First Batch Of Bleach: Soul Ignition Screenshots Bring Us To Hueco Mundo

By Spencer . November 15, 2010 . 12:17am


Next year, Sony is bringing Ichigo PlayStation 3 with Bleach: Soul Ignition. Rukia and Uryu are playable characters too. You can see them in these screenshots, which appear to take place in Hueco Mundo, the Hollow World.


image image image image

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  • dusk

    I wish these were gameplay screenshots. ‘Cause if that’s the case I would buy a ps3 just for this beautiful game.

    • MisterNiwa

      Seriously, what else would they be? CGI? You gotta be kidding, lol.

    • It IS gameplay
      I mean Ninja Storm 2 looks better…
      Besides if it was CG I’d look a hell of alot better

    • Let’s remember that these screencaps are not Hi-Def and this screencaps only represent where they are in the development of the game, which does not seem to be very far. As for the CGI part… I don’t think there would be a great difference. If they building this game on the same idea as Storm 2, the cutscenes visual aspect will be almost the same as the gameplay’s.

  • joesz

    Nice catch!
    The screen shots could actually be compared to ninja storm’s.

    Must see a trailer to confirm!

  • PersonaBull

    Okay, this has definitely caught my eye. I really need to see a trailer with gameplay footage to see how much this game may actually rock.

    For some reason, these screens are actually reminding me of Muramasa: The Demon Blade.

    • And for that same reason, I believe that this game might be more awesome regarding its Story Mode component compared to Storm 2 (except for the Boss Battles, which were amazingly rendered and epic).

  • My Rukia with Sode no Shirayuki!!!! I wonder how far they will go…would they purposefully not go very far in Hueco Mundo just so they can make a sequel, maybe it will go up to the point of when Ichigo and Ulquiorra face off, thats a good stopping point.

    (Cant wait to see Ulquiorra, the best Espada, as well as Grimmjow!)

    • I really like you idea. And like you, I strongly believe that they might be planning on working on a sequel even if the sales are not as strong as they could expect.

  • MemeticRichard

    A fighting game, this does not appear to be…

    Interest: Lost.

    • A fighting game… this does not appear to be indeed…
      An Action/Adventure… It looks like…
      Such as Versus and Online… Fighting Features… Most likely there will be.

      Interest: Regained.

  • Looks excellent. Trailer needed!

  • karasuKumo

    This looks pretty good, looks more story focused. It looks as if it’ll keep pretty close to the story but how far is the story mode going to be?

    The graphics are A LOT better than expected, it looked a little low res in the scan but this is another story. All I need now is the confirmation of a free battle mode and to see this in motion and I’m good.

    • Like I said…

      If we go with the title Soul Ignition and knowing that it will be the first Bleach to reach a HD console, it’ll start from the very beginning of Bleach to where ever they want to stop in the story compared to the other Bleach games available… and that before the end of 2011.

      • karasuKumo

        Hmm, I have a feeling that it’ll go up to Ichigo smashing back into the living world to fight Aizen. That or it could go all the way up to the end of the Aizen stuff. The thing is there should be a filler arc in a while knowing how much they like to prevent the anime catching up to the manga, usually they base where it’ll go up to on where the anime is around the release date.

        Naruto: UNS’s team included the studio that made the anime so they’d know where it would be around release, these people might not know and the safest option would be making it go up to something that’s already happened (Ichigo going full hollow or Ichigo returning to the living world).

        The thing is with Anime based fighters is that they either have a large character roster but a basic story (Heat the Soul) or an average character roster and a great story mode (Ultimate Ninja Storm 1 & 2). This looks like the later considering that you actually fight Hollows and that weird Skull headed army.

        I doubt that Orihime will be playable along with a few others. With Bleach almost all characters have had an important fight, with Naruto some characters haven’t had a decent fight since they were kids so they could be left out yet most Bleach character’s fights are very important to the story. I’m pretty torn here because I can’t think of any other characters that would be left out. The Kido using Vizard, Orihime, Ishida’s dad lol that’s it really :S. Who do you think will be left out?

  • No while it certainly doesn’t look BAD
    …after Ultimate Ninja Storm 2 I’m going to be hard to impress

  • skyblaze

    want some ramen?

    • Care to share some? cause I do want some ramen XD

    • no this is a eel shop

  • I’ve been wanting a Bleach game for PS3 for some time. The screen shots above look beautiful, so here’s hoping the game play is a little more complex than Storm 2’s.

    The thing is, Versus Crusade already covered a large portion of the Hueco Mundo arc. I really hope they advance beyond it and cover the whole “King’s Key” arc. I’d say this likely deserves an import!

    • But wasn’t Versus Crusade for the Wii? You’re mixing two different series of games which both belong to the Bleach Universe. Also, I don’t think the studio who developed Versus Crusade is the same as the one who is doing Soul Ignition, since the studio who is working on it belongs to Sony Japan Studios.As for what part of the story it could actually cover, there’s 2 ways it could end up… 1. If we go with the title Soul Ignition and knowing that it will be the first Bleach to reach a HD console, it’ll start from the very beginning of Bleach to where ever they want to stop in the story compared to the other Bleach games available… and that before the end of 2011.2. If we go with what we know so far, we could easily speculate on the story Arcs that could be involved.As for the type of game… for all Bleach or Anime (like Naruto, DBZ, One Piece) fans who own a PS3/360, we always wanted to see a studio that would be able to make great use of the source material provided into making an amazing Story/Adventure mode that would be fulfilling, entertaining, rewarding and epic. But most of the times, due to the lack of gameplay potential during the “silent episodes”, minor changes have to be made to the story to make it playable and ENJOYABLE… to anybody (fans and non-fans). Therefore, I believe that the type of game we should expect from this title is one that is more focused on the Action/Adventure aspect that the Fighting aspect, but the Fighting features will most likely be there too (Versus, Online, 1on1, Team Battle, etc)As for the rest, hopefully, like all the other Anime-based fighting games I’ve played so far, they will also have Japanese Dub and English Subtitles and the Original Soundtrack of the anime.Knowing the impact such a game could be bring to the marketplace when it comes to anime-based games, Bleach: Soul Ignition will hopefully marked the importance of how great a Story Mode can become, even with the source material of such anime. For instance, Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 2 was an amazing title, if not almost the Best-in-the-series, for the fans and showed with their Boss Battles, how entertaining, rewarding and unique the experience provided by an Anime-based game could become.

      • I wonder how early they will start the game though? Like right AFTER the soul society rukia arc ended…them already in Hueco Mundo?

        If it is some action adventure game, I hope they wont have Hueco Mundo’s environments plagued with tons of Rodobon’s minions and those fly things to serve as the baddies to beat when crossing here and there…

  • Barrit

    What are the chances of this game being localized? Not that this type of game looks like it would absolutely need to be translated.. but it sure would be nice

    • Hopefully, knowing that Sega is the only company who has the publishing rights over the Bleach games in North America and maybe Europe, Sony will ask them to re-open the negotiation regarding the Bleach games future, especially with this title coming to PS3.

  • DemonicX

    These screenshots are beautiful! This is one reason why I love cel shaded games. I’m hoping this game gets released in America, but even if it doesn’t, I’ll be importing for sure!

  • Actually…Someone translated the scan and this game is a “Shoot Em Up Action” game….More along the lines of Uzumaki Chronicles. Meaning all Story and Adventure, no multiplayer mode, meaning zero to none replay value.

    Of course, there’s still Jump Festa, and they might confirm who’s developing this and if there will be a versus mode, or at least a co-op. But until then, those who want or hope for a versus mode. Keep expectations low or zero level.

    • “zero to none replay value”? zero and none mean tha same thing. Nd u didnt sound like u were being sarcastic so maybe just dumb.

      But i dont see anything wrong with a game that has no multiplayer. Especially if people would just spam like the UNS2 online. Played once and never went back on

  • Looks pretty coooooool…

  • Joanna

    Rukia and Ishida confirmed. Gah, now I’m interested.

    Rukia and Ishida are also the only thing keeping me reading Bleach. Love them as characters~

  • the game looks like cut outs

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