Fight No More Heroes 2 Bosses On PS3 In Heroes’ Paradise

By Spencer . November 10, 2010 . 7:56pm

imageKonami isn’t just localizing No More Heroes: Heroes’ Paradise, they’re improving it. On top of PlayStation Move controls, the North American version of Heroes’ Paradise has additional fights with bosses from No More Heroes 2: Desperate Struggle.


The news comes from a Konami interview with Gamesugar who also report Konami’s "top priority" is lowering load times. A common complaint about the Japanese version were long waits when Travis moved to a new area.


While No More Heroes: Heroes’ Paradise has only been announced for PlayStation 3 in the West, Konami is toying with Kinect and the idea of bringing a controller-less version of the game overseas.


A tip of the hat and blueberry cheese brownie to Charles Lupula for the tip. Thanks!

  • glemtvapen

    Oohhh, nice. Another great incentive to get NMH for the PS3.

  • MrRobbyM

    If any game is gonna make my purchase the Move, it’s this one.

    • urbanscholar

      Obligatory “you ain’t lying” in agreement reply.

    • This and Child of Eden.

      • godmars

        Think the dev is still deciding weather or not he’s going to support Move for the game.

    • Yusaku_Matsuda70s

      I’m glad you can play with Move but I’m glad I can play without as well. Same for Child of Eden.

  • mikanko

    Hopefully this does well enough to get an updated and improved Desperate Struggle released on the PS360 as well.

    • Arcm

      I second that

  • godmars

    All I know is that was thinking of importing this. Now I’m being rewarded for not going through with it.

  • I’m just hoping the presence of the No More Heroes 2 bosses doesn’t mean that that game won’t one day get ported.

    • Yusaku_Matsuda70s

      Yea. I’d much rather NOT get these extra bosses in exchange for getting the 2nd game in its entirety later.

      • Me too, actually, but I’m hoping they find an interesting way to integrate them.

  • Guest

    Suda has nothing to do with the ports so Kinect controls will probably suck. You can’t go wrong with Move since its just copying the Wii scheme and the Wii motions were basic and worked.

    Question to anyone who’s planning to buy this and also bought the Wii version. Why? I’d love to here someone justify a double-dip since there no real new content except the “HD” visuals which…doesn’t justify buying this again.

    • Aoshi00

      I bought the Wii ver long ago but didn’t like the remote waggling (it was unresponsive to me) so I gave up after the first boss. Then when I heard about the Jpn port has improved HD visuals, Jpn voice track in addition to Eng., achievement, and using a regular controller I jumped on it, it was more enjoyable for me, except the loading times of course..Not sure if Kinect would work w/ this, since you need to walk all over the place.. Kinect proves to be more responsive and fun than I expected for certain games, like sports, dancing and fitness, w/o all the Wii accessories like balance board and strapping remotes to yourself. If the Move control proves to be better than the Wii waggling, I would triple dip.. I hope they don’t discard the Jpn track though.

      I picked up Desperate Struggle on the Wii now for like $17, just in case it wouldn’t get ported to HD consoles later on. But then I also got Dead Space Extractoin, should’ve waited for the PS3 Move ver instead..

      If not for the long load times and freezing (loading was bearable, freezing wasn’t..), the Jpn uncensored 360 ver was the definitive ver for me. I think the US PS3 ver now should have blood as well, don’t know if they’re leaving in the alternate Jpn track though. If they do, I’ll get this again… talk about releasing an unfinished and incomplete product.

      Oh and the other reason for importing even owning the Wii ver was because of the risque artwork :) Very nice.

      • Guest

        Ah well some people think Im stupid about audio too so if you really disliked the NA voices I guess I understand. I thought the controls were perfect though. It wasn’t that much waggling just in key moments and they were responsive for me. Though NMH:DS does have CC support so I assume you had no complaints with it did you?
        Im jealous you got the artwork.

        • Aoshi00

          I like the Eng voices too, actually I’m playing it in Eng the first time around and then I just go back to watch the cutscenes in Jpn later, I just prefer all of my games to be dual track if possible. Nakai Kazuya (Zoro, Date Masamune) was a pretty funny Travis (Moe!!) and I love Inoue Marina as Sylvia even though the French accent one was funny too, Jpn one just sounds sexy.. I wasn’t just the waggling, I kept failing at the swinging like Okami Wii, like it’s suppose to be simple but remote made it harder, so I’m guessing Move should work better. yea I like closed caption w/ all of my games, like the first Assassin’s Creed didn’t have it bothered me because sometimes you just can’t hear the dialogue very well, and especially w/ all sorts of accents. Well, I was kind of fed up w/ the loading, so I only got to the 6th assassin Henry. Once I finish it, I’ll give Desperate Struggle a try.

          Yea, even the artwork for the cover kicks butt too (and the cover for the Jpn ver of DS as well). The US covers w/ just Travis are just so plain :(…

          • Joanna

            I thought Sylvia had a Russian accent. :O
            Which made it all the more funny as it reminded me of all those sexy Russian spies in the Cold War movies. xD

          • Aoshi00

            My fav Russian spy was definitely Eva from MGS3 :), Sylvia’s accent makes her more unique, but kind of annoying at times when she’s bugging Travis.

    • Code

      Actually there is no 360 to have Kinect controls. There was two versions of the game released in Japan, but only one is coming out here, the PS3 version, with the additional Move support. Honestly I think this is a good example of where Kinect is potentially pretty weak.

      • Guest

        “Konami is toying with Kinect and the idea of bringing a controller-less version of the game overseas.”I know the JP version didn’t have Kinect support but apparently Konami is “toying” with it. I don’t have faith in a team thats porting to do it justice. Id be more confident with Suda behind Kinect controls.

        • I honestly don’t think they’ll do the Kinect version, when it comes down to it. I think programmers aren’t experienced enough with it yet to be able to mix controller and motion yet in a game as fast paced as this one. Given a few more years, I think they’d be able to, but I don’t think they’ll figure it out in time for this release to be relevant for 360.

        • Code

          Ahh sorry I didn’t catch that part >w<' Still really tough to imagine how it'd work, even on a classic controller No More Heroes 2 used nearly every button x__x

    • Did you not read the part about the extra bosses?

      • Volcynika

        You mean the bosses from the second game which some people already played? That doesn’t make it worth it for previous buyers of both games. And if you bought the original and didn’t buy the sequel, sequel is much more worth it due to having all the new bosses rather than just this handful.

        • Aoshi00

          I just didn’t like the Wii control was all.. and that it didn’t have subtitles for the dialogue (though the Jpn ver only has Jpn sub but not eng. sub)

        • Someone sounds like a bitter Wii owner.

          • Volcynika

            I’d like to nominate this for the most retarded comment I have ever seen. Congratulations! Someone was asking why a buyer of the original game would get this, your response was “Extra bosses!!1111!1” I then say (as you already understand) that these are not “new” bosses, they’re just shoe-horning the bosses from the second game into this version, which doesn’t really give incentive to purchase the game again. And you take it that somehow I am bitter. About what? Bitter that I have no reason to purchase the game again? “Oh damn, I don’t have to spend as much money.” Maybe you should head on over to GameFAQs, seems much more suited for your intelligence.

          • Ah, the poo flinging begins. “And if you bought the original and didn’t buy the sequel, sequel is much more worth it due to having all the new bosses rather than just this handful. ” Gee? What does that translate to? “Don’t buy this one! This should be a Wii exclusive! We have part two anyway, so don’t support this port!” That sounds like a bitter little fanboy to me. But hey, that’s fine. You can throw personal insults all you want if that makes you feel better.

          • Volcynika

            You make no sense. Because apparently me talking about the group of people
            that already own the original which can get the second game (which exists on
            Wii and not on any other console at this point) for very cheap is a better
            deal then double dipping on the original game (because it is, due to the
            fact of having all the story + all the bosses). Anyone can support this if
            they want, I’m just speaking as a Wii/PS3 (omg I own one!!11) owner who
            would just rather see something more interesting. With how you act about the
            PS3, I’m not surprised that you’re trying to spin my comment into console
            warz and something completely missing the point. If the PS3 version of NMH
            had new/original bosses removed from the final Wii game / sequel, then
            that’s definitely worth a look for a new experience. I see no reason to
            support a port of a game (where the original has been out for years, mind
            you) that doesn’t really offer fresh new content. Go ahead, translate that
            to “No one should ever buy a port of a Wii game ever” and continue your
            console fight for the great Sony. Don’t try to act mature when you twist
            comments to suit your retorts.

      • Guest

        What Volcynika said. They’re not new bosses. I figure if you plan on buying this again you most definitely bought the 2nd which means you’ve already played these bosses.

  • I am sorry, but this game should stay on the Wii, that is what it was made for so it should stay there.

    Now don’t go call me a Wii fanboy, because I own a PS3 and 360 and I love all 3 the same. I just think this game should stay on the Wii only. It finally gave the Wii a really great game. Now it won’t have it anymore…

    • Well, that would be fine if anybody actually bought it for the Wii. There are how many Wii’s out there and yet the PS3 and 360 versions both outsold the Wii version (in Japan, at least. It remains to be seen if that’ll be the case in Europe and America). If the Wii owners actually bought the hardcore titles, you wouldn’t be seeing all of them getting ported to the HD systems. Sure, maybe you bought a copy, but millions of others didn’t. There’s 75 million Wii owners worldwide. Did the game even sell 400,000? Wii owners have no one to blame but themselves for this.

      • Code

        It’s sort of a mixed statement though because the PS3 and 360 version came out after the franchisee was established on the Wii, you’d think given that they would have sold marginally better, but at least from my numbers, they didn’t. I assume your combining the PS3/360’s two console’s totals, since the numbers I got are 38k on Wii, 33k on PS3, and 24k on 360 in Japan. Also just because a console has sold a lot doesn’t necessarily mean it’ll have any impact on how many games on said console are sold.

        • My point is, though, that the Wii numbers are just under the combined numbers of the PS3 and 360 (The Wii sold 75 million, the 360 at 44 million, the PS3 at 41 million…the Wii sold just 10 million less than both systems combined). So, considering how much of a sales advantage the Wii has over both systems, you’d think that some of their hardcore titles would’ve sold, at least, in the RE5/SFIV levels. I’m not talking Call of Duty numbers. I’m talking 5,000,000. Are there any non-first party titles on the system that even sold 1.5? I think Umbrella Chronicles might’ve, but I don’t feel like looking it up.

          Meanwhile, look at the numbers on the PS3 and the 360. Consistently, games that are aimed more towards the “hardcore” tend to sell better than the same type of games on the Wii. When a game is touted as an example of why the hardcore shouldn’t be afraid to buy a Wii, and yet, it still doesn’t draw them in, I can see why companies would think it’s time to port their titles.

          This is really a debate to be having after the PS3 version has been out in Europe and North America for a year, in all honesty. There’s a chance this won’t sell even half what it sold on the Wii over here. But it could sell twice as much. We don’t know yet. The point is, though, whether it does well on PS3 or not, a high-profile title like No More Heroes, should’ve sold about 5 times what it did on the Wii, considering the install base.

          Oh, and I did combine the 360 and PS3 numbers for Japan, simply because the 360 is not known for spectacular sales over there. The PS3 version has been out for not even half the time the Wii version has been out and yet it’s only 5,000 less copies. The 360 version, only 14,000. Those are not good numbers for the argument that the Wii is a profitable place to put your hardcore third party titles.

          • WizardoftheBlueOrder

            You have a very strange perception of how sales work. And 5 million IS Call of Duty level numbers.

            Most games aren’t 5 million selling blockbusters. It takes a sizable amount of advertising and resources to promote a game to that point. No More Heroes is lucky if it breaks 1 million EVER, combined across all three versions.

            Considering the self-perpetuating belief of “The Wii has no Hardcore games” which gets touted by all gaming sites, it translates into few gamers who would like the sort of game taking a look into it in the first place. Which causes the claim to get thrown up again. (Oh, and I can throw up a list of 10 third party games that broke 1.5 million. You won’t like them.) The argument there is silly, because anyone who wants “hardcore” games on the Wii probably buys them, and everyone else just repeats their mantra.

            I expect the PS3 version of NMH:HP to sell…”decently” to “poorly”, depending entirely what you want from a niche game of this variety. Will it outsell the Wii version? Possibly. Depends on how many “PS3 hardcore” gamers care for something like NMH. (…which can be viewed as a mediocre looking hack ‘n’ slash that has a crappy overworld.)

          • Actually, 5 million is NOT Call of Duty numbers. Modern Warfare sold 13 million, last count. Modern Warfare 2 has sold 20 million. Call of Duty: World at War has sold 13 million. Going off the Call of Duty, franchise for a moment, Grand Theft Auto IV has sold 17 million.

            And I am sure there are a ton of casual shovelware titles for the Wii that have sold immensely. But titles for the hardcore, from a third party…doesn’t happen for the Wii.

          • Tokyo Guy

            Well as I have said for years now, Nintendo-in making the Wii and the DS-have succeed in pushing the games out of gaming. When you look at the products that have sold the best for either system-Nintendogs, Wii Sports, Wii Fit…these aren’t actual games. They are designed for non-gamers and revolve around a gimmick (i.e. the touch screen or the Wiimote) to make them more appealing than they would be on a traditional format.

            Now it’s been all “stars and rainbows” (quoted from FF13) for Nintendo given that it charged a premium on what is really “ancient” technology and had such stunning success, but in terms of the 3rd party developers, it’s been an utter nightmare. Capcom has been quite vocal about its disgust with the Wii and the problem Nintendo created.

            Now that the sales of the Wii have fallen to the point where Nintendo’s financial statement is a DRAMATIC decline from the previous year on year on year (etc) returns, it seems like the company will finally have to do something to restore investor confidence. The 3DS has tons of potential, but the high price makes it quite prohibitive for kids and casual gamers. And there is nothing whatsoever announced for the Wii follow up…

          • RupanIII

            Like Miyamoto said, the Nintendo of today probably wouldn’t hire him

      • Kaishounashi

        The game sold more than 400k if it makes you happy. it was a sucess, otherwise, they wouldn’t have done a sequel..

        The port was made because Marvelous wasn’t happy with the japanese sales(which weren’t 38k for the wii, much lower. It were more like 22k for the wii). Too bad that in the end, the HD version didn’t sold much more than the Wii version, even with all the gifts. It still is Suda highest selling game there. Suda is much more famous in the west.

        And the Wii got a lot of third party games above 1.5, but umbrella chronicles is not one of them. From Capcom, only Resident Evil 4 and Monster Hunter Tri managed that.

        • Really? I could’ve sworn I read that Umbrella Chronicles actually sold pretty well for a 3rd party title. Oh well. As the kids say, “My bad.”

          • Tokyo Guy

            No, no. IIRC Umbrella Chronicles was a total flop here. I don’t know the exact sales but I do specifically remember the Shinjuku Sofmap store discounting the game around 10 days after release.

    • Tokyo Guy

      This game has been out for the 360 and PS3 for months now in Japan you know.

  • Is it in some kind of special Boss fight mode or something like that? It would be weird for you to fight bosses from the sequel when the game itself is the start of the series. I mean wouldn’t that ruin moments of the sequel(boss deaths and what not) if NMH:DS “was” ported to HD consoles? It kinda feels like a screw you to the fans on Wii who own the real NMH:DS game imho.

    • By now, people should be aware of the rule of early-adapters. The first people to buy something always pay more for it and usually end up getting less.

      • I know about that but this is basically the first NMH game….it’s weird that Konami is just putting bosses from the 2nd game into it. Why not just port over the 2nd game instead since you’ll get the full thing instead of some part(important parts nonetheless) of the game? Dunno how many NMH:DS bosses will be in the game but it’ll ruin the experience imo…..I wouldn’t want a full game + extras with strips of it’s sequel when I’d rather want to get 2 full games with everything intact. It’s just weird to me that they’re doing this.

        • Well, if you just ported the second game without the first one, I think it’d confuse people. Very few people played the original Wii version, so you’d have to introduce new people to this world and these characters.

          Hopefully, this will do well and the second game will be ported too.

          • I just meant that they should just port both over since it’ll make more sense that way and would be infinitely better. It’s just weird porting a game with things from it’s sequel, that’s what’s bugging me out since I never heard a developer doing this before(outside of games with Boss Rush modes since that makes more sense).

            Though it makes me wonder…..this kinda makes me feel like the sequel won’t port over HD consoles for some reason. Ehh….iunno. All I know is that NMH will have more fans now and that makes me happy.

          • They should port both, but I think this port is a bit of a test, really, to see if the franchise has any legs in North America/Europe.

    • Aara_Malik_Davoodi

      It depends how they do it. Perhaps you just fight the bosses in this giant arena and there’s no story before or after. It may spoil the gameplay experience of NMH2, I suppose, but no story then. But really, the story isn’t that deep that spoilers would ruin it. There’s people. You kill them. The bosses are going to die. I hope that doesn’t ruin too much of the game for you XD

      • Right on dude, I agree exactly with what you just wrote. If it’s any way to do it, it should be done like that. I’m not that big on story spoilers or what not but there are people out there who are kinda crazy with that stuff…..

  • Code

    rar, PS3 release of No More Heroes with extra bosses returning from NMH2 , is enough to sell me >w<; Although Move support might just make me look into Move down the road too. But I have to wonder how it'll work if you kill a NMH2 boss in NMH:HP? OH SNAP TIME PARADOX. I just hope Konami does the box art justice, both the original and NMH2's box art I felt was such an obnoxiously large waste of potential.

  • Aara_Malik_Davoodi

    PS3 version is now on my must-buy list. As for the kinect, I really don’t think it can work. How would you navigate through the city? Walking around would be such a hassle. Moving the camera in big brawls would be terrible. Then again, if they can somehow do all of this, and it actually works, I’m buying Kinect.

  • Arcm

    Looks like I’ll be triple dipping for this game

  • PrinceHeir

    finally the game is getting better and better :)i always wanted the 2nd game being ported as No More Heroes 2 Paradise.please everyone buy this game. we need to support developers such as grasshopper manufacturer. i already bought the 2 games from the wii and the import version of paradies(which is 90$) im willing to buy this again since it’s being ported with tons of new features.though a bit time paradox here no? still please port the 2nd one even though your including the boss from there. i just want a few things for the eventual port of No More Heroes Paradise 2 :Da new difficulty(extreme bitter?), more clothes, add the wrestling moves from the 1st one.Dark sith mode,Move support,Very sweet mode(Alice and Margaret alternate costumes FTW),theater gallery,Dual Audio with Japanese and English track w/subs. faster loading times,keep the death match mode(also add the 1st no more heroes bosses maybe dark star? :D),trophy support,No More Heroes 1.5 Movie, add a story campaign about henry(how he fought the robot guy or shinobi’s quest into becoming the #1 Assassin in the US,and an Awesome Art box(like NMH Paradise) imagine watchcing Bizarre Jelly 5 in HD. that would be mind blowing O_Othis and maybe Madworld, House of the Dead Overkill, the RE light gun games. are the ones i want from the wii(but i sill own one. Metroid FTW)

  • PrinceHeir

    sorry for double post ^^

  • MisterFoxInc

    Man, it was already great when I found out they ARE localizing it some months ago – that way, my friend gets to play this, too. But better yet, they improve it not only with additional features but also technical upgrades? This is awesome.

  • cmurph666

    I’d rather fight No More Heroes 2 bosses on No More Heroes 2 on PS3 with Move Support.

    • I’d rather fight NMH2 bosses in NMH2 on Wii like it was meant to be played. Oh wait… I can. N/M.

  • Tokyo Guy

    So once again a Japanese developer rushes out a half-assed port for Japan, and then decides to fix the problems with said game when it releases overseas.

    It’s just plain pathetic that they can get away with pulling this crap, and even more so that no one in Japan seems to even raise an eyebrow in disgust or dare I say complain. HOW much did this game cost here??

  • Pichi

    Not sure how I feel about this. Its good to bring new audiences and such, but I feel they they are really pushing to make this series on the HD consoles and leave the Wii hanging later. Really cannibalize sales if they every get to the point of porting from the Wii future titles. People will just wait for the “superior” version.

    • neon6

      If Wii fans really wanted No More Heroes to remain as an exclusive, then more people should have went out and bought it at launch (though I believe they only sold poorly because Suda 51 doesn’t know how to make game that’s guaranteed to sell for example, a generic 1st person shooter without any of his trademark humor). Personally I don’t care for these console wars seeing how they don’t affect noone, but butthurt fanboys over which previously exclusive IP goes to whichever console. I bought NMH1 and HMH2 so I’ll go out and buy this game considering I’m a fan of his style (not to mention their isn’t much to do with the games once you beat Bitter difficulty).

      • Code

        I don’t think it’s up to fans to keep a game “exclusive” on a console, (I’m surprised how much this idea came up in this topic as a whole) look at Resident Evil 4, which sold fine on Game Cube but it didn’t stop it from going mutli-platform either. It doesn’t matter how few or many copies are sold on “X” system, because on the developer side of things, if they feel it’d serve them best to go multi-platform, there not much going to stop them, and really I don’t think fans have that much say in the decision, any notion that by buying more will keep it on one specific console is silly.

        • Actually, if I recall correctly, Resident Evil 4 underperformed on Gamecube. Capcom had some sales projection or the other that it didn’t meet, so they moved ahead, against Mikami’s wishes, and ported it to the PS2.

          • Code

            It still sold an alright amount though on GameCube if it under preformed it was only because there sales projections were high for the system, they could have EASILY looked at a number of Resident Evil games on GCN and had a good idea how much RE4 would have sold.

            But it was exactly my point, it really doesn’t matter who says it, or if something sells high or low on a system, if a company feels it’ll benefit them to port to another platform/multiplatform they’ll do it, fans really have no major impact on keeping a game exclusive on a console.

        • Joanna

          +1 for being the voice of reason. Although I do agree with neon that these console war debates are rather silly.I don’t deny that there are times where poorer sales have contributed to a port, but I agree with you Code, companies will port even if they made good money on one version if they have reason to believe more money can be made with a port.

          • Code

            Hooray >w<' Voice of Reasonn achieved! But yeahh, I think it's kind of silly to hate on a console, and generally I avoid console war debates, because I think they are a waste of time. Although this kind of has a different angle to it, and I feel like perhaps people are missing the point, that it's entirely a company decision, and what fans have to say on the subject isn't going to keep a game exclusive.

  • shion16

    how are you gonna recharge the battery of the beam katana in kinect??
    mast*******g ??

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