katura, Saigo, Takasugi, etc). It got a lot of fans interested in Bakumatsu, and Shinsengumi of course.. now prominently featured in otome games. A little sad though is what came after Jpn modernization creating the ruthless Imperial Japan.. you could get a glimpse of that in the alternate OVA Seisou-hen.. I’m sure it would be hard for Kenshin if he needed to bear witness to the Taisho and Showa era…

          • Yea, the historical aspect of it was definitely appealing. I was one of the many that probably went and read up on the real Shinsengumi after getting into the series. Fascinating stuff, the way everyone makes Saito out to be like this fiercely loyal post-revolution Shinsengumi loyalist that doesn’t budge from his ideals.

            Speaking of…it’s kind of funny how they keep referring to the revolution like it happened ages and ages ago. It’s barely been a decade, right? And yet, you never really pause to think about that or feel like it’s out of place.

          • Aoshi00

            Well, I suppose the transition after the civil war was really drastic, from the feudal caste society under the Shogunate rule for hundreds of years to modern Japan modeled after the West (the Ishin loyalists went on to become politicians, emperor restored to powers, etc), where classes were abolished and swords were banned for one thing. And Saitou being a policeman was still allowed to carry a sword, while the former samurai could only think about “the good ol’ days”. It’s like the Qing Dynasty was toppled and China became a republic.. I suppose it was considered a historical period even during those times. And bakumatsu was big because the brutal civil war lasted ten year so..

    • Aoshi00

      Usui: “In this day and age, just until when are you going to follow that silly Shinsengumi principle of yours?”Saitou: “Idiot, until I die of course”May the venerable Suzuoki Hirotaka-san RIP….

      • “A beaten dog who flees battle…should not be barking so majestically.”

        Still gets me every time I watch them both stand there laughing.

  • SouskeSagara

    Me want this game =D

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