Tactics Ogre: Let Us Cling Together Extended With Free DLC

By Spencer . November 11, 2010 . 3:21am


There’s more to do in Tactics Ogre: Let Us Cling Together after you decide Denam’s fate. Square Enix has downloadable scenarios planned for the PSP version.


Canopus and Denam are the central characters in the first extra storyline, The Search for Warren. Even though anyone can download the mission, you have to meet certain conditions to play it. The Search for Warren will be available via PlayStation Network sometime in December.


Two more downloadable scenarios are in the cards, but Square Enix have not released any details about them.

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  • Tom_Phoenix

    While I am probably the only person who feels that way, I am utterly annoyed by DLC. It means that people who can’t use online features or prefer to have their game content entirely on the disc are missing out on additional content.

    While this is usually offset by the fact that developers sometimes rerelease their games with all DLC included (the Fallout 3 GOTY Edition is an example of this), I seriously doubt this is going to be the case here. Since they only plan two more downloadable scenarios, I doubt that is enough content to justify a later rerelease.

    • The game is complete and while you have a point about the people somehow unable to access the internet. The people too stubborn to download something for free have no one to blame but themselves. I can’t help, but disagree. They are releasing it for free and they may release other DLC, besides the other two. We have no idea if the other scenarios will be paid to play or not, or if a re-release, will even happen.

    • You’re probably not the only person who feels that way and you have a valid point on people missing out.

      Although, I think Square Enix is making this content for a different reason. As DLC, they can parse scenarios out over a set period, perhaps a couple of months, and lower the number of cash trade-ins to retailers in Japan.

      The extra episodes, free or not, wouldn’t serve the same purpose on disc so they may not have made them otherwise.

  • What? Square Enix will actually release DLC? Did hell freeze over?

    • neocatzon

      no, they just redesigned the hell to attract more tourist (it’s free DLC dude !!)

  • WizardoftheBlueOrder

    Is this DLC as in “Downloadable Content” or DLC as in “Disc-Locked Content”?

    At least if it’s the latter case, they’re not charging us extra for data on the disc.

    • Apollokids

      Can you name me some games with Disc-Locked Content? Just the thought of it disgusts me.

      • kupomogli

        Street Fighter 4 and Resident Evil 5. I’d think BlazBlue Continuum Shift but not sure.

      • Beautiful Katamari was infamous for this as well. The game was $40 new, but unlocking the rest of the stages and options which were already right there on the disc would run you another $20 or so.

    • I think it’s downloadable content.

    • Code

      DLC is typically used as the term for Downloadable Content.

  • kupomogli

    I love incomplete games. Please make more DLC Square Enix. I’d love for over half of the game to be data that can be lost in the future when PSN goes down and we’re never able to reacquire it.

    • Shadow_Raskolnik

      The game is complete on its own. I think if the DLC has anything to do with the storyline of the game it probably either deals with certain events that don’t really affect the overall plot or they could be “what if?” scenarios.

    • Except the game is already complete and these are little more than bonus scenarios.

      • kupomogli

        Sidequests are still part of the game, so no, the game is not complete. The DLC is out on “release date.” If it came out months later then it wouldn’t matter much, but the fact that it’s already made before release is pretty sad.

        On Ogre Battle March of the Black Queen, did I have to download Dragon’s Haven? On Final Fantasy 6 did I have to go and download Owzer’s House, Phoenix Cave, Zozo mines, etc? On Wild ARMs 1 and 3 did I have to download Gunner’s Heaven? On Suikoden 2 did I have to download Tir Mcdohl or any of the other characters that weren’t considered one of the 108 stars?

        We rarely ever get a complete game anymore. It’s always. Preorder whatever and get this free DLC that should have came with the game to begin with. With PSP games I understand because douchebags pirate the hell out of the system, but as a both a fan of video games and a collector it still pisses me off.

        • Adding extra quests to a game =/= incomplete game. The rest of your argument doesn’t make sense. These extra missions weren’t apart of the game just something Square added and besides, this one is free anyway. I am sorry, but your complaint is inane.

  • Pichi

    I rather SE use DLC for overseas fans to use for International and Final Mix versions. That way, both sides can be happy and enjoy all the new content that comes out. Birth By Sleep Final Mix should have been that way.

  • If this were a brand new game I might be concerned, but since it’s a remake and the DLC covers something that I’m pretty sure wasn’t part of the original game, I’m okay with this. If it keeps interest in Tactics Ogre high- which is one of the purposes of DLC, to extend the sales life of a game -then all the better.

  • Guest


  • Aiddon

    probably after the game is finished is when this takes place due to…certain events. Maybe wants to do a link to another game since the Saga was supposed to be an 8 part series

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