Record Of Agarest War Zero Will Have The Same Content On PS3 And Xbox 360

By Spencer . November 8, 2010 . 2:33pm

imageContinuing their strategy or releasing Xbox 360 ports a year later with smidgens of extra content, Compile Heart re-released Record of Agarest War Zero under the name Record of Agarest War Zero Dawn of War in July.


The Xbox 360 version in Japan of has an event gallery mode, unreleased CG, a new costume, and a system where girls change their outfits based on their feelings towards the main character.


In North America, both versions of Record of Agarest War Zero will have the same content. "Idea Factory did pretty much the same thing for Zero, with an enhanced release for the 360 called Dawn of War," Aksys Editor Ben Bateman wrote in a comment, perhaps dressed in cat suit. "We’re also doing the same thing we did before, and releasing the enhanced version for both consoles."


So, that means you’ll get that bonus costume and event gallery on the PlayStation 3 disc. That’s right Aksys is releasing Record of Agarest War Zero on a Blu-ray disc this time.

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  • godmars

    Good for all concerned is all I can really say. Don’t try to sell consoles based on “exclusive DLC” from a niche title.

  • Hraesvelgr

    Aksys, you just get better and better with each new release.

    • Go Agarest Zero, go! :D

    • I totally agree. Before I was a complete Atlus fangirl. Now it seems like that is shifting and I’m becoming a Aksys fangirl.

      • Ladius

        I feel the same, great niche games and gorgeous limited editions have made me an Aksys (and XSEED) fanboy.

      • Me too, i love Atlus, but lately….Atlus is kinda, slowly…. going to the dark side… of real time action based games popularity, and naruto.
        There is nothing wrong with making money though, but i just hope they (atlus) dont stop surprising us like they used to with some releases.

      • Joanna

        Agree 100%!!!Aksys is bringing over all the games that I’m really interested in. Can’t wait for 999~ Meanwhile, Luminous Arc fans, who bought 1 and 2, are getting screwed over. I know maybe LA wasn’t as profitable, maybe even put them in the red, but they should at least consider doing a budget release for the fans. Seeing that the LA2/LA3 has a lot of posters in the Atlus forums, makes me believe there is a sizable fanbase. If Atlus could bring over other games with a 10k expectation, I’m sure it’s possible for LA3 as well. By these are words of a disgruntled fan. Heed me no interest.

        • Atlus could have done with Luminous Arc 3 what it did with Steal Princess – make it a limited run, Amazon exclusive. (Course, this is just an LA trying to find any possible excuse to get the third game in English.)

  • Wow this is one the games that I can not wait for for next year. My list of RPGs for next just keeps growing with each week.

    I wish the photos in that photo gallery could be exported to the PS3 harddrive…

  • mhhhm… mhhm.. mhmm, clothes :)

  • masuto

    Awesome! I love you Aksys!

  • raymk

    I Love you guys aksys’s :)

  • Aksys is on point for Xbox players n now PS3. I just hope they give us an OST. I live for those! Extra Naughty EDITION! *fingers crossed*

  • LynxAmali

    *Tosses Atlus T-Shirt*

    Well, Damn. I think I just shed a tear. Now let’s hope they released it in just a regular game with say, an artbook.

    Do not want people staring at me again when I buy it! *shivers*

    • Ereek

      You shouldn’t care what people think about you! As long as you enjoy the game.

      Ghostlight released a simple hardcover artbook with theirs, but you also had to deal with their “translation.” But since they’re using Aksys’s localization this time, they might add their own goodies and you can pick and choose which version you want the goodies for.

  • Well, after the fiasco that was the release of the original, this is definitely a step in the right direction. Here’s a point for Aksys. They get another one if there’s an English dub option this time.

    Now, if they’d only release the Platinum DLC for the PS3 Blazblue already, I’d happy.

    • It is going to be shocking if there is an English dub, I would like a dub.

  • M’iau M’iaut

    “Continuing their strategy or releasing Xbox 360 ports a year later with smidgens of extra content,”

    Just as long as that smidgens doesn’t include a smidgens extra clothing for the girls.

  • Crap, I feel like I’m missing out on this, curse my hate for SRPGs!

  • For those interested in keeping up with the game, or want to ask questions about it themselves, there’s a Q&A thread at the Aksys forums for Zero:

    Summer 2010 is the expected frame of release as of now, according to the man in the cat suit. A bit ways off, but I think that’s pretty quick for a game like this. I don’t think the PAL release gave a release frame yet, but I’d imagine it’s not too far off.

    • Summer 2010? Man I missed it!

  • Testsubject909

    Yay, that way we can all joyously share the same experience of hiding our naughty edition in shame of it ever being discovered by close friends or family.

    Actually I’ve not bought it, mainly due to financial reasons, but you get my message I hope.


    I was hoping for this to come to the US. I have Agarest wars on my X360 and really enjoyed it. The surprising part is, I have not ever really been a fan of SRPG titles but gave the game a try and really liked it. If only Aksys would localize the X360 version of Cross Edge and I would be all set. I played it on PS3 and liked it.

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