Kingdom Hearts 3DS Will Have All New Disney Worlds

By Spencer . November 17, 2010 . 2:55am

imageWhen Famitsu talked to Tetsuya Nomura about Kingdom Hearts 3DS the magazine asked if players will see the same worlds. "No," Nomura replied, "except for original worlds and Traverse Town. We plan to make all new Disney worlds." The development team is currently in the processes of selecting worlds.


One thing for sure is Kingdom Hearts 3DS will have Sora and Riku as the main characters. Nomura is working on a way to differentiate the two keyblade users. An early screenshot released at E3 depicts both leads as children. When Famitsu asked why, Nomura answered "That’s still a secret." There is a reason for the change and Nomura explains having them as children is essential for the game’s story.


Kingdom Hearts 3DS will tie-in to Kingdom Hearts III’s story somehow. "Perhaps, the ending of Kingdom Hearts 3DS will continue in Kingdom Hearts III," Nomura teased.


Nomura closed the Kingdom Hearts 3D discussion by promising more information about Kingdom Hearts 3DS in the near future.

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  • malek86

    Which Disney movies haven’t been used yet?

    • Ereek

      Forgive me if I add one that’s already in the series, I’m tired and not really thinking clearly.Fantasia, other than a boss in KH1, which could alone fill an entire KH game.Robin HoodSword and the StonePocahontasHunchback of Notre Dame
      The Rescuers [Down Under] – but the first Rescuers would be better and creepier.
      Not to mention, there are some animated series that might work well.Gargoyles animated series would be amazingDuck Tales in a level based off of a mix of Tomb Raider, Indiana Jones, and Uncharted.TailSpinBonkersSince they’re obviously not limiting themselves to just animated movies, that adds a whole bunch. IE: Pete’s Dragon and Mary Poppins.

      • Duckburg would be awesome, lol.

      • Gargoyles would be brilliant. Love that show. But I don’t know if they got it in Japan.

      • Yusaku_Matsuda70s

        I agree Fantasia would be awesome in a game, but I have a feeling it’ll play a big enough role somewhere in Warren Spector’s Epic Mickey.

        EDIT: Robin Hood would make for a fun level. Some characters who have only been summons deserve their own level.

    • Well, for starters, there’s Pocahontas and The Hunchback of Notre Dame.

    • I want them to put planet of treasure, that is my favorite Disney movie so far T.T

      • Treasure Planet? That would be cool!

        Although they have Atlantica, I think they could switch it out for Atlantis, from Atlantis: The Lost Empire, now that is an awesome place and series and characters.

        • Treasure Planet and Atlantis would be awesome.

    • Well since live action isn’t out of the question they could totally use Hocus Pocus, have Eddie be your cooperative party member and the Sanderson Sisters the boss.

      • Hocus Pocus is a great Halloween live action movie. lol

      • Lol HP would be lulzy. Sora would be the candidate for their spell because he’s a Virgin :L (Which would lead to him getting laid. An acceptable outcome for all parties involved.)

        Goddamn virgins!!!

    • Don’t forget the pixar movies too..

      • MONSTERS INC!!!! That would be a fun place!

        • Ack, but not Cars. That would fail horribly.. I don’t really see SE doing a decent car-esque stage.

          • Riku Ghostriding the Whip. I’d pay to see that.

      • Yusaku_Matsuda70s

        No! Stay away from the Pixar movies! The virginity of Pixar shouldn’t be tainted by the masturbatory hand of fan-fic that is Kingdom Hearts!

        (Sorry, I’m half-joking, but I love Pixar, and only like Kingdom Hearts so much)

        • lol what virginity? There’s probably already various fanfics that have twisted the Pixar titles even before SE got their hands on ’em. lol

          • Yusaku_Matsuda70s

            But they’re not official! I don’t read them; they don’t exist. XP
            When Pixar allows their own characters to be pimped out, however, I can’t ignore what I consider to be a whole new level of unholiness…

    • MrRobbyM

      Oh god. So many Disney movies I’ve fortten about are listed. Pete’s Dragon, Treasure Planet, Hunchback of Notre Dame, and Monster Inc would all be awesome.

  • FlamingSausage

    Anyone else hope they would use The Black Cauldron? I loved that movie, one of the underrated Disney movies. It also has one of the coolest(if not scariest) antagonists, The Horned King.

    • malek86

      I’m pretty sure Disney would be happy to steamroll every copy of that movie and bury them in a landfill. They act like it never even existed.

      • FlamingSausage

        Hmm, too bad. Is it because it failed at the box office?

        • malek86

          Yes, pretty badly. It was also their first movie to be rated PG. That must be why, when the new chief took helm, he went to great lengths to make sure nobody would associate them with this movie.Although, they did finally release a Special Edition DVD this year, so maybe they’re ready to forgive and forget.

    • capristrider

      Great movie! I’ve just picked it up on DVD, gonna watch during christmas holidays!

    • Tokyo Guy

      I thought the movie paled in comparison to the book (which I read first, along with the other installments in that series).

      • Yusaku_Matsuda70s

        I’m kind of glad I didn’t read the books. Reading the books before I watch a movie based on them usually ends in me realizing how awesome the books are followed by how the movie can’t match up. It’s already screwed 2 Ghibli movies over for me. I hated Tales from Earthsea and Howl’s Moving Castle because I read the books and they turned out to be more imaginative than anything Ghibli could put on screen in 2 hours.

        • Tokyo Guy

          Well I had no idea Disney even had a movie of The Black Cauldron until almost a decade after I read the books (read them in elementary school) and by then it was impossible to find.

          • Yusaku_Matsuda70s

            That’s when it can’t be helped, I guess.

    • Yusaku_Matsuda70s

      Good call. No, excellent call. That movie is sooo underrated. Save for a wimpy hero (what do you expect, he’s a pigkeeper’s apprentice, probably redeems himself in the books later), everything about that movie is wonderfully dark and uncharacteristic of Disney in a curious way. It had one of the most frightening Disney villains ever (he had a true presence of evil in his speech and movements), gorgeous artwork that evoked Frank Frazetta, truely grim narrative moments, and fluffy lovable Gurgi. Oh, and Princess Eilonwy is the cheekiest Disney Princess ever, without reminding me of feminist agendas.

    • Masengan

      That movie scared the hell out of me when I was a kid.

  • MemeticRichard

    “Perhaps, the ending of Kingdom Hearts 3DS will continue in Kingdom Hearts III,”

    As soon as he’s done with, maybe 3 or more spinoffs, not counting Troll Mixes….

    • LOL, I havent played the others but surely others have had some type of connection with KHIII.

      I think I agree with your statement, as long as people keep gobbling up these titles they might as well keep making spinoffs, since they know people will buy the games even if they have the slightest connection to KHIII. Plus, I guess Versus XIII has to come before its even brainstormed.

      • karasuKumo

        I hope you’re right. If they even hinted at prioritizing KH III over Versus I will personally fly over to Japan, Track Wada down, and punch him in the face. We’ve been waiting FAR too long for Versus. It’s been in development since 2006 and all we have seen is a glimpse of actual gameplay and tiny bit of battle “gameplay” that’s wasn’t really true gameplay! AH!

        • Tokyo Guy

          It’s basically because Square has a number of games to make but only a few teams…apparently. A shame really, because had the company not ran out all of its talent then perhaps some of these games might have already been released.

          • karasuKumo

            And they can’t hire new talent? They have more than enough money, I can’t see them losing out at all. Maybe they’re ignorant and don’t think there is any more talent haha. It’s just annoying to think that they spent all that time on XIV which flopped, they could have used that time on Versus and Agito and they’d have been released by now. Versus better be worth the 5+ year wait.

          • Based on the character cast for Versus XIII, the game is so gonna be worth it!!!!

          • MemeticRichard

            And another priceless comment from Sawada…

            Made even more priceless considering we don’t know a godamn thing about the cast of Versus XIII other than the main characters’ names.

          • @MemeticRichard

            lol, we also know the names of his close friends (and a general personality for them) and the blonde female.

      • *Gobble Gobble*

        I’ve enjoyed every KH game I’ve played so far (358 the least so, but I still enjoyed it) and this new one is already looking up (No more Agrabah/Atlantica/Neverland/NBC, whoo!), though I wonder what the Colosseum will be in this one and if it’ll be a NEW new world or if it’ll be the Mirage Arena again. And if they go the multiplayer route, well, the 3ds has better Wifi than the psp does so hopefully they won’t limit it to effin adhoc >.> Nobody I know plays this game and I could beat the MA on my own! T~T

        • MemeticRichard

          Stop feeding Trollmura! >:/

          • I Like the games, so I’ll keep buying them, kthx

        • Masengan

          You and I are basically on the same boat.

  • It’s About goddamn Time! Maybe this’ll finally bring some credibility back to the series. I Won’t go into a list of potential worlds right now (maybe at a later announcement), but the worlds that WILL stay are: Traverse Town, Destiny Islands, Radiant Garden, Twilight Town and Maybe TWTNW(If it wasn’t completely destroyed). Gargoyles would be epic, but I’d rather wait till KH3 for them to pull that baby out. Though if they do get in, Sora had best watch Kairi around Goliath, as his voice has been known to do strange things to men and women alike @[email protected]

    2 Things:
    1) Hopefully they’ll have a new song. Sanctuary and S&C have already been used 3 times a piece. If Utada doesn’t want to work with you guys anymore, just move on, I say. And since this game is probably going to be REALLY Battle Centric, maybe a more action-y song would do well for it.

    2) One way they could differentiate between Sora and Riku is through Magic. Since Riku still has access to dark magic (Unless the final Fight with Xemnas was a Gameplay mechanic as opposed to him actually still having it), he could have twists on his magic. Thunder, for example. Whereas Sora’s Thunder spells Come straight down, Riku’s Dark Thunder spells could come from the side and hit Horizontally.

    • PersonaBull

      I’m sure they’ll do fine differentiating between Sora and Riku. They did an excellent job making unique characters for Birth By Sleep who played completely differently.

      I also second a new song. I’m amazed they’re still using Simple and Clean. They definitely could have justified a new song for Birth By Sleep, at least.

  • joesz

    Omg…I hope data Sora is not coming back again,please!
    Ok I have nothing against this at all,in contrary,I’m better hyped.
    But why not cancel this and work on kingdom heart 3 instead,I’m sure you can put whatever you want in that yummy,blue ray disc:)

  • Aara_Malik_Davoodi

    I hope they don’e use all the worlds up before KH3. I’d prefer that game to have all original worlds over KH3DS, if it could only be one

  • [The Hunter] Doomrider

    About damn time KH 1 worlds stop being used.

    So, maybe this one will be about the mark of mastery?

    As for possible worlds… I have no idea, but I hear that Wolverine and Spider-Man will be party members. (I’m JUST kidding Nomura, you hear?!)

    • It Is about the mark of Mastery.

      • [The Hunter] Doomrider

        Are you just assuming, or is it confirmed?

        Man, reading all the comments, I kinda feel left out for not caring about Disney so much =P

        • PersonaBull

          It’s kind of a spoiler. The “secret talk” from Re:Coded set it up, basically.

          • [The Hunter] Doomrider

            Yeah, I saw the “secret talk”, but you know… KH isn’t KH without spin-offs, so who knows when/in which platform we’ll see the mark of mastery storyline =P

            But yeah, should be this one.

    • Joanna

      Hmmm, I thought it was Riku’s side of the story, hence why him and Sora are kids again. IIRC: Nomura wanted to do three stories to flesh out the world/story before KH3 and those were Roxas’ time in Org.XIII (Days), Keyblade War/Graveyard (BBS), and Riku’s tale. Unless Mark of Mastery and Riku’s tale shall be incorporated into one game…

      • [The Hunter] Doomrider

        There’s one reason why I don’t think that will be the case: Sora and Riku meet in Monstro and Neverland in KH1… If it is Riku’s story, those two places should be in (which would be a contradiction of Nomura’s statement about “all new Disney worlds”).

        Or are you referring to a different time-frame?

        • Joanna

          No I wasn’t and you’re right. I was thinking it was Riku’s story because it seems to take place either before or at the same time as KH1 seeing they are younger and wearing their KH1 clothing. If that’s the case, it sort of creates a plot hole because IIRC, Riku and Sora want to go to other worlds and that’s why Riku opened the door of Destiny Islands. Now if this game takes place prior to KH1 and they go around different worlds, it contradicts the first game. This fact lead me to believe it was taking place at the time of KH1 and since I don’t recall the mark of mastery in KH1, I assumed it would be Riku’s story.
          With that said, I could see many cheap ways for Nomura to shoehorn this “mark of mastery” into the story without conflicting with KH1 (if it is indeed prior to KH1, which seems to be the case looking at their designs and the comment that these are their “younger” selves). Cheap things like, someone/thing made them forget they had done it, it was all a dream, taken back in time, etc. If Nomura does go this route, I shall be disappointed. Not that I won’t play the game. I like the gameplay and Disney fan service enough.

          • [The Hunter] Doomrider

            The way he says that the fact that they’re children again (still?) is “still a secret” makes me think that he will come up with a more “Nomuraish” reason than a simple rewind… So maybe the designs are misleading, but that’s probably his intention anyway.

            Maybe Yensid manipulates their memories to create trials or something? Or maybe this one is not about the mark of mastery at all…You never know with Nomura.

            I read above that you still haven’t played any other KH besides the first. I want to know your opinion about II when you play it =P

          • Joanna

            “Maybe Yensid manipulates their memories to create trials or something?”

            I could see this happening…and I really hope that’s not the case cause it would seem like Nomura is just forcing this story element into a certain time frame, even if in reality it does not take place in that time frame. Basically, it just feels like he’s taking the lazy way out by making them young again without them actually being at that age. :|

            Is there something in particular about 2? …because if it’s a story element, I’ve already spoiled most of the over-arching story for myself. (I know what happens to Sora at the end of COM, What happens to Roxas at the end of KHII, who the female Org. member in Days is, What happens to Terra, etc.) For most of these, I never meant to spoil the story…it just happened when I was randomly listening to KH music and someone dropped a spoiler in the Youtube comments, which then prompted me to look into it on the KH wiki.

          • [The Hunter] Doomrider

            Let’s hope that’s not the case, then…

            Damn youtube comments =P Not really, just the fact that I have the feeling that the vast majority of people who played it, hated it/didn’t like it/etc.. Just wanted to know if you liked or not.

          • Joanna

            Hm, I’m pretty easy to please. I even enjoyed Children of Mana, which was pretty bare bones for a Mana game. Don’t get me wrong, I was disappointed that it wasn’t up to Secret of Mana standards, even Sword of Mana standards, but I still had fun with the game. Or Suikoden IV: I enjoyed it albeit I readily admit the game has many flaws and could have been much better.

            So, I don’t think I would hate KH2 unless there was something really horrible about the game. Like controls weren’t responsive or the combat was really really boring.

          • [The Hunter] Doomrider

            Well, I suppose I am too, then.

            I don’t know about Mana, but I enjoyed IV too (it was far from perfect, but still) and I had a LOT of fun with KH2. It’s my favourite in the series. Oops, there, I said it!

  • MrRobbyM

    “Kingdom Hearts 3”

    …Whha…the…oh my go-….. So maybe this means…it’ll come soon. No more Nintendo handheld spinoffs…. *GASP*

  • Princess and the Frog was practically made for KH. USE IT!?!?!?!

    • That recent movie was so fun, a surprise really. If they did they better keep the voice talent for any selected characters that would appear in the game/world.

    • Agreed~! <3

  • Enough with the spinoffs. Now I have to buy a 3DS to know wtf will be going on in KH3.

    • Or just watch someone play it online. You don’t HAVE to buy a 3ds for it, unless you wanna play it of course ;P

      • watching on youtube is no fun tho. :(

  • Roses4Aria

    Glad to hear this. Part of what I loved about BBS was the inclusion of the new worlds, like Sleeping Beauty and Snow White. I just wish we’d been able to see and explore a bit more of them.

    As to which new worlds they might include, my bet is on Princess and the Frog, since it’s pretty recent and Disney hyped it so much as a return to their past animation style. I suppose they might also throw in the new Rapunzel flick depending on how big of an impact it makes, but I’d love to see Pocahontas and Hunchback and maybe Toy Story. Black Cauldron sounds good too.

    • Tangled seems pretty decent, but, I guess it isnt similar to other regions in Disney.

    • It’s funny that you mention Toy Story. There were Toy Story Character models inside of KH2.

  • discoma

    Olympus, Agrabah, and Twilight Town need to be retired. All three have yellow-tones and are bland, boring and sad.

    • PersonaBull

      I pretty much agree with Olympus and Agrabah, but why Twilight Town? That was a story-centric world full of SE characters similar to the post-KH1 Hollow Bastion/Radiant Garden.

      To add to your list, I’m hoping they’ve realized by now how much Atlantica needs to never happen again. In KH2 you didn’t even have to go to the world to finish the game(thank god). Though, you did have to bite the bullet to see the secret movie at the end if I remember correctly.

      • discoma

        Idk I just dislike Twilight Town.

        I preferred Traverse Town, though I know it won’t make a comeback. ;[

        • PersonaBull

          Eh, it might be in Kingdom Hearts 3DS at least. It hasn’t been proven if the screens were just tech demos or otherwise.

          And there are no plans to stop the Kingdom Hearts series after KH3, that’s simply the end of the “Xehanort saga.” Some form of Traverse Town may come into existence in future titles.

    • I better see Seifer again or I will hold you personally responsible >.>

      Feeneh! Fee-he-he-heeneh!

      • discoma


  • LynxAmali

    Black Cauldron MUST be included. Maybe Atlantis: The Lost Empire? It offer unique gameplay (Atlantis having the enormous Leviathan boss fight) and maybe toss in Princess and the Frog. Maybe have Sword in the Stone too. (It and Black Cauldron could fit into the same world, having Excalibur being the only weapon to be defeat the Black Cauldron baddy. (Can’t remember his name.) Also; Robin Hood (the animal incarnation)

  • Joanna

    I think I’m the only one who doesn’t mind the old worlds (maybe cause I’m so backlogged that I haven’t played any KH beyond the first game ^^;;;) Still, I like the appoarch in Re:Coded, old worlds but with different take on them or different parts of them (like in BBS, or so I have heard). For example, they could bring back Wonderland but this time focus on the Queen’s Castle and make the wooded area smaller. Or for Peter Pan, give us Neverland and not just Hook’s ship and London. For some worlds this is easier said than done (i.e. the world based on The Jungle Book seems pretty much exhausted), but that’s why they should try to keep a balance between old with new content and entirely new worlds. But that’s just my personal opinion.

    • Honestly, there’s not much to do with Wonderland and I’m glad to see it go.
      In 358 and bbs, you explore neverland more (you never even go to the boat in bbs).
      the jungle book world wasn’t used yet (?That was tarzan), but there was data for it in bbs.

      • Joanna

        ah, that’s right, it was Tarzan. I mess those two up a lot because the locations are so similar. ^///////^I might feel the same way about some of those worlds eventually too. I’ve only played the first Kingdom Hearts (too backlogged to touch the others I have: CoM, KHII, and Days -wish I could get BBS but I don’t see myself getting another system this generation, too backlogged as it is ^^;;;;;). But then again, I’m pretty easy going with games, and it takes some really poor gameplay to get me to hate something.The only reason I’m saying they should balance it is because it seems better than doing two games with no new worlds, then one with all new worlds. Sort of spread the effort and freshness around, you know? Especially if SE and Disney want to continue with the franchise after KHIII (which it seems like they do) without having to worry about running out of movies to base the worlds on.

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