Vaan Mist Knacks His Way Into Dissidia 012[duodecim]: Final Fantasy

By Spencer . November 9, 2010 . 7:45pm

imageConfirming rumor after rumor, Shonen Jump announced Vaan from Final Fantasy XII is 100% in Dissidia 012[duodecim]: Final Fantasy.


Vaan enters the fray with a diverse set of weapons and an ever-changing fighting style. His uses a Mist Knack as an EX Burst, but Jump doesn’t say which one.


Final Fantasy artist Yoshitaka Amano designed Vaan’s "wild" another form costume.

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  • ZOMG one of my two favorite Final Fantasy characters (Hope from FFXIII, and Vaan from FFXII). Vaan’s enough to actually make me commit to getting this game, now if they throw in some awesome costumes (cause Vaan is awesome).

    Now please Square Enix put in Hope as a playable character. Id buy two copies if Hope were playable!!! I need more Hope!!!

    • MemeticRichard

      Ironic how your favorite characters have their personalities and character development equivalent to that of a plank of wood…

      Not insulting your tastes or sensibilities or anything! Just saying…ironic.

      • Aoshi00

        If I were 20yrs younger, I would look up to Hope or Vaan as my Herozz :) “yay me wanna be a sky piratez!”

        • Ereek

          But if you want a Sky Pirate hero, you have an actual pirate in Vyse from Skies of Arcadia, who actually does pirating, breaking in, and stealing. Not only that, but ship battles!

          • Aoshi00

            Exactly, which is why Vaan is ultra lame.. well he achieved his dreams in Revenant Wings I guess lol..

          • MemeticRichard

            Which reminds me….Armada of the Damned got canceled.

            T________T ….

          • Ereek

            Late replay but. . .

            I about heard that. That is horrible news. It looked great.

    • Your “Hope” is not enough!! BWAHAHAHA!

    • Bri

      How? how is it you like them? Not attacking your opinion, I just found them the most annoying characters in the history of FF, what is it you liked about them? (Asking seriously, I really want to know if I’m just looking at them from the wrong perspective.)

      • Aoshi00

        what’s not to like… :)

        Perhaps the baby girl w/ the beer hat is less annoying…

      • They have such high hopes and aspirations that its just easy to connect with them, or more particularly, it was easy to connect with Hope and to easily see everything from his view and love his storyline and watch him mature and grow. Vaan too, but his was from a different angle. I found myself completely connected to them.

        • Guest

          just say you like pretty young boys and be done with it

    • Aoshi00
  • Ereek

    I think I like Nomura’s take on Vaan, his face looks a lot nicer than the official CGs.

    His torso still looks ridiculous, though.

    • Aoshi00

      That’s why I miss the char portraits by Nomura in 13’s menu (like 7,8, 10, or 10-2), the CGs are nice but so generic (actually Fang looks like a man in that bad pic..), and 13 broke that tradition. NOW we finally see his drawings. in a fighting game… why so elusive.. I liked Yoshida’s drawing too, too bad again they weren’t included in the actual game, just CG..

      • Ereek

        I actually think some of VIII’s CGs looked a good deal better than the character art. I really don’t like Rinoa’s, Selphie’s, or Irvine’s menu design, but Rinoa looks great in the FMVs and any CGs. For the rest of the games, sure, I’ll agree with that.

        In XIII I liked how the menu moved though, so I’m torn on which is better. The menu is hypnotizing, in a way, and sometimes I would tab back and forth because they were distracting.

        Maybe I haven’t looked hard enough, but I certainly haven’t seen any of the official art from XIII. Lightning’s Dissidia design looks nice, so I’m not sure why they’re not releasing them.

        • Aoshi00

          I know, Nomura’s drawing went thru a strange phase for a while.. because 7 was so anime-ish and in 8 it’s closer to realistic faces, so the smiles/grins on some chars look funny, and then X-2 and afterwards he went back to being a bit more anime-ish, like now. The moving thing in 13’s menu was innovative, but I thought some of those mugshots just weren’t the best snapshots of the chars.. even the hot Fang looked weird.. like a tranny… and you have some chars looking surprised like a deer in front of headlights, like “what, don’t film me!” There had to be cooler shots for those 2-sec clips right. And yea, it was fun at first but got so repetitive..Somebody gave me the link of some XIII drawings, only a few of them, like Ifrit (from the firework show), a Snow and Lightning, but they were preliminary sketches and not colored. I’m really questioning if Nomura really did detailed drawings for them, or they just went straight to CG, otherwise why haven’t we seen any of them.. and this Lightning drawing now, they just did it for Dissidia, not for XIII..

    • Testsubject909

      He looks like he came out of Vagrant Story…

      • glemtvapen

        *sigh* I wish Ashley was in instead of him but he’s not entirely an FF character.

      • Well, Vagrant Story also Takes Place in Ivalice…

    • glemtvapen

      His expression is funny. It’s like “Why am I here again?” and totally knows he doesn’t belong.

    • Joanna

      His side view here reminds me of Squall. I think it’s the way the hair is drawn.

  • Aoshi00

    A little weird to see Nomura’s rendition on not just Amano chars but Yoshida’s as well.. still I think it’s ironic we have seen almost no Nomura drawings for 13 at all, even Lightning pops up in Dissidia 2 now.. *scared of the word mist knack/quickening* :(…

  • Totally Knew he was the next Reveal.

    I’m happy. I like Vaan and it’s good to finally have solid Confirmation.

  • *sign*

  • Bri

    He is my least favorite FF character of all time. Hopefully this version redeems him a little bit.

  • Oh boy. Dissidia 012’s GameFAQs board would be in an uproar.

    • WizardoftheBlueOrder


      Yup. It is.

      • ShadowScipio

        Holy cow. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a board flip their crap up into a storm over something this trivial. Half the board is foaming in anger over Vaan’s inclusion and the other half despises Tifa for getting a spot. I mean, they act like there won’t be an inevitable third game.

    • Roses4Aria

      Leave it to GameFAQs board. Sigh. Somehow it still surprises me that people can get so bent out of shape over something like this. Vaan isn’t my favorite FF12 character by any means, but I’m not going to rant and rave over it. We have no clue who all the new characters are going to be yet or even if he is the ONLY character from 12 that will be added. Everyone needs to seriously just cool their jets.

  • Wait, they look like actual abs… THAT’S BLASPHEMY NOMURA!

  • nope
    well actually I might be okay with this if he has his FFTA2 outfit as an alternate costume
    but if he doesn’t then nope

  • Pichi

    Please have his FFTA2 outfit for an alternate costume! Its his best look, IMO.

  • Testsubject909

    So. Mister unimportant-look-at-me-I’m-with-story-centric-sky-pirate-and-world-saving-princess “hero” is going to be in the game…


    Well, at least I’ll get to kill him repeatedly with the only villain who’s ever put his plan to complete fruition and perished after he was completely victorious and ultimately probably never cared about the idea of defeat due to his nihilistic nature.

    (( Actually, I’ve honestly nothing against that guy. But he seriously is completely unimportant that it’s… Sad, he’s really just not really there. You can literally swap him out forever and never notice a difference and constantly end up forgetting he’s still with you. ))

    • Ereek

      It’s not that he’s unimportant; quite the opposite, actually. It’s just that he’s so underused. If there were some mid or late-game subplots surrounding him it might have made his story more interesting. I thought, after some scenes in the beginning/middle of the game, there might be some subplot romance between he and Ashe, but was surprised when it went nowhere.

      Let me defend my statement a bit.
      Penelo and Vaan are what the party is fighting for. They represent Dalmasca and each normal person in the country. When fighting, sometimes it’s easy to lose your way and forget your purpose. But characters like Ashe and Basch, when they doubt in themselves, can look over to them and it helps remind them what’s important.

      They are the future.

      In that sense, it makes them the most important, and central, characters in the game. It’s just that as characters they’re rather underused, but as an “idea” they are everything.

      Also, the edit button isn’t working for me for some reason.

      • Not to mention the fact that they pretty much got the story rolling.

  • I almost forgot he was in FFXII. You always saw him in the background and he had a line here and there and after a while I didn’t go to towns or anything so I definitely didn’t see him. I finally get to enjoy beating him to a pulp too. lol Oh and hopefully he has some personality in this game because I never got to see it in XII.

    • I stopped using him about a fourth of the way through FFXII and only used Basch, Fran, and Balthier for the rest of the game, which made my experience a lot better. That way, Vaan was really in the background for me.

  • Can his alt be him on fire?


  • evilmoogle
  • holyPaladin

    meh Vaan should go become sky pirate and gone with the wind

  • I still think the idea of “sky pirates” is lame

    • speedstersonic

      You must not have played Skies of Arcadia good sir.

    • Code

      I think the idea of your idea of “sky pirates” is lame.

  • MisterNiwa

    So yeah, where is Snow, Shadow/Clyde, Ceifer etc? :I

    But since Vaan is in now, I hope they put in that awesome armored guy aswell. >:I

    Oh, or Auron! Auron would be cool. I could care less about Lulu.

    • mach

      So if you could care less about Lulu (meaning you care about her), does that mean you want her to be in or not?

      • MisterNiwa

        God damnit, I meant Yuna! I love Lulu! ;_; Sorry.

  • Right now it doesn’t matter for me who makes it into the game. Tifa is in it, it’s all that matters.

    • Ereek

      I like the way you think!

  • joesz

    poor vaan everybody is treating him like ke$ha.

  • shion16

    miachael jackson is in everywhere =S

  • karasuKumo

    That look on his face in the artwork looks as if he’s saying “Why am I standing on my own? Guys … guys!” His design is so lady-boy it hurts. I can see why people say there’s a lack of manliness in JRPGs. Lightning’s manlier than him!

  • You know, if they had to bring in a character from that abortion of a game, I can’t imagine why they didn’t bring in Balthier, instead. I mean, he was the only thing that actually made me able to complete the game. Every other character in my party was a cardboard cutout. In fact, if they had just gotten rid of the rest of the party completely, and just made it an action game starring Balthier (I guess you could keep Fran as the sidekick), FFXII might’ve actually been an okay game. Instead, I’d roll my eyes at every line of dialogue everyone said (with the exception of Balthier, and of course, Dr. Cid, who was also awesome and should’ve been the last boss).

  • Is it me or does Vaan’s left arm in that picture make him look anorexic? 0_o

  • sora should be in heere

  • GOD NO!!!!!!!

    Vaan isn’t a main character whatsoever >:[

    Would have been much happier with Ashe as the newcomer but oh well

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