Majin And The Pre-launch Price Drop

By Spencer . November 10, 2010 . 4:48pm


No need to wait for a price drop for Game Republic’s monster buddy game. It appears Namco Bandai shaved $20 off the game bringing Majin and the Forsaken Kingdom down to $39.99 pre-launch.


Gamestop and Amazon carry the new $39.99 price tag. Maybe this will help Namco Bandai hit their 300,000 sales target for Majin and the Forsaken Kingdom. Splatterhouse, another Namco Bandai title slated for this month, still costs $59.99 at both of those retailers.


A tip of the hat and monster-sized high five to Neo_firenze for the heads up.

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  • I wish all new games cost this much or at least 50. This is very tempting and I might get this now depending on what other people say about it.

    • Did you play the demo, though? Check that out first. If the demo somehow appeals to you, then pick it up. Otherwise, don’t waste your money. Seriously. The demo was that bad.

      • thebanditking

        The demo was boring and Majin’s voice was bad but there are worse demo’s out there. The game at least has style and color going for it, which is more then i can say for most of this generations titles.

        • Well, there are definitely worse demos out there. And I’ll even admit, some games I love have had awful demos (“Dead Space” comes to mind, immediately), but I’m just saying that she shouldn’t listen to you or me or anyone else here, and should just play the demo before she decides to spend her money.

  • Unless they’re actually going to be giving me $39.99 to pick it up, this game will be staying out of my collection after that awful demo.

  • Yusaku_Matsuda70s

    … What?

    Doing something like this shows a serious lack of faith in your own product. HOWEVER! Given their recent (ridiculous) estimates/ expectations of sales for certain titles and how some of them fell seriously short, this is probably for the best. Will definitely boast sales for sure.

    • Code

      The same thing happened to Arkham Asylum and I can not even stress how amazing that game turned out to be >w<; Not even in my typical pool of games I'd consider, but man blew me away.

      • Yusaku_Matsuda70s

        Arkham Asylum was initially $40? But… I bought it used for $40! O.O’

        Good game, for sure. Even though I tried to clear most of it without using detective mode (‘that’s not how Batman really works!’ I insisted to myself) but got killed sooo much.

        • Code

          Yep! It was $39 if you bought it on launch day (actually I think walmart had the deal on the whole week). It was a really good deal, I didn’t get it myself at the price though sadly T_T;

          • Yusaku_Matsuda70s

            Ah well, that game was worth it, $40 new or used, if not more.

          • [The Hunter] Doomrider

            I bought the CE, but I felt a bit ripped off, because of the lack of content compared to the US one (I bought the EU one)…

            The game alone was worth the extra money though =P

          • Aoshi00

            Oh right, stupid me!! How could I have forgotten, I sneaked out of work before lunch to get Arkham Asylum from Toysrus on launch day lol.. it’s was like if you buy it on Tues between 10am-2pm or something, and they had the best deal of them all, it was a $30 Toysrus gift card, but after that time they only give $20 gift card (I told my colleague about it and he was pissed). I didn’t want to miss out so I went before lunch lol.. So minus the gift card, that’s like the best $30+ I’ve spent!

      • [The Hunter] Doomrider

        Anyone who appreciates Arkham Asylum earns a “like” from me. It’s that simple <3Yeah, you too Yusaku!

        And one for Aoshi!

        • Code

          Haha, I hate to bring it up (I feel like I bring it up a lot) but really was one of the best games I’ve played that completely caught me off guard at the time. I still think that MGS could take some pointers on the game’s stealth, and if Nintendo ever considers a 3rd person 3D Metroid game, they need to look at this game carefully >w<'

          • Honestly, the only negative I can say about Arkham Asylum is the boss battles were all the exact same battle over and over again. Otherwise, one of the best games of last year.

          • Yusaku_Matsuda70s

            I thought the scarecrow hallucination segments were the craziest part of the game… but then like you said, eventually it just kind of repeated.

          • [The Hunter] Doomrider

            It’s never too much! Not for such a wonderful game. I’ve beat it, what… 11 times? Something like that. Now I feel bad because I know the game inside out. Well, there’s always Arkham City!

        • Yusaku_Matsuda70s

          Anyone who likes my comments (the corny and non-rambling ones anyway) gets a lifetime membership of likes from me! XDXD

          EDIT: I kid. I kid. What? You want a refund? No way!

          • [The Hunter] Doomrider

            Hey, I like them all, keep ’em coming xD

        • thebanditking

          How could anyone not like Arkham Asylum? For one its Batman (best superhero ever imo), two it had Kevin Conroy as Batman and Luke Skywalker as Joker (lol poor Mark Hamill he just never got out of that role) Its like a blue print for awesomeness. It was an amazing game and to date the best use of a licensed property in a videogame.

          • Well, DC Universe has those two doing those voices again (as well as a lot of other awesome voice work. I mean Summer Glau as Supergirl? Adam Baldwin as Superman? Gina Torres as Wonder Woman? As a Firefly fan, that’s awesome enough), but I’m still not 100% sold on that game.

      • Aoshi00

        I’ve tried the Majin demo it really felt lackluster and boring (Majin constantly talking like an idiot was no help at all :(… so I’m not sure if it’s like Arkham Asylum. That was one of the best Batman games ever and everybody knew it..I’m thinking this is the case like Last Remnant. Amazon dropped the price to $39.99 on day 1 too, and boy what a technical mess that game was, and then I realized the reason for the price drop… It’s not that Majin is not polished, it just didn’t feel very fun, at least from the demo, and the big oaf’s goofy 5-yr old talk really gets on your nerves.. I don’t know if I could take much more..

        • Yeah, when I played the demo for Arkham Asylum at the 34th St Gamestop, like months before it came out, I knew I had to have that game.

          Playing the demo for this produced what can only be described as anti-enthusiasm for it. And I agree, the voice of Majin was a huge turn off, while playing.

        • Code

          Nahh I wasn’t implying that Arkham Asylum had a bad demo or anything, just that it had a reduced price at launch >w<;

          • Aoshi00

            I know what you meant, but I wasn’t even aware they dropped the price for AA, I guess they just wanted to move copies.. but w/ this kind of day one price drop like Majin or Last Remnant, it’s a very bad warning it’s like they knew the game is going to bomb, the only way to make some sales is entice people w/ the low price :(..

          • Code

            Yeahh true, but isn’t a good launch price drop T_T; Although if the game isn’t good, well I guess it’s not good, it’s hard to stop the train once it’s come this far xpx;

        • Yusaku_Matsuda70s

          He sounded like the Iron Giant to me, except even more of a simpleton.

          • Aoshi00

            Yea, and Vin Diesel actually did a pretty good job too, had a lot of heart (and that was one of the better Jennifer Aniston movies because she didn’t show her face lol).. Here Majin just sounds annoying and idiotic.. I would really need to overcome that if I want to play the game.. the shadowy enemies were like Ico, but overall the game didn’t impress me… the world doesn’t look that exotic either from the trailers I’ve seen.. just plain ruins and forests..

            Actually I wonder why Game Republic never bothered to dub their games in Jpn, they were the guys that did Folklore too right? Because if the game has a narrative, I’m sure they would want to have Jpn dialogue so Jpn gamers don’t need to read subtitles… I tried the demo, I felt so stupid reading the subtitles for what the Majin said lol.. you stay me go… me mad lol..

          • Tokyo Guy

            Indeed they did make Folklore. That game is perhaps the only recent project I can think of that brought up memories of Kouldelka and Shadow Hearts.

          • thebanditking

            whats the matter with Jennifer Aniston, Aoshi? What you don’t like Friends? lol… I am not a big fan of her either but she is not my least favorite actress, that would have to be Sarah Jessica Parker. how anyone could find her attractive is beyond me.

          • Aoshi00

            She was hot in Friends, I did like her back then, but after that every role she did in movies was just nagging and nagging worse than Marge Simpson, did you see Break Up w/ Vince Vaughn, that had to be one of the most depressing movies ever (instead of a funny comedy), it’s probably not nice for me to say, I’m guessing her real life personality is like that and that’s why Brad Pitt couldn’t take it anymore.. Oh yea, Sarah Jessica Parker’s horseface, I don’t know why Matthew Broderick got together w/ her.. I don’t know who asked this question, “Who’s more ugly, Sarah Jessica Parker or Sandra Oh”.. tough choice lol, both are just so….

    • Did you try the demo, this game is nice quallity stuff, the voice of majin was weird, the introduction was kinda lacking, but im sure the game gets more complex later on, and we get to see more of the personality of the thief as well, he only had like one line…

      Anyway, having faith or not, i think that matters not! this is a great price for a ps3 game!

      • Yusaku_Matsuda70s

        No no, I wasn’t dissing the game. $40 is nothing to complain about. The decision by Bamco just befuddled me. The game I found charming, though flawed as you said. The thief and the giant’s high-fiving-buddy-buddy friendship remind me of Aladdin and Abu. The whole ancient castle escaping, bomb-carrying, puzzle solving, dark-matter-creature spawning aspects are very ICO-like (made me want to play that again instead). The art style is quirky, and probably its biggest strength.

        If there was one thing that really bothered me was how it seemed like the thief was just using the Majin. He heals the thief and in exchange the thief… feeds him fruit from the ground he could easily pick himself?! He obliterates the dark forces thief can barely touch and in exchange the thief… whacks them off his back?! C’mon! Made me feel guilty…

      • I didn’t think the demo was quality, at all. Maijin’s voice annoyed me, the gameplay seemed overly simplistic, and I was bored halfway through. It felt like someone trying really hard to imitate and Ico-like game, but failing. Almost like a children’s level version of it. I was mildly interested in this game before I tried to demo. After playing it, this is in my “must avoid” category.

        • Umm…

          Ico game? why Ico? Ico games are nothing like this, either this is like ICO games, i dont know why you compare them… I agree with majin’s voice, but meh, we barely know what is going on so we can judge the story with a demo…

          The main idea of the game did remind me of ico, but now that i played it, this doesnt feels like it :P

          Children level… you do know this is a demo… and a lot of ppl will try this, they cant put something hard just because of a selected few. But yeah. if you diodnt fond of it, you can choose not to play it, but i think there is more to it, the demo wasnt good enough

    • thebanditking

      Well there is another way to look at this, buy selling the game at a lower cost you increase the chances of holiday shoppers on a budget picking it up. The game was doomed to be passed over to begin with but by lowering the price your in a better position to get noticed by busy shoppers going through crowded shelves, especially since you have no brand recognition with new IP’s. Its not a bad move at this point since the pre-launch advertising has been nil, and the game journalists have not been covering it either.

      • Yusaku_Matsuda70s

        I did look at it both ways. Hence my “however” and “Will boost sales for sure” statements.

  • OMG i liked the demo >8O urggg i have to think if i wanna import it, the price is great…

  • zhemos

    Hrmm, the price slash tells me that the game is gonna suck.

    Namco should do themselves a favor and just localize tales, they’ve got an established fanbase, just like with their Naruto and Dragonball games, why not cater to them?

    • Tokyo Guy

      Actually I’d put all my money on Splatterhouse being the one that sucks. Heck, I’ll even wager a bet on it hitting bargain bins in under a month. Whenever it comes out in Japan (assuming Namco even bothers) then I’d bet it will be reduced in price less than a week after release, if stores even bother selling it for the “MSRP” to begin with. (Recently chains like Sofmap have been selling new games from Day 1 as under the MSRP).

      Bionic Commando was another HUGE joke of a failure in Japan…

      • thebanditking

        You can almost be 100% sure splatterhouse sucks. I have not read of heard one positive thing about it and from those that actually got to play its demo builds have said its not impressive, choppy animation, framrate stutters/chugs and boring combat and story. A shame really but that’s what happens when development gets out of control, I figured this game was doomed the min they had to take the original team off it and give it to another half way through..

        • Tokyo Guy

          I know virtually nothing about the upcoming Splatterhouse but just from looking at the screenshots and reading bare minimal information you just know for a fact the game will be abysmal.

          And the thing is, as Capcom epically did and failed here with Bionic Commando, I can totally see Namco trying to do a major marketing push for Splatterhouse in an effort to appeal to all the gamers around 30 who played the original games. And I can see it TOTALLY failing to perform, and all of the magazines giving it absolutely horrid scores across the board.

          Seriously who exactly greenlights these projects? And how can any self-respecting company put out these types of games and actually feel proud of the company they work for? I mean seriously-when you play a game and realize it’s complete trash and no one will like it, doesn’t it make sense to just can it?

          • thebanditking

            I think from a business standpoint its pretty easy to have your projects get out of control. Most companies have multiple games in development at once, some of which are developed out of the main office. You have check ins and demo’s shown but most of the board and higher up know little to nothing about games. So something that starts off bad just continues to grow worse because the people making the decision to greenlight it just don’t understand what is good game design. I would not bet on a big marketing push from Namco for this,they hardly market anything as it is. Not to mention this game is a bit out of season, unless they are going to pull some kind of “holiday in hell” campaign I am betting on a pretty quiet release.

    • thebanditking

      check out the demo, its not that bad. The graphics are a bit dated but it seems to run well and was native 1080p on PS3 (unless its an in game upscaler because the PS3 does not upscale games and my TV always displays the signal resolution), which shocked the heck out of me. The English voice cast for Majin is a bit ear grating but the game likely support multiple languages.

      • Aoshi00

        Majin’s dubbed in Eng only like their previous game Folklore, I d/l’ed both the Jpn and Eng. demo, no multiple tracks.. they just have Jpn subtitles for Majin’s stupid broken speech.. I actually liked Folklore back then (I imported “FolksSoul” even before there was force feedback, I think it was my first or 2nd PS3 game), but I never got to finish it, got to the 5th of 7 worlds I think, even thought it played much better using the Dual Shock 3 to hook the Ids. I liked Folklore’s style and monsters very much, somehow the Majin demo didn’t impress me at all, so far the enemies are only shadowy figures like Ico.. and the dialogue was pretty bad, especially the annoying Majin..Also the duo doesn’t feel dynamic to me, unlike Ico & Yorda or Monkey & Trip..doesn’t feel like there’s a sense of emergency, like somebody is out to get your partner at any time.

        The one-hit stealth instant kill and wall crush felt pretty satisfying I guess, but the design didn’t hook me and the voice acting was just bad so you don’t have a very strong narrative driving the game forward (like Folklore there was a murder mystery)

    • Exkaiser

      They don’t feel Tales sells well enough to be worth localizing.

      It’s pretty simple.

      • Gestahl

        I hope they’ll think Majin was worth localizing after they see its sales data.

  • mikanko

    I would have liked the demo if not for the incredibad voice acting and writing. The gameplay is a bit simple, but the atmosphere and art design were both very nifty, it’s just the story/voices that kinda kill it.

    • thebanditking

      I agree. I wonder if this was done by the Folklore team, which also has some great art design.

  • Aoshi00

    Also just like to point out, this is a bit different from the usual $10 or $20 credit back promotion from Amazon or other retailers, those credit or coupons just encourage you to keep stacking the coupons and keep buying new releases from them. But a $20 price slash on day 1, I think that’s a very bad signal like Last Remnant, it’s kind of like “this game is $40, try it (at your own risk)”, something like that.. like there’s something inherently wrong w/ it.. and they probably got bad feedback from the demo too.

  • Guest

    Why the surprise? This is just the consequences of releasing too many damn games in such a brief period of time. Not many are buying all the stuff coming out, and with a game lacking a well known name releasing it at 59.99 would be just insane. Other games like Bioshock 2 and Super Street Fighter 4 hit price cuts very quickly after their respective releases. Again, it needs to be repeated, releasing so many games at 59.99 is not a good sells model.

    • Ummm…I’m pretty sure Super Street Fighter IV was always $39.99.

      • thebanditking

        This is correct, Capcom lowered the price to compensate for the potential bad press over releasing another SF game so soon.

    • Aara_Malik_Davoodi

      Super Street Fighter 4 was 39.99 from the beginning. It was meant to serve as an expansion of sorts

  • neo_firenze

    Woohoo I got a monster-sized high five :)

    Yeah, I’m a little worried about how Majin is going to do. But I’m really not very concerned about whether I’ll like it. I’m a pretty big Game Republic fan, and I didn’t think the demo was bad (though I hope there are some better parts in the full game).

    Still, I think this may be more of a reactionary panic move from Namco Bandai’s massive cut in sales expectation. It never should have been expected to move 1 million units in the first place though.

    What I’d really hope is that this is a sign, along with the frequent day 1 discounts/rebates from a lot of retailers, that publishers might start wising up and realizing that not everything needs to be full $59.99. There’s certainly room for a range of prices, and a lot of games would be more successful if they didn’t launch at such a high price point. If people are reluctant to buy at $60 and keep to the used market, that doesn’t help the publisher. If they can release a game for $10-$20 less and encourage more NEW sales, publisher stands to win…

    • Tokyo Guy

      Game Republic…isn’t that the company who is ran by the incompetent no-nothing who famously proclaimed that the Japanese XBox 360 launch line-up would be awe-inspiring? I lost any and all respect for them the minute I read that.

      • thebanditking

        I don’t recall this statement from Game Republic. They have spent the better part of this generation and last as a PlayStation exclusive developer, outside of some DS games.Though they may have said that because they had a 360 launch title called Every Party, forgivable in my opinion as its just marketing and its your job as CEO to be “excited” about your products.

        • neo_firenze

          Besides, silly comments or not, I care more about games than marketing speak.

          Folklore, Brave Story, Dark Mist, Genji (the original)… Game Republic has made enough games I really like to deserve my attention when they release something new.

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