Ys I & II Chronicles Looking Like A February Title

By Spencer . November 11, 2010 . 2:12pm

imageBy now, we’re pretty sure some Siliconera readers completed Ys: The Oath in Felghana and are eagerly awaiting their next Ys fix.


When is it coming? Xseed has not announced a date for the PSP remake, but on Facebook an employee wrote, "Ys I & II Chronicles is looking more like February." While there won’t be a Ys I & II Chronicles limited edition, Xseed has a pre-order planned that will let fans "complete the artwork on the spines."


After this Chronicles, Xseed will start releasing the series of Legend of the Heroes: Trails in the Sky (also known as Sora no Kiseki) games in North America.

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  • I just finished Ys The Oath in Felghana PSP myself, so I can’t wait to play this too!

    Then I’ll totally be ready for all three Trails in the Sky games ;)

  • malek86

    Nice. I had bought Ys on the VC, but i can’t play it because the whole high-contrast border would screw up my plasma in no time. Ugh. How does the PSP version compare to the originals?

  • Still ticked no LE, I want my shiny box-art with Premium Edition on the front and a soundtrack CD with another bonus.

    As long as the pre-order bonus whatever it is completes the spine artwork I’m fine, but I’m hoping they throw in a CD pre-order bonus as well or something.

  • OneOkami

    I noticed my Amazon estimate was recently pushed back into February. For a while it was in January.

  • cmurph666

    I’m all about completing the artwork on the spine.

  • This is actually going to work out for me since I’m going to be out of town for a good part of January. I’m still sad about no LE, but at least with the release date pushed back a bit, I’ll be able to play it as soon as I get my copy instead of having to wait.

    I’ll play through Ys Seven in the meantime.

  • kupomogli

    Premium version XSeed. Please change your mind about not releasing one.

  • I need a Limited Edition. Pleaaaaaaaaaaaaaase, Xseed.

  • So XSEED has gone from amazing Premium Edition to disappointing Premium Edition to no Premium Edition. At this rate I’m half expecting the Sora no Kiseki trilogy UMDs to be in sandwich bags on the shelves at Gamestop

    (Not that I’m complaining, so long as the Sora trilogy makes it here in English I would pay retail price for a loose UMD that has been stepped on)

    • Honestly, they can’t all be winners, the Ys SEVEN one had a cloth map and an artbook, as well as the soundtrack CD.However, both the artbook and the map covered pretty much the 3 Ys PSP games XSEED is publishing (and in the case of the map the entire series), and I am perfectly content with OiF having a soundtrack CD and a calendar, and it was also $10 less than the SEVEN LE.Sure they could have come up with something else, but I’m happy with what we got.I kind of am disappointed at no premium edition for I & II Chronicles, but as long as the pre-order bonus completes the spine artwork (and maybe a CD), I’m perfectly content.

  • As much as I love Ys I feel Xseed could have skipped this one and went straight to that sexy devil called Sora no Kiseki.

    • Ereek

      I honestly couldn’t disagree more. Now, Sora no Kiseki is a good series, but what’s the point of skipping Ys entirely? Not only does it garner XSEED and Falcom more sales, but it also brings in fans and a more secure fanbase. If someone loves the three Ys games XSEED released, they’re more likely to buy a game from XSEED and Falcom in the future.They made the smart move. It takes a lot of effort, and money, to localize something as text-heavy as those games. Ys has less text and is faster to localize. It’s better to get themselves into a more secure position where they can incur a bit of a loss, if necessary.

      • kactaplb

        They could have spread the Ys games out more. Honestly, releasing all 3 games within 6? months won’t bring them any more bigger fanbase.

      • But you haven’t taken into account how different Ys I and II is from their previous releases. People that played the Ys series starting from Seven are going to be kinda dissapointed. We hardcore fans can look over the game’s outdated gameplay but the new fans not so much.

  • TyeTheCzar

    Wait… I had thought that this was already released here!

    • Joanna

      You may be thinking of the DS version that was released by Atlus in 2009, I believe.

  • Ladius

    Color me disappointed, I was almost sure XSEED would have given us another wonderful limited edition.
    I think this choice will hurt them too, sadly: in a piracy-ridden market such as PSP’s having additional physical contents is often a key factor to move “grey area” players to buy the game, as sad as it is.
    Even putting piracy aside, having a limited edition is a powerful incentive to buy at day-one, while pre-order bonus often are a failure because of limited availability, some stores not having them, european importers getting screwed etc.
    I will still support the game (as with any Falcom release by XSEED), but I really hope they rethink their strategy.

  • CIN

    Ouch I would love to see another premium edition with an artbook full of those sweet art-goodness Ys is all known of. They really should issue one, please?

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