First Mega Man Online Video

By Spencer . November 18, 2010 . 2:45am

G-Star, Korea’s biggest video game conference, is in full swing. The walls are lined with online games including Mega Man Online from S4League developer Neowiz.


One kind attendee captured a ten minute look at the online game, which is set in the Mega Man X universe. No, this isn’t a loot collecting, Maverick killing game. Mega Man Online, like the other games in the series, is a side scroller. The boss at the end should be familiar to fans too.



Giant Sting Chameleon!

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  • *insert jawdrop here?*

    And wow, X actually able to aim his charged shot. Such delicious graphic there, this is going to be a good addition to X series, Online or not.

  • Looks pretty slow

  • neocatzon

    I don’t like this megaman..
    it’s like trying something out just like what they did to X7

    • Maybe there will be a patch where they come to their senses and make it more like X8

  • Hmmm :L
    Not sure if want…

  • joesz

    isn’t that mega man x8?
    it must be..

  • S4League is Pentavision

  • Man I miss Megaman X series. This looks sweet! The guy sucks at the game though.

    • fallen

      Yeah, right? It made me feel like such a pro. …Unless the controls really are that stifled!! :-O

  • Shuryou

    Anyone happen to know what is ‘online’ about this game? Like multiplayer? Having multiple people in one stage or something.

    • eliel

      was thinking da same thing, they could have at least shown some kind of co-oop….

  • leeorv

    it looks…. interesting. a mega man sidescroller slowed-down with RPG elements? hmm…

  • maxchain

    Something to do with Puzzle Bobble is going on in the background, and now I won’t be able to sleep until I find out what.

  • Feynman

    Yikes… really slow, and the jumping physics are so far off the mark it isn’t even funny. Granted, it is a Korean MMO, so that’s to be expected, but even so, it’s sad that this is what the X series has come to.

    • fallen

      Nonono. The Zero series and the subsequent ZX series are what the X series has come to. And that’s not a bad thing at all.

  • Tokyo Guy

    This game looks pretty promising to me. Like I said, all those who were up in arms over the departure of Inafune are really overreacting; I’d say this seems better than both Rockman X7 and 8 combined.

  • ok WTF just happen to MegaMan? It looks freakin whack.. and the player sucks… even the remake of X on the psp look smoother.. damn koreans dont touch my X

  • Seems like the game is getting mixed reactions here so far. Well, I like the look of the game, although; I am not sure if I will be playing it.

  • This looks better then The Other Megaman Online game IMO

  • There should be like “WARNING” when entering the boss room.

  • ZomaNeko

    Megaman X series is actually my favorite video game series ever. This seems pretty interesting, very X8ish. Watching this very slow player play the game makes me want to play it even more, since pretty much all I love to do is dash like mad and get through these levels quickly while also quickly killing a lot of enemies.

  • Day2Day

    The gameplay looks amazing, but I kind of wish they used sprites instead of rendering everything…

  • SneakyHawk

    Do want!

    While we’re at it: 2D side scrolling simultaneous co-op, anyone?

  • Code

    rar, giant sting chameleon! What could be more awesome! Seriously though I like it in concept I just hope that they maybe push level design/structure a little heavier, it’s way too dull as is. Enemy’s don’t look like they have much reaction to shots either, I mean I understand with this type of game they don’t want you mowing through enemies, but enemies seem uncharacteristically resistant to X’s attacks. They all appear to react the same too, I think they need to work on that some! Also Sting Chameleon, although I love him and his appearance is awesome >w< I just am not seeing ANY of the ear marks of a Mega Man boss battle, which is like 1/2 of the Mega Man formula T__T!! They NEED to fix boss battles so they are unique and interesting, having the boss just constantly try and stomp on you — where's the clever attack patterns and strategies to figure out! omo;;rar, I feel like with the animated videos they are really trying big things here, the idea of tying Mega Man and Mega Man X universes together is pretty grand, I just don’t know yet if they can do the gameplay justice.

  • omg, looks good, unfortunately is in korea only T_T

  • MarkMario

    Looks hawt + It’s by Neowiz :3

  • I think with a little more polishing, this could turn out quite nicely. Looks good so far, assuming it’s nearing the end of the initial development phase.

  • shion16

    it wont be the same without inafune =(

  • ThunderGod_Cid

    That’s cute… where’s X9?

  • Throwing comparison to the curb…

    Megaman Universe = Little Big Planet with megabusters.

    Megaman Online = Dungeon Fighter with wall jumps.

    Stay godlike Korea.

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