Platinum The Trinity Adds A Shade Of Pink To BlazBlue: Continuum Shift II

By Spencer . November 11, 2010 . 2:03am

005[2]Arc System Works is releasing another version of BlazBlue in arcades this December. BlazBlue: Continuum Shift II uses Taito’s NESiCAxLive system for post-release character balance patches and player access to character data from PCs or mobile phones.


BlazBlue: Continuum Shift II also has a brand new character. Meet Platinum the Trinity. She’s 4′ 8", plays Othello, dislikes snakes, and her drive is called Magical Symphony.



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The downloadable characters from BlazBlue: Continuum Shift are playable in BlazBlue: Continuum Shift II too. Arc System Works also released screenshots of Makoto and Valkenhayn.


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  • kupomogli

    A fourth BlazBlue game already? They’re milking the series pretty hard I’d say. That’s fine with me though, they added those other characters as DLC only which because of that reason I didn’t pick the game up. Costume, music, and stage DLC I don’t care about, but as long as all the characters are on disc I’ll finally pick up my first BlazBlue. That is if they don’t announce a fifth one once this one gets a price drop.

    • RagnaXBL

      I disagree they had to put them in as DLC so they could work out the thousands of bugs that they had. at any rate as long as blazblue games are coming out i don’t care.

    • Neckbear

      For me Continuum Shift “2” isn’t much more than an excuse to put in another character, and I wouldn’t really consider it a “sequel”. Would be easier for ASW to just patch Platinum on older arcades, though.

      Anyways, hope the console balance patch comes soon.

    • You are aware that this is pretty much just for the Arcade right since they weren’t able to update the previous games yet. Also with the inclusion of the ability of post-game patches, they can now keep the Console and Arcade versions in sync with each other so that characters are the same no matter where you decide to play them.

    • Code

      Technically this isn’t a fourth game, Continuum Shift II is just an update to the Japanese arcade version so that it can “catch up” with the PS3/360 release of Continuum Shift. Basically as of right now there are 2 Blazblue games, Blazblue: Calamity Trigger and Blazblue: Continuum Shift (and a third DSi game BlayzBloo: Super Melee Brawlers Battle Royale if you wanna count it too >w<). Typically with fighters now a days the arcade version comes out first, then the console version adds some extra content the arcade version didn't have — then they update the arcade version with the content from the latest console version afterwords.

    • raymk

      Well everyone else set you straight so i don’t have to lol

    • Darkrise

      Um, fourth blazblue game? Where’s the 3rd? And no. This is merely a really big patch that rebalances all the characters, and allows the new DLC charatcers to be playable in arcade and has a new online feature in japan. Hence why it’s called Blazblue CS “II”.

  • cmurph666

    I want Jubei.

    • Code

      You and me both >ww<' it seems like such a huge miss that he isn't playable already omo;

      • Darkrise

        If they do release him, he’d just slaughter everyone. End of story. He IS the worlds most strongest being lol. There won’t be much point to have the ultimate character in BB playable, especially when maybe the majority of BB players will start maining him.

        • Code

          Tier Placement =/= Story PowerThis could be said about a lot of character using the story bases, Rachel, Hazama, and Valkenhyan are all super strong characters in story, but they aren’t top tier either. Bang and Litchi are high on the tiers, but they don’t necessarily hold a lot of power in the storyline either, even Rachel considered one of the stronger characters in the plot, is bottom tier (although hopefully update will fix that soon >w<). It's a terribly weak excuse in my opinion, to justify Jubei not being included in the cast. Interesting characters, should be playable, simple as that.

    • BadenBadenPrinny

      Mori himself said that he wasn’t making Jubei playable

      • Code

        rar, Mori can’t stop me from dreaming!

  • doubletaco

    So, about that Valkenhayn 360 patch…

    • MemeticRichard

      It’s Hazama. Trolling the 360 userbase.

  • So, when are we getting her as DLC already? This is the character I’ve been waiting the most for, since it seems a lot of people are really annoyed she’s even in the game. I want to be able to annoy people further by beating them with her already.

  • ?I Thought She was already announced? Maybe I just read the wikia too early @[email protected]

    And Makoto is a Squirrel Girl? Nice. I thought she was just a generic Catgirl!

  • Lolis lolis everywhere!

  • It’d be great if CS ever actually came out in Europe so I could start to get excited over CS2

    • Code

      There the same thing, lol >w<' CS2 is just the Arcade update.

      • It’s just the arcade update, but there’s some major balance changes to all the characters. Half of Hazama’s combos are gone in the current build for example.
        I hate having to use an old version of a game when the stuff I’m learning could well be obsolete to the rest of the world.

        • Code

          Yeah, but you’ll likely be getting the balance change the same time as everyone else if they wanna keep cross compatibility online between North America, Europe, and Japan.

    • Darkrise

      Wasn’t it suppose to be out last month in Europe?

      • Locklear93

        Got delayed. Last I heard they were hoping to bring it this month, but they sent an e-mail last month saying, “Yep, we’re late.”

        • Yar, December 3rd is now the official Europe release date.

  • She got lost on her way to the set of Arcana Heart 4

  • masuto

    I love! Pink! It’s pink!

  • shion16

    i was gonna buy continuum shift for my ps3, but now…… not quite sure

    • Code

      It’s just an update for the arcade version so that it’s got all the same content as the console version. *face palm* you’d think Aksys would be keeping tabs on this kind of news so it does create this kind of confusion x_x’

      • shion16

        every arcade update ends turning in a new console version

        • Code

          Rather in this instance, this is the console version of CS turning into the new arcade update called CSII. There’s nothing here the console version doesn’t have as long as you plan on buying the DLC characters. It’s not a new game xpx; And it isn’t what Blazblue 3 is going to turn into.

  • zhemos

    Will we be getting her as DLC? or do we gotta wait for a whole new console game to play her?

  • CS II is the arcade update
    Consoles get CS II as the balance patch at the end of this year/begging of next.

    ASW COULD release a disc based game with all three character DLCs as an alternative update, but considering its at $40 with $24 in DLC (only counting the three characters) you pay roughly regular price anyway for an updated product.

    long story short


    • Code

      Exactly xpx;

    • My PS3 version is already at 1.03.

      I think this update would be 1.04

      • Code

        Yeah I wanna say Launch/Makoto put it at 1.02, then Valkenhyan update put it at 1.03, although I haven’t checked so I’m not positive.

        • If I recall correctly, the launch/Makoto patch was actually 1.01, Valk was 1.02, and then the correction for the glitches caused in the Valk patch was 1.03

  • Yusaku_Matsuda70s

    Is it just me or does Platinum looks like Rin Kokonoe from Kodomo no Jikan? And no, I didn’t actually watch that…

    • Lies. You watched the ending theme, just as I have! It’s so catchy, though…

    • Darkrise

      I’d have to disagree, more like Mahou Shoujo lol. Even though I don’t watch any of them…

      • Yusaku_Matsuda70s

        But she’s not “like” a mahou shoujo, she *is* one. I just thought the over-sized pigtails and color scheme were reminiscent…

  • I’ve never played any of them. Which one should I start with or just wait for this one?

    • Blazblue Calamity Trigger, you’ll get lost in the story if you don’t play it

    • Darkrise

      If you’re interested in an sci-fi anime type of story, I’d highly recommend starting from Calamity Trigger since it’s really deep. But if you’re only in it for the gameplay because it’s a fighter, then go for Continuum shift.

  • ThunderGod_Cid

    There is only one negative about about these DLC characters: It’s that you can’t use them in Story & Arcade Mode.
    And for some of us that like following the story, that kinda sucks.

    Oh well….at least somebody actually releasing DLC characters for their games *cough* Capcom *cough* Super Street Fighter IV *cough*

  • Day2Day

    How ’bout that Rachel?
    Should be any day now…

  • Chow

    And following in the steps of Guilty Gear, she will make up approximately HALF of all the new characters that will appear in the sequel. :/

  • any idea when she wil be released for the console versions? i cant wait to finall y complete the roster.. and the achievements lool


    If anyone is curious it would appear CSII is coming out on December 8th for arcades.

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