Three Decades Later Yars’ Revenge Gets An Anime Facelift

By Spencer . November 17, 2010 . 2:09pm

Bent on reviving their entire 2600 catalog, Atari announced a re-imagining of Yars’ Revenge.


Just in case you aren’t familiar with the shooter this is Yars’ Revenge circa 1980s.




And this is Yars’ Revenge in 2011.



As you can see from the trailer, the new Yars’ Revenge has an anime art style and a story. The nameless Yar in the trailer is out to destroy the Qotile, an empire that brainwashed the Yar. She was freed from control after being shot down and rescued by Bar Yargler. The story appears to be a core element in the game because Yars’ Revenge has multiple endings.


I’m more curious to see what kind of shooter this is going to be. Atari says Yars’ Revenge has local co-op, but haven’t released any details about the gameplay. Killspace Entertainment, a studio staffed with former Obsidian and Pandemic employees, is handling the new Yars’ Revenge.

  • shion16

    cool concept

  • malek86

    What was wrong with being a fly?

    I wonder which old game Atari will ruin next.

    • E.T. 2600! Oh wait…

  • Locklear93

    “The nameless Yar in the trailer is out to destroy the Qotile, an empire that brainwashed the Yar. She was freed from control after being shot down and rescued by Bar Yargler.”

    …that might be the most hackneyed thing I’ve ever heard. Also, Bar Yargler? Qotile? Really?

    • malek86

      Fun fact: even the original story behind Yar’s Revenge was still better than this.

      • Testsubject909

        Huh… I actually enjoyed that mini-comic.

        Would love to see more… Oh, right, but who’d enjoy seeing an overgrown mutant fly in full metal armor casing when you could have scantily armored female warrior with a vengeance. Right? Right?

    • Bar Yargler…honestly sounds like a bad euphemism for performing oral activities on certain male body parts. To me, anyway.(Pardon the obtuseness, but I’m not sure if certain words will get my comments auto-flagged for moderation.)

  • Yusaku_Matsuda70s

    How the heck did they get *this new* trailer from *that classic* game?Quantum leap aside, I am digging this style… If that’s the in-game graphics, hooray! This is coming from a western dev, you say? The color palette, mechanical design, and even the girl’s face are so very Japanese. If fact, it’s obviously a tribute to old school anime; I’d say probably the late ’70s/early ’80s. Someone on that team has a good sense of style. Much better than the Blade Kitten peopleEDIT: Hey Spencer, I found this article that might have some info on the gameplay:

    • androvsky

      A hint from the interview: “If you like games like Panzer Dragoon or Star Fox, then Yar’s Revenge is right up your alley.”

      So, rail shooter, but an awesome-looking rail shooter at a downloadable game price (one hopes). I’m in.

  • Yukito

    Anime style? Well, that instantly means no “out of Japan” release.

  • [The Hunter] Doomrider

    Reminds me of Appleseed… Other than that, it looks good.

    But… I’m not so sure about people outside of Japan trying their hand at “anime style”. Let’s just see.

    • Guest

      This only works if they hire a Japanese or Korean anime studio usually…

      If you look carefully, it almost has a “Growlanser” type art style (early 90s). Perhaps part of that “big Anime influence” the art director Kevin Cagle of developer Killspace is getting inspiration from. We’ll see..

  • ECM

    Uh, Yars’ Revenge on 2600 came w/ a comic book detailing its…story. (There was also a vinyl album featuring a dramatic audio telling of said story, which I owned, though I can’t really recall, lo these decades later, how good/bad it was.)

  • I haven’t played Yar’s Revenge in about 25 years or so. I remember I had that Atari 2600 hundred adapter for the Colecovision (which was really a wild concept. It’d be like if Sony released an adapter that let you play 360 games on your PS3. I have no idea how Coleco got away with that, legally).I’ll be honest and say I have no memory of what you did in the game, but I do seem to remember some sort of forcefield or staticy-looking thing that took up the middle of the screen…

    EDIT: which I would’ve seen a picture of had I scrolled up, instead of just checking out the video and then commenting. Still don’t remember what you actually did, though.

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