Decorate Your DS With Square Enix’s Kingdom Hearts Re:coded Pre-Order Bonus

By Spencer . November 12, 2010 . 12:01pm

Recoded_Preorder_ImageSquare Enix gave fans that pre-ordered Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep a set of PSP decals. Now, Nintendo DS owners are getting the same deal for Kingdom Hearts Re:coded.


Reserve Kingdom Hearts Re:coded at Gamestop or Amazon and you’ll get a set of 32 decals. Each one is 2mm and similar to the design of the Japan-only Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days Nintendo DSi. While the limited edition handheld had a black/white motif, Square Enix picked black and yellow for Re:coded.


Kingdom Hearts Re:coded comes out on January 11, 2011 in North America.

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  • MemeticRichard

    So, Square Enix USA is still as cheap as ever with their lame pre-order goodies. They’ve got *nothing* on Atlus or NISA. Lol, even EA is better than them. Look at it this way: Even less incentive to buy an already *terrible* game. :/

    • vadde939

      Is it really that bad? I liked 358/2 Days so I’m considering buying this but if it’s worse than Days then maybe I shouldn’t.

      • PersonaBull

        I loved 358/2 Days, too. But, I loved that game for the surprisingly incredible storyline and mostly amusing mission system. Re:Coded looks more like a fun batch of minigames to me.

        Don’t get me wrong, I’m definitely getting this game. But, I just might wait for a price drop, especially since the preorder bonus is…less than enticing. I preordered Birth By Sleep and honestly forgot all about the decals until my friend asked if I got them. Way to go, Gamestop, I guess.

      • MemeticRichard

        Days was god-awful, no buts about it. Re:c is even worse.

        It’s like SE doesn’t even give a frak anymore – if they release a KH game, ignorant people will scoop it up regardless. It’s a powerful machine.

      • KHSoraKeyBlade

        If you liked Days and are considering buying Re:Coded you should get it and not believe what other people say about it being a crap game especially when they most likely haven’t played it.

        • MemeticRichard

          Too bad I played every single one released top to bottom. Is it safe for me to assume that you haven’t even touched the Final Mixes?

          Exactly. I’m really getting tired of people attempting to counter my arguments with utterly moot points.

          • [The Hunter] Doomrider

            You’re making a moot point yourself by stating that Days was “god awful, no buts about it”. It’s totally debatable. You may have not enjoyed it, but vadde did, as he/she clearly stated so. And then, who knows, maybe he/she will enjoy re:coded too.

            So maybe your opinion is absolute, but it only applies to yourself.

          • MemeticRichard

            Except I’m not debating these with personal points, I’m debating them with technical points.

            Days had very few redeeming qualities as a *game*, simply because there are so many out there, handheld even, than do all the things it attempted, only a hundred times better.

            That isn’t *my* opinion, it’s a fact cause, well, there ARE games that did everything it set out, a hundred times better. It’s really that simple. It isn’t my opinion. More like a comparison.

            And don’t say crap like “don’t compare it to something else!”, cause once again, that IS a moot point. The games industry is very competitive. If your game has nothing of value to show for it, it’ll get shadowed out by others.

            In short, KH Days would’ve been a fine dandy game. Ten years ago.

          • [The Hunter] Doomrider

            Considering that I don’t believe in right or absolute standards, I disagree.It seems you are judging the game based on standards you believe to be universal/absolute. I don’t think that people who disagree with those standards are wrong. They simply have different ones.And why would I say “crap” like that? You’re free to compare it to whatever you want. I’m not trying to defend Days, that’s not the case. And I’m in no position to judge the game whatsoever, seeing as how I haven’t played it. I just think this applies to standards in general.

          • Joanna

            There’s just one odd thing about your claim, Richard. Why do you keep playing them if you hate the games/most of the games so much?

    • Aara_Malik_Davoodi

      There’s not less incentive; there’s just not additional incentive. Even if the pre-order bonus is really crappy, it won’t lessen the “amount of incentive” someone previously had for the game

  • karasuKumo

    Knowing Square something will inevitably go wrong with something as simple as decals, they’ll either have poisonous adhesive or cause some sort of damage to the DS. They provided a flask you can’t drink out of so I wouldn’t be surprised if the decals randomly burst into flames.

    • Code

      oh snap! The decals they cause blindness! Don’t stare directly into them!

  • ragnarok989

    Eh could be worse. At least they’re not going with “Preorder to get bodily fluids from Nomura himself!”

    • Joanna

      Or “digital” poster. >__>

  • Eh, I guess it Is a Bonus. I don’t know how we’ve gotten to the point where a game needs an extravagant bonus as an incentive to buy a game, but w/e.

    And Personally, I don’t think Richard is the best judge of KH games, considering he doesn’t even like them. It plays like BBS, so If you liked the way BBS played, then you’ll like Re:Coded. It adds to the story, so If you care about the story, you should like that too.

    • MemeticRichard

      BS. I loved Birth by Sleep. Granted, Terra was one of the worst SE/Disney characters ever, but I still thought the story hit closer to home, compared to some of the more recent iterations. It actually sort of felt like a KH game.The battle system was fast, excellent, tactical, and wasn’t completely repetitive like in the rest of the entries. And while the worlds weren’t terribly lively, they at least each had some interesting elements to them.Re:coded on the other hand is complete, and total crap in terms of pretty much everything. The battle system is BBS’ in complete bare bones, and lacking much of the variety. The worlds are completely empty, and far too small. The “bug block puzzle elements and platforming” feel completely, totally and cheaply tacked on – obvious by the stage variety, no less. The various little battle systems that the worlds contain are horribly sloppy. The controls in the sidescrolling levels are horrifyingly unresponsive, and Sora feels far too floaty. The turn-based battles are GOD-AWFUL in that there’s utterly no strategy to them, and to make things worse, you literally can’t avoid a single fight throughout that whole world. To say its tedious and repetitive makes Dynasty Warriors feel like Bayonetta. The shooting gallery segment *would* control fine, if it wasn’t for the changing aspects which don’t reflect too well on the controls. In short, it’s weird and unresponsive.Lastly, the story is HORRIBLE and says absolutely NOTHING of ANY sort of value to the lore. NOTHING happens in this game. The only thing we really find out is what was written in Mickey’s letter, but even that, Birth by Sleep answered a thousand times better. In short, Re:coded isn’t even worth a $5 purchase.And one last thing…you say I’m a horrible judge of the series cause my views are skewed negatively towards it? So, than what does that say about *your* judgment, which very very obviously leans towards hardcore fanboy?Long story short, don’t impute me, boy.

  • A site I watch touted this yesterday as a “BIG ANNOUNCEMENT COMING”.

    I have to kinda say, for big announcements, this one kinda flops.

  • adam483t

    These will look great on my Trapper Keeper!

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